Nookii Board Game

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Nookii Board Game

This year's most popular grown up games for couples. This game is designed to generate a playful night of fun for two - there is no board...both players explore each other instead! A player selects a card, titles "Mmm", "Ooh" or "Aah", then sets the timer and follows the instructions on the card. Intimate and romantic fun - youÍll be laughing and making memories all night! An ideal gift for any couple. The Nookii cards have been created to generate sexy fun. You don't move around a board with Nookii _ you move around each other according to the instructions on the cards, subject to a time limit dictated by the dice. The object of the game is to enjoy the other player. This game is suitable for couples over 18 years of age only and can be played almost anywhere, private of course. The nookii game consists of: - 90 naughty and nice suggestion cards (Mmmm, Oooh, Aaah cards) - 2 dice - 1 timer - Sheer scarf - A Do Not Disturb sign and - Playing guidelines

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