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So you want a massager that will entice your sexual appetite as well as be able help you're your aching bones. The Jimmy Jane Hello Touch Wearable Vibrator is just what you have been searching for in such a versatile type of wearable vibrator.

This set is highly compactable and easy to travel to with giving you no excuse of not packing this vibrator before you leave on your next holiday. The assorted pads allows for stimulation from the clitoris to the G spot to the penis. Wear this gem on your hand and give your partner a very sensuous and never forgetting massage that will go deep into the muscles of love. Enjoy every moment of pleasure with this device whether you are in the bedroom or in the shower.

The dual motors pack a powerful amount of energy that will transfer to you and your partner during foreplay and just plain rub downs. Perfect for before and after that very rough play time you and your lover experienced together. Soothing to the mind and the body this wearable vibrator will make you a believer for some time to come in the future. This toy is easy to pack and easy to use making this one device that is a must for your toy chest and whenever you travel.


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JimmyJane Hello Touch Date Added: Monday 04 April, 2016

by Anonymous

No matter how many female vibrators arrive to the realm of sex toys, fingers will be always great in the bedroom thanks to their intuition and dexterity. But, what if you can turn fingers into vibrating wands? The Hello Touch is one of the smallest, but strongest, fingertip vibrator available for both internal and clitoral stimulation. It's all up to you. How deep can your own fingers go? This sex toy features two compact fingerpads that deliver powerful sensations anywhere hands may roam.

The design is minimalist and very very discreet. It looks like an iPod with headphones. There's a wristband that holds the control pad, and two small buds attached to the control pad with wires. The buds are made of a nice high quality silicone that feels really soft to the touch. Each of them goes on the pointer and middle finger (or wherever one wants), ready to touch, stroke or squeeze. To use solo or with a partner(s). Very versatile.

Vibrations are continuous at different intensities. They are stronger than other finger vibrators, perhaps not as strong as Max Passion's Sensual Touch or the Fukuoki 9000. It is not so quiet when you turn it on, but it is when you actually touch the body with it. It works with AAAA batteries and it is waterproof, according to the brand bath-friendly, which multiplies the possibilities of fun. After use, it is easy to wash with warm water and soap or antibacterial toy cleaner.Intuitive, natural and discreet pleasure.

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