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Lelo Ina Wave

Yes you are right!  It is the old Ina design but it is a whole new sex toy concept.  WaveMotion developed by Lelo for their new pleasure products creates a waving sensation that will give you uncontrollable pleasure.  A world first wave motion is inspired but a lovers fingers as they gently massage your G-Spot.  Never before will you have experienced such G-Spot massage that is going to allow you to experience intense orgasms whilst the friendly clitoral arm is massaging that also.

A double sexual whammy that will be making this your favourite sex toy that will stay by the bedside and not gather dust in your sex toy box.

Available in CERISE  PLUM  BLUE


Lubricants make sex play better so make sure you top up and remember Lelo comes with a one year guarantee on their products.


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Lelo Ina Wave Date Added: Saturday 21 November, 2015

by Alice, Penshurst

Firstly I'd like to thank Lelo for creating this toy... what a finally tuned instrument for sexual pleasure the Ina Wave is!

Adapted from the original Ina that Lelo created which was a straight forward rabbit which did not rotate however packed a huge amount of power. The new and improved Ina Wave now boasts a completely new control panel, pressing the middle of the panel will turn the toy on whilst you immediately notice the shaft move, like when you're in trouble and your parents use there pointing finger to say come here, that motion.

Now this motion is fantastic, and Lelo has done a great job by introducing a common rabbit function (rotating) however making it there own by using a completely different motion. The motion that Lelo has introduced with both the Ina and Mona directly stimulated the G-spot, as it moves up and down to provide intense stimulation to the upper wall of the vagina or known as the G-spot.

The motion alone is great enough to entice you to ask for it to wrapped up and taken home for an early Christmas present however it gets much better. The motor adds to the intensity, powered by lithium-Ion battery that on its highest intensity can be enjoyed for two hours!! The motor is whisper quiet while it provides a very intense vibration to both the clitoral and shaft motors. The functions are fantastic, as they allow you to either segregate stimulation to either just internal stimulation or just the clitoris.. or if you are up for the ride of your life, you can have the both on at the same time, and swap through the functions to see what makes you the happiest.

Now generally it is not nice to judge a book by its cover however with a smooth medical grade silicone exterior and a sleek design, why wouldn't you judge by how good it looks!

In my opinion, the Lelo Ina Wave is my best seller and a personal favorite because it is a guarantee good time, without the worry that its going to break due to its 1 year warranty and 10 year guarantee that Lelo provides with all of its products.

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