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If you are after a more powerful and robust fucking machine the Robo is the one for you.  More solid design for more extreme fucking.


The Robo  is by far the simplest sex machine I’ve seen. You simply connect the controller dial to the power pack and plug, by pushing the connectors together, you then push the dildo onto the machine until it clicks into place, and adjust the machine to the angle you require. The 90 degree capability excited me hugely, I’ve wanted a sex machine that runs vertically for a very long time, it opens up a lot more position possibilities, and I want to be able to be mechanically fucked whist standing up. To adjust, you just push the metal brackets on the bottom and slide the machine into the position you want. It almost ratchets into place and you can stabilize it further with the metal stand that’s towards the back of the machine. There are four suction cups, to allow you to secure the machine to the floor or another smooth surface. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to go.


When using the machine vertically, it stays fairly grounded, but if you try to use it totally horizontally, the machine tries to run across the floor so ensure that the surface is smooth and clean to ensure the suction cups do their job. 

Package includes:

1x Sex Machine
1 x Power Supply 
1 x Dildo Attachment
1 x Vagina Attachment


1.Material  ABS +TPR
2.speed :0-200 / min
3.adjustable size:60mm
4.90-degree angle adjustment


If you want to experience extreme sex with a partner that will never let you down why not try sex machines. These devices also known as fucking machines are a generally electrical powered mechanical device that thrusts back and forth to stimulate sexual intercourse. At the end of the thruster most allow attachment of a variety of attachments such as dildos or masturbators. Fuck machines are also available in smaller hand held versions and some rotate instead of thrust. You will find some of the best devices online for those that are into machine fucking.

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