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Phthalate-free, Velvet Plush Silicone, Dual independent motors, LED panel, Multi-function, Waterproof

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Zuma Plush is the 2012 XBIZ Award Winner - Excellence in Product Packaging

Could we zoom one over? The best thing to happen to vibrators in years…  with an exceptional wavelike outline that has ladies raving and wanting more around the world!


Double engines hit your G-Spot and C-Spot impeccably come what may, with seven capacities of ultra calm, effective joy. The Zuma has 6.3 inches of insertable length on its exceptional formed g-spot discovering shaft that is 1.5 inches wide at its girthiest spot. The U-formed configuration makes the 3.3 inch clit stimulator hit simply the right spot and makes taking care of a breeze. There are 2 effective autonomously controlled engines with the interesting wave-like throb and in addition 6 others, its so natural to control you can destroy it the dim.

What's more best of all, its in Icon's own Velvet Plush Silicone, the smoothest silicone known to toys. It is phthalate free, waterproof, and sheltered to use with your most loved Water Based Lubricant. It is not prescribed to be utilized with silicone lubes. After utilization, painstakingly wash the toy with gentle cleanser and water or attempt the Toy Cleaner for considerably faster cleanup. Store this toy independently from other sex toys

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Icon Zuma Date Added: Thursday 14 July, 2016

by Anonymous

I'll be completely honest right now I'm very rarely impressed by the toys on the walls, like my favorite brands are lelo, fun factory, lamerose and we vibe and they will always be the first toys I'll show and recommend then I have my few back up options on the walls if I'm not looking to spend 200-300 dollars.

I only spotted the zuma vibe yesterday and had a good feel of it today (with gloves of course) and I'm super impressed by the strength of the vibrations for a battery operated toy. I mean I personally prefer rumbley over buzzy but this toy ain't to shabby. It has 2 motors on both ends of the toy so they're equally strong as the other with 3 speeds and 4 different vibration patterns but with 2 separate buttons so you can change up or have the same vibes on both ends.

Because of the shape of the toy the possibilities are endless it could be used for single female or male play or used as a couples toy. As I'm typing up this review I'm honestly considering buying one for myself! It's only $179.99 in store so it's not too bad at all! It's completely waterproof and made out of my favorite material silicone and there's a little bit of abs plastic but only where the 2 AAA batteries go, also phthalate free which I always love to see.

So I'd probably rate this toy a 7/10 only because it says nothing about warranty, the fact that it isn't rumbley and because it's not rechargeable. But I'd definitely give it a go!

Enjoy and be safe!

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Icon Zuma Date Added: Friday 29 January, 2016

by Amy, ALC Kogarah

The Zuma Vibe is heralded as one of those vibes that is designed to just set and forget. In fact, i feel that the Zuma Vibe functions where the We Vibe thrill was suppose to go and just never did. I will preface this review by saying it is clear that this toy is not for every body shape and will only snugly fit petite builds. When i tried bending the clitoral arm, the motor would stick out of the skin on the insertable arm and my concern would be that if it is stretched/bent too far than it would puncture the skin.
The Zuma is a seven function vibe that has three speeds and four different pulses. When i hold it in my hand as if it was inside i am amazed at the strength of the vibrations, and the G-Spot arm curves upward applying pressure on the inside of my hand. I particularly like the fact that i can have two different settins on my hand and it felt really good even on my hand. Now although it says 'worlds softest silicone' i would say that the fun factory has softer silicone and that the only reason that the zuma is 'soft' is due to it being hollow in some points. I do not have a clit, so i did look at some reviews online and one thing that someone mentioned was that the clitoral arm was a bit hard and applied too much pressure, so this is definately something to consider when looking at this toy.
The soft, velvet material combined with the colour feels dreamy however, it will mark quite easily so care needs to be taken to ensure it is clean after each and every use. I would highly recommend a toy cleaner with this product to ensure it stays mark free. It requires two AAA batteries and i was acually surprised at how quiet it is for a moment, until remembered silicones ability to absorb vibration noises. Whilst this toy ius by no means on the same par as the we-vibe in terms of couple use, and i do forsee issues using it as a 'thrusting' vibe as it has no real handle to hold on to. But it serves itself well as a leave and forget!

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">4</span> of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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