JAX Leather Jocks

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Boystar, leather jock strap and pouch, Bear Wear, Leather Wear

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JAX Leather Jock - Black On Black

This beautifully crafted leather jock strap with simple zip access is perfect for sensual and erotic foreplay, its front access design giving away the illusion that there is much more that meets the eye. Once the zip is pulled down, this truely allows your partner to see what is installed for the night.

Its comfortable waste bands allows you the wearer to have it on for hours of foreplay without it being unnoticed. If your a submissive and your dom does not want to see the sight of your package this is the perfect piece of clothing to submit to all that your dom comands of you.

With 4 sizes to choose from, there is no possible way you could go wrong with this amazing piece of leather. It is a BDSM must have, and all that engage in the lifestyle of both a submissive and  dom should have a pair of these specially crafted jock strap.

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