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The I Vibe was made famoue on Sex and The City and will never let you down.  Now a completely waterproof version that will certainly allow you to  have fun in the tub.  Powerful vibrations with 5 funtions control make this a versatile sex toy indeed.   For the woman that wants everything and then some it makes the perfect vibrator for women Australia. 


5.5" Multi-Function Vibrating Clitoral and Vaginal Stimulator, Rotating Beads in Shaft, Phallic Head, Waterproof, ABS, PVC, Non-Phthalate.

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iVibe Rabbit The Original Date Added: Friday 08 April, 2016

by Ahmet, Oh Zone Sydney

I admit that I felt like I was touching a little spacecraft instead of a rabbit vibrator when I first unpacked it and put the batteries in. That's why I did not surprise when I learnt from a few reviews which I had read on this toy that the IVibe Rabbit is a battery eater.

This toy comes in a clear, transparent package that you can see information about the toy on the back of it. After unpacking, you will realise that the one being heavy is not the package, it is the toy itself and this will be your first frustration. Ok, it has the length of 10 inches with 5 inches being insertable and 1 and half inches in diameter but it does not have to be that heavy right? While you are trying to hold the toy in your hands comfortably, you encounter the second shame. The IVibe Rabbit is made of phthalate-free, body safe material but sadly it is not odourless unlike the other toys you have! You will commend yourself to be calm and believe that the toy can make you happy with its 8 different powerful vibration modes. But wait, what is that? Can this control panel be the worst of all times? With its 7 buttons, yes it can be!

In the next step, you put 4 AA batteries into the compartment while trying to stop your thoughts about the toy's unsuccessful design. Finally, you screw the lid tightly and go under the water because the toy is waterproof and the only thing that can compensate your disappointment will be a warm bath. You will take advantage of buoyancy force after turn the toy on and place it into your vagina for hands free play. (just my imagination, I can't assure you it works in this way :/ )

When it comes to its operational skills; the toy has 2 on, 2 off (for rabbit and shaft separately) and 3 function buttons, on the both sides of the control panel it has ON and OFF buttons. Pressing ON turns the toy on to the first and the lowest mode. Its penis shaped tip rotates a full 360 degrees with small beads just under the tip. Pressing the same button take you up the next 7 vibration intensities. Pressing OFF button take you back down until you turn off the toy. There are different buttons for internal and clitoral stimulation separately as I mentioned above. Additionally, F1 button brings you to a steady pattern, F2 is a long pulse mode with long pulsing vibrations and causes the beads and shaft to switch direction and lastly F3 is a short pulse.

You will have seen by the end of your bath session that the toy is neither powerful nor quiet and the batteries are not enough for even 1 hour play. Therefore, you will probably end up with using old techniques and choose not to use that toy again. One last sad thing; according to the information written in the reviews, place of the rabbit could be useless for some of the women's clitoral stimulation so this will be another concern for you ladies before buying the toy.

I am sorry for my negative thoughts on this toy but women deserve the crop of the cream and I don't want to mislead them.

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