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Boystar, leather jock strap and pouch, Bear Wear, Leather Wear

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JAX Leather Jock Strap - Red & Black

The black and red of this piece acts as the perfect romantic color combination for a special night of passion and love or dominance and submission. Some say color does not make a difference however color is the differnce, it ignites a mood, an added intamcy especially the red significant for passion and romance.

This design made simple with its easy access zipper for when hands start to go wondering allowing for no akwardness when the jock is unzipped or when taken off, just a smooth transition.

The perfect piece of leather to wear when trying to impress either your partner, sub or dom. Great for special events and intmate moments. Crafted to fit various different body shapes, this beautiful harness is available in:

Small   Medium   Large   Extra Large


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