Key Stella I Single Kegel Ball Set

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Key by Jopen - Stella

The Stella I Kegel Ball Set is a vaginal ball set from Jopen’s Key line. Vaginal balls are designed to accompany Kegel exercises and increase blood flow.  Kegel exercises develop and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which can provide an overall better sexual experience for most women. Strong pelvic muscles give you a tighter grip on your partner during intercourse and can help you achieve stronger, or even multiple orgasms. Pelvic muscles can weaken with age or  from childbirth and doing Kegel excises will help keep them in great shape.

Strengthening these muscles is also beneficial for women who suffer from weak bladders or incontinence.  Vaginal balls are designed to help you focus in on the muscles you’re trying to work and give you an object to squeeze your muscles around while also providing some resistance. These Kegel balls also have little weights inside them that roll around as you move and give extra rewarding stimulation as well as increased blood flow.

The set comes with a silicone harness and single kegel ball.

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