OVO K3 Rabbit

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OVO, OVO K3 Rabbit, Showerproof, Whisper Quiet, ultra powerful vibration, battery operated, silicone material


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Vibrators and stimulators are quite a rage now. The OVO K3 Rabbit fits the bill of an ideal stimulator. Its design is much updated and has also been awarded. It is made of silicone which is regarded and even proven skin-friendly. It is light and compact and portable. No lead or phthalate has been used to make it. Its push-button and programmable features add to the growing list of its benefits.  It is round which is easy to hold and provides intense clitoral vibration. It is battery operated and also has a 15 year warranty. If satisfaction is what you are looking for then this is the ideal device to spend your money on.


Ever wondered about having a vibrator that will do all the works for you in a hushed up manner so that you enjoy yourself in private? The answer is OVO K3 Rabbit. This device is made for those girls who seek out worldly pleasures in sex toys. It is small, easy to carry, skin-friendly sex toy that will help you forget all your worries for a while. It is made 100% body safe and the easy-to-reach control buttons are an added advantage. Its award winning design makes it second to none and gives the user maximum stimulation for colossal pleasures. It is driven by motor and is shower proof and comes with a 15 year warranty label.

The OVO K3 Rabbit with its revolutionary and award winning design has become the object of fancy for many people. It is light, easy to carry and comfortable to use. It is skin-friendly as it is made of silicone. It comes with features such as double-application, push-button and programmable vibrations to suit all the girls in the world. It is operated by a battery which runs the motor that makes the vibration. It is round and is designed at perfect angles that allow you maximum stimulation of the clitoris. This fully integrated vibrator comes with a warranty period of 15 years.

6 x 8 x 2 inches ; 8 ounces

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