Odeco Adora BodyWand

Odeco Adora Wand


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Odeco Adora BodyWand


The Adora is small in stature being 8 inches in length and is made of silicone with an ABS plastic body. The materials used are fantastic and it is a superb sex toy Australia. It has a pressure mode and really soft lovely silicone finish. Adora is splash proof with an easy to use control set up. The buttons are tiny and intuitive with power/mode button in one. All in all it is a great body wand with whisper quiet motor that has 7 modes/speeds..  


You will not believe how good the Odeco sex toy range is.



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Odeco Adora BodyWand Date Added: Wednesday 16 December, 2015

by Amy, Warrington

odeco adora - body wand Odecco's adora is a rechargeable body wand styled vibrator. this vibe has two power settings high and low and 7 pulsation settings. An added function the Adora has is two pressure touch panels not unlike the Minna products. The toy is splash proof as it is ABS plastic encased in a premium body safe silicone which is phthalate free! because this wand is quite slender and has a head that tapers to a point it is also easy to use an insertable. it isn't a massively powerful toy but it has a very satisfactory motor and could easily refresh any average solo or coupled session! Comes in 3 amazing colours I love the teal it reminds me of tiffany and co and colour is as important as where and how to store toys, odecco doesn't supply a satin bag but it does come in a discrete black box which is perfect for storing the device and charger. conthe silicone joinings are pretty rough and can be a put off for some peopleits not great for body massage as it isn't strong enogh to get rid of knots etc.prosuper flexible headsmall enough to be an insertable

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