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If you're looking for a sexy alternative to a vibrator, you'll love the Lelo Ella Black (non-vibrating). Sleek and sexy design provides plenty of sexy stimulation, without the need for vibrations. One end is perfectly designed to stimulate the G-spot, while the other end is great for penetration. You'll love the variety this sexy little toy provides. Beautiful unique styling, Swedish design. Sexy matte black silicone surface. Very high quality, it comes with a 1-year warranty. Complete with a satin storage pouch, this toy is beautifully packaged in a gift box. Sure to become a favourite.

The classic stylish design of the Ella G-Spot dildo by Lelo is what makes this pleasure object one of our favorites. Ella is perfect for those who prefer simplicity over complexity when it comes to pleasure. When you are in the moment, there are no buttons to find and vibration settings to worry about. That's why this lovely dildo is still one of our great sellers. With the double-ended design and flattened tip for pin point stimulation of this pleasure object, there are many wonderful possibilities for teasing and pleasuring your erogenous zones.


ELLA is a pleasure object of the most classical design - just looking at her arouses the most intimate possibilities.

Smooth and seamless to the touch, her flowing form is tailored for individuals and couples to explore their innermost fantasies. Presenting an attractive alternative to the vibe, ELLA’s two ends are precisely sculpted for either heightened G-spot stimulation or more traditional penetrative acts.

Control is therefore always placed firmly in the hands of her user, so whether you are just discovering your pleasures with LELO, or have been using our products for years, ELLA offers as many sensations as the imagination allows.

As with all of our products that we stock, Ella is made of FDA-approved, phthalates-free silicone, which is body safe. It is easy to clean, handle and hold. It also comes in an elegant gift box with a luxury satin pouch for storage. With a one warranty that we doubt you will ever need, this really is another lovely pleasure object by Lelo.


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Lelo Ella Sex Toy Date Added: Monday 25 May, 2015

by Anonymous

The LELO Ella is an exquisite, smooth, twofold finished toy consummately designed to massage your g-spot. It genuinely has all the makings of an impeccable toy, complete with class and style that no one but LELO can give. On first look, this toy comes in a smooth box, looking completely immaculate, with a glossy silk bag for storage. The moment you touch the Ella, you're struck by its completely smooth and consistent outside. This is not at all like any silicone toy I've ever attempted before! It is extravagantly smooth and delicate to the touch, and feels both firm and adaptable for ideal use. Every end gives a remarkable incitement, one with a smooth and straightforward level and smooth plan, the other with a smoothed tip for significantly more area of sensations. Both sides are impressive for inserting, and the level side is especially marvelous for massaging that g-spot. This is solely designed and designed will to massage your g-spot! I love this toy as it got me there in less than five minutes level.

The LELO Ella is completely exquisite and scrumptious, however the geniuses at LELO realized it would be the feel that would make this toy a wonder. The smooth, basic, and unbelievably engaging outline packs unadulterated delight. Every side is altogether different and gives an absolutely novel sensation. One end is long and bended with a pointed tip and vigorous shaft. Alternate has a level tip, which is another sensation and essentially orgasmic. The whole toy is 7 inches in length and 1.25 inches in breadth at its biggest point. The insertable length of either side of the toy is an extremely agreeable 5 inches, which is the ideal length to hit the g-spot. Both finishes have an exceptionally reasonable size that would be simple for even a first timer, and are flawlessly bended to hit and stimulate your g-spot.

Initially, I attempted the more extended end of the toy, the level tip as a handle and inserting the pointed end first. This side of the toy was extraordinarily simple to use and skimmed into me easily and with no exertion by any means. It had a feeling that it was flawlessly in a state of harmony with my body, and coasted along my internal bends without any difficulty, as though it was impeccably coordinated to my life systems. I could feel a light incitement of my g-spot that was not over the top, but rather felt like a tender stroking movement along every one of my intimate territories. This end of the toy was ideal for pushing, and a slight knock along the pole of the toy gave a decent, shaking sensation. Totally smooth, with no surface to divert from the sensation, this end of the dildo was an awesome warm-up. It was a warm-up for me, yet a g-spot learner would discover this sensation exceptionally inviting and pleasurable, without being exceptional or overpowering. For me, the best was yet to come and the level end of the Ella called my name.

The other side with the level tip just knocked blew me away. At first and foremost, it was somewhat ungainly to embed and felt like it was a bit too large as it got on my pubic bone. In any case, once the level tip slipped it, it focused in right on my g-spot. Quickly. No seeking, no jabbing around searching for it. It was in that spot, totally in the zone with no searching or time wasting. Don't know where your g-spot is? You'll see it with the Ella. As portrayed on LELO's site, the Ella's level tip feels more like a massager for your g-spot than whatever other toy attempted. With centered consideration, and a plan that essentially secures to your naughty zone, the Ella is flawlessly intended to bring a g-spot virgin their first g-spot climax. The Ella feels best with a shaking movement, and a slight round movement – which conveys me to an extraordinary, knee-shaking, bed-grasping, g-spot climax. This feels considerably more pleasurable than pushing, which feels like too much hard work. In any case, different users have delightful encounters with pushing so it is up to the individual which way you prefer to get off. The Ella is marginally adaptable at the littlest point, which adds to the kneading sensation and helps the Ella to feel characteristic and ergonomic. In case you're attempting to have your first squirting g-spot climax, the Ella will pass on bring you there!

LELO makes every one of their toys out of 100% silicone, which is one of the most secure and most elevated quality materials for sex toys. It is hypoallergenic, non-poisonous, phthalate free, scentless, boilable, and dishwasher safe. It's intended to be both body protected and endure forever with proper care. It is extraordinarily simple to clean and watch over. You can essentially wash it with warm water and antibacterial cleanser for a fast clean between fun – or toss your toy in the dishwasher for a more thorough clean. Don’t use silicone lube, as it could perish the material. Water-based lube! This specific silicone is fantastically delicate, plush, and smooth – with a smooth matte completion. It feels not at all like any silicone. It's astounding! It's not a dust magnet by any means, so you can without much of a stretch keep it in a drawer without a bag, no issue. In spite of the fact that by and by, I'll be keeping this magnificence in its bag to be safe.

There is nothing I don't adore about the LELO Ella. It has an unimaginably pleasurable outline that is not at all like anything I've attempted recently, all blended with a super smooth silicone outside that feels divine. The bends and level tip are superbly created for most extreme joy. On the off chance that you do purchase this your g-spot will never be the same, you'll have the kind of inner climaxes you hunger for. In the event that you think you don't have a g-spot, don't stress – you'll see it with the Ella. I'd totally prescribe the Ella to anybody hoping to investigate their g-spot. Its past astonishing – and will be the first toy you go after at whatever time you need a genuine g-spot stimulation.

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