LA Pump Foreskin Enlargement Cylinder - Includes Acrylic Ball

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WARNING!!!!  This product is ONLY for advanced pumpers!

This products will allow you to stretch your foreskin and can be used by those with NO foreskin and for those with existing foreskin.  Over time repeated expansion of the foreskin tissue results in permanent foreskin enlargement.

Though intended for foreskin restoration and widely offered - we are in the process of developing other alternatives due to the discomfort users have reported using this industry standard foreskin cylinder.

We continue to offer the product as a service to those who want it, but we do not suggest this for beginners or non specialized pumpers.

NOTE: This product does not include a hand pump or hose!!

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LA Pump Foreskin Enlargement Cylinder - Includes Acrylic Ball Date Added: Sunday 18 October, 2015

by Anonymous

Works well with a smaller ball (not provided) given 20min or 1/2hr sessions for a maximum of an hour with lube (not dry). However as a foreskin restore in the final stages this Tube is NOT long enough. I hope they will bring out a longer version. Provides a good skin stretch when used at vacuum levels. Agree it is for advanced or people with commonsense.

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