Maxpassion Geomatrix Butt Plug

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6.5\" Vibrating Anal Plug


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Maxpassion Geomatrix Butt Plug


Big, black and huge butt plug for you to train your anal stretching with.  Strong powerful vibrations will ease this big baby into your sweet ass allowing you to experience anal pleasure and hopefully achieve anal orgasm.  Play with it solo or keep your lover entertained with some hardcore anal action.  Great sex toy available at the best adult stores.


This Geomatrix Vibrating Butt Plug is guaranteed to rock your world with anal play.  Ideal for beginners looking for deeper adventures,this moderately sized plug features variable speeds with an elegant tapering at the tip so that you can ease into intense pleasure and fun.

The vibrations extend all the way through the nearly 7 inch length and 2 inch girth,to the flexible tip providing the ultimate in erotic sensation.  The T-shaped base is easy to handle for insertion and removal.Made of skin-safe rubber.

Size: Length 17 x Diameter 4.7cm
Needs one AA battery


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