Odeco Eros Intimate Massager

Eros Massager Intimate


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Odeco Eros Intimate Massager

Ergonomicaly designed with the view of trying to imitate natures natural energy and raw power design like a natural plant or leaf.  It will release your deepest and darkest desires giving you inner peace and tranquility.  But... should you so desire turn up the powerful vibration unit to take you to another world.

Relax and indulge in carnal pleasures that will spoil you, tantallize you and ensure that the temptation to use Eros O Zone vibrator for women will keep you cuming.. again and again and again....

Imagine that you entered the forest and searched for a natural plant that meets your deepest desire for peace... Then your finger stops at a leaf. The sudden vibration takes you into a completely different world...Just release yourself totally and indulge into the pleasure you get afterwards. Let yourself be spoiled, you will soon  relax and will never be able to resist the temptation again!


You will not believe how good the Odeco sex toy range is.


Fully rechargeable!!!


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Odeco Eros Intimate Massager Date Added: Saturday 06 August, 2016

by Anonymous

Terrific value an very strong.

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