Joyboxx Toy Storage System

Sex Toy Storage, Sex Toy Box

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Joyboxx Toy Storage System

Where do you Keep Your Sex Toys?  It's more than a box it's a system


Hide in plain sight with the discreet unisex design. Use as a “To-Go Kit” for travel or keep your favorite items close by.  Joyboxx fits in most nightstand drawers with room for many products such as: condoms, lubes and sex toys.


Protect yourself, toys and furniture with Playtray! Set your toy or lube on the removable Playtray before and after use, then clean at your leisure. If you don’t have time to clean right away, set it back inside Joyboxx without worry.



Antimicrobial agent helps prevent microbe growth such as; bacteria, virus, mold and fungus. 10 hidden ventilation holes plus the USB charging hole help evaporate moisture if you put your products away wet or if lubrication spills. Use a mild cleaner or put Joyboxx in your dishwasher when needed.



Prevent “buzz kill” in the heat of the moment with the non-locking easy access top compartment. Fits small lightweight items such as batteries, charging cords, condoms, bullets, lip balm, breath mints and enhancement rings. OR fool prying eyes by storing non-sexual items here like tax receipts! *Do not overstuff or it will not close

The slider handle locking rail where you grab Joyboxx to carry it. This system is also child resistant when you move the slider off the open “tooth”. It is now locked. Slide all the way to the left past the hole and insert the mini combo lock for 100% security.


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Joyboxx Toy Storage System Date Added: Friday 05 February, 2016

by Monica, Catherine

I want to begin by asking you to ask yourself a few questions...

Where do you keep your sex toys after use?
In an underwear draw, only to be covered in fluff?
In an old draw, only to be covered in dust?
In the bathroom, only to collect bacteria and germs?

Do you have nosy children who look for their Christmas presents in your wardrobe and/or chest of drawers and instead find something else?

Do you hate charging your toys out in the open in your bedroom in fear of someone spotting it or a child asking questions, or maybe even an unexpected visitor pops over?

If any of these are you then you definitely need to invest in the Joy Boxx.

The Joy Boxx is a safe storage locking system designed to safely store and handle all of your adult toys. The Joy Boxx is large enough to fit several toys in there as well as lubes, condoms and cleaners, but also small enough to fit into most nightstand draws. In saying that, it's so discreet that you could potentially just leave it out in your bedroom and "hide your toys in plain sight".

Inside, comes a play tray. The play tray is designed so that you can clean your sex toys and then leave them on a draining board typed object, so as to not spread germs and bacteria onto your newly cleaned toy.

The Joy Boxx has ten hidden holes for ventilation, designed to help prevent microbe growth such as bacteria, virus's, mould and fungus. The Joy Boxx even has a whole in the back to feed your charger through so you can discreetly charge your toys.

If you accidently spill lube in there, or just feel as though it needs a bit of a clean - the Joy Boxx can be cleaned with warm water and soap, or even put in the dishwasher.

"Protect your passion" (I love a good company slogan haha)

This box would be ideal for anyone who has sex toys but more specially people who do feel the need to lock them away from prying eyes or even just like the cleanliness aspect of it.

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