Luv N Fun Luv 3 Kegel Balls

Luv 3 Vibrating Kegel Balls

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Silky smooth silicone material is going to have you oohing in all the right places.  Great Kegel exerciser that is going to tighten your pelvic wall and make you a lovemaking machine.  This sextoy lasts up to 3 hours of continuous usage so is the Robert DeCostello of erotic pleasuring devices.

Add some excitement - give your partner a cock ring.

Material: FDA approved soft silicone

Dimensions: vibe: 87*33mm


Color: Pink


Battery: 550mAH rechargeable Li-polymer


Charging Time: 3 hours


Run Time: up to 8 hours/ charge


Motor: powerful &quiet, 8 modes

Accessories: USB cable, user manual, well-made travel pouch;

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Luv N Fun Luv 3 Kegel Balls Date Added: Sunday 06 December, 2015

by Anonymous

The Luv 3 and Luv 4 are vibrating and remote controlled vibrating kegel balls. Kegel balls also know as pleasure beads are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help intensify sexual pleasures. The Luv 4 is also the worlds first remote controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate at the same time. Both are virtually seamless, made from body safe silicone and are smooth to touch. With both matt and glossy finish they are quite pretty to look at. Completely waterproof with a self sealing recharge port these little pocket rockets can be used in the bath, shower, spa, pool, river, lake or any body of water that takes your fancy. Suddenly a late night skinny dip never looked more appealing. For external stimulation just massage the pleasure beads on the outside on the labia and the clitoris.For internal stimulation insert your pleasure beads into the vagina. Position the top bead against your Gspot and let the pleasure begin. Now whilst the Luv 3 and Luv 4 are a fun and powerful discreet pleasure toy that can and will increase your sex drive there is a much more serious use for these little bad boys. KEGEL EXERCISES. Kegel exercises are a muscle strengthening exercise to assist the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor encompasses the bladder, uterus and rectum allowing it to constrict and control bladder flow. So as we age and the pelvic floor muscles inevitably weaken this is when problems arise. The biggest and most common problem women face when they are suffering from weakening of the pelvic floor muscles is urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the technical term that describes any accidental or involuntary loss or leakage of urine from the bladder. Although both men and women can suffer from urinary incontinence, women are statistically at a much higher risk of developing symptoms due to pregnancy and childbirth. Other causes can include surgery, aging, straining from constipation, chronic coughing, being overweight or sudden weight loss or gain. Dealing with urinary incontinence can have a significant impact on an individuals life and has even been linked to contributing to depression and anxiety. So even though we don't actually need any device to perform kegel exercises, not many people actually do them. I know I don't, not because they are hard, its just not something that I think about in my everyday life, unless I have a coughing fit or decide I am going to do some exercise. And as I am such a skinny little thing you can see that its not something that happens on a regular basis. lol So with the Luv 3 and Luv 4 all you need to do is pop the into the vagina prior to jumping in the shower every morning, turn them on and after 5 minutes you are done. It is like doing 45 minutes of manual kegels. Yep 5 minutes is all it takes. It easy and convenient and can easily become part of your daily routine.

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