ManorGear Kit Mask, Wrist/Ankle Cuffs, Blindfold & Rope

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Tie Me Up Trio, Five bondage pieces, Fetish kit


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ManorGear Kit Mask, Wrist/Ankle Cuffs, Blindfold & Rope

When you're invited to a party at the BDSM manor, you'll be needing your best manor gear made from the best quality leather you can get. This bondage kit comes complete with everything you need for your kinkster party with your fellow Australian Kinksters, or wherever you happen to be from. Rope, cuffs, blindfold. . unless you're a greedy sub what more do you need?!

Well. . you could always add some anal toys to the cart. Since, we're all greedy fetishists.

BDSytle is a budget BDSM line with a nice price. Check out these quality Bondage Products made of Faux Leather.

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