L'Amourose Rosa Black Diamonds Massager

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L'Amourose Rosa Black Diamonds Massager

L'Amourose Rosa breaks the mold of traditional intimate lifestyle pieces by incorporating an innovative second motor in its base, simulating a natural external feeling that complements its amazing internal capabilities. With Flex and Shift Technology that adjusts to your body, Rosa delivers ecstasy on your terms.


DUAL STIMULATION - Two adjustable motors provide a natural feeling experience both internally and externally. FLEX AND SHIFT TECHNOLOGY - Adjusts to your specific body type for ultimate comfort. SAFE - Phthalate-free, FDA-approved materials are relaxing to the touch and comfortable during use. DIAMOND CUT - Ergonomically designed for supreme comfort and easy handling. WATERPROOF - Seamless design safe for complete submersion and effortless to clean.


When you are after quality sex toys the L’amourose Pleasure Objectsare a great place to start.



EASY TO CHARGE - Charging dock allows for quick and convenient charging wherever you go. 18 month warranty/lifetime quality guarantee. Size: 146.5 x 85 x 48.5 mm. Materials: FDA-approved Silicone/PC ABS. Capability: 7 vibrating modes, 12 speeds. Battery Life: up to 3 hours of use at medium speed on a 2 hour charge. Battery Standby: up to 100 days. Includes: luxury gift box, hands-free charging dock, charger, velvet carrying pouch, user manual, authenticity card.

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L'Amourose Rosa Black Diamonds Massager Date Added: Wednesday 13 April, 2016

by Chloe, ALC Kogarah

We all know that the L'Amourose Rosa is amazing. It boasts deep, rumbly vibrations unlike any other internal G Spot vibrator. It has an INCREDIBLE battery life (as in around 3 hours ((!!)), and only takes around an hour and a half to fully charge. It's waterproof, it has a locking system, an extremely generous warranty and a super sturdy base to grip onto for dear life. Whilst I'm rattling all these amazing facts I'm sure you're all saying "tell me something we don't know". Hopefully I will, if not, I'll tell you something I definitely didn't know. Or at least hadn't thought of...

When I get asked for a good quality VIBRATING strap on compatible dildo - company's like Real Rock come to mind... with good quality silicone dildo's and a remote control for vibrations. Whilst that option may be great for the phallic looking dildo lover who doesn't need vibrations (or strong ones) to get off - what about those who need strong, deep vibrations? Or a sharp curve in the shaft for G Spot stimulation.... or on the other side - what about the wearers who are craving stimulation internal or dual stimulation? Something to get you going other than the mental stimulation of pleasing your partner.

The L'Amourose Rosa is the perfect shape and size to not only be worn in a strap on but worn inside whilst wearing a strap on as well. I know right?! Incredible.
I don't really know how I hadn't thought of this earlier, what with the flat base, but damn - thanks google, you've done it again!

The Rosa can be worn in an O ring harness compatible with the shaft size of Rosa. The O Ring in my harness is significantly larger then the shaft of the Rosa but the little clips that hold it in place are thick leather and prevent the shaft from rolling or moving around too much. I could alternatively buy a smaller O Ring but that's besides the point... During use and due to the base of Rosa vibrating as well, not only does the receiver get clitoral stimulation once fully inserted - so does the wearer! The vibrations travel well enough through most harness' to be stimulating to the wearer.

The real fun though, is wearing the Rosa internally whilst wearing the strap on. If you have an open harness like mine, you will have difficulty keeping Rosa in due to the weight and just you know, gravity. You can combat this by wearing your cutest pair of underwear underneath your harness for extra support. Folks with brief or boxer harnesses like the love rider range will have no trouble keeping Rosa in at all! Due to it being fully inserted, you also get constant clitoral stimulation from the vibrating base... so grind away my friends!

This is truly a breath of fresh air in strap on play and add's constant and intense internal and external stimulation for the giver, not just the receiver. Lacking the speed, moves or motivation to please your partner during strap on play? Maybe a little added stimulation for yourself might be the key.

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