Hamburg-8 Oval Cuffs

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Hamburg-8 Steel Cuffs

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Hamburg-8 Oval Steel Cuffs

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This is a very nice surgical steel replica of the world famous Hamburg 8 - made of exquisite craftsmanship. The original (made by the company Kayser) handcuff from the 1930s was very popular by the German police and also by escape artists worldwide, because it could be simply but ingeniously gimmicked for fast release. The restraint can be quick snap locked. To unlock the cuff the key must to be pushed into the key-hole to press down the locking bolt. These are surely not the safest handcuffs of the world, but if they are applied correctly, it is surely very difficult for the restrained person to unlock the cuffs, even if he has the key. In completely folded condition the cuff is unlocked and always ready for action.

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