Lelo Smart Wand Medium

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Lelo Wand, Swedish designed, Vibrating Massager, Smart Wand Medium, Body-safe Silicone/ABS, 3-button interface, 8 modes, tactile response function

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The LELO Smart Wand is one of the easiest to use massagers on the market. LELO Company, known for their line of intimate toys, has really outdone themselves this time. Capturing the distinct advantage of their Sense touch technology found in some of their intimate toys, the Smart Wand turns on with the touch of a finger and activates the powerful motors inside delivering the stress reducing waves of motion directly where they are needed.

These motors start as soon as they contact your skin and cut off when you remove the wand from your skin. With eight different intensity and power settings, the Smart Wand can keep you happy for years of good massages. The 100% body safe silicone covering is a soft material with enough firmness to dig into those sore muscles and enough give to make it a comfortable experience. Smart Wand comes in plum, ivory and black colors.

Add an ambient pheromone spray to enhance your experience.



Smart Wands are the ultimate in very highly powered personal massagers. They work equally as well on your entire body and are fantastic at relieving the stress in your back, shoulders, neck and legs. The unique nature of the Smart Wand is that the vibrations start as soon as the silicone head touches skin and they progressively get stronger until the desired level is achieved, the vibrations stop when the Wand is no longer touching the skin.


This is LELO’s patented Sense touch technology featured on many of their finer toys. The silicone covering is 100% body safe making the Smart Wand waterproof. It is also a rechargeable instrument which means you will never be scrambling for batteries. The three button panel makes one touch operation a snap. Choose one of the eight different settings to find the massage that is perfect for you. Smart Wand comes in ivory, black and plum colors.


LELO Company primarily makes intimate toys for men and women. When they put their mind to it just about any innovation is possible. With the new Vibrating Smart Wand they have clearly done their thinking outside of the sex toy box. This new toy is a cordless body massager. The size of it makes it possible to reach those difficult areas. What makes the Smart Wand such an advanced instrument is the Sense touch technology that start the vibrations as soon as it comes into contact with your skin.


The three button control make the changing of settings easy to do with one finger. The 100% body safe silicone material makes the Smart Wand completely water proof for those times of fun in the bath or shower. Smart Wand gives you an almost professional massage each time you use it. And since it is rechargeable, there is never a need to fumble around for batteries. Smart Wand comes in black, ivory and plum colors.


Use a pheromone spray to enhance that bath tub experience.



Materials: FDA-Approved Body-safe Silicone/ABS, Finish: Matte/Gloss

Size: 220x58x42.5mm / 8.66x2.28x1.67 in., Weight: 155 g / 5.47 oz.

Battery: Li-Ion 500 mAh 3.7V, Charging: 2 hours at 5V 500 mA, User Time: up to 2 hrs, Standby: up to 90 days, Frequency: 120 Hz, Max Noise Level: 50 dB, Interface: 3-button interface, 8 modes, tactile response function

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