Fun Factory Big Boss G5

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Fun Factory

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Fun Factory Big Boss G5

Big: impressive, rechargeable vibrator

Strong: optimized distribution of vibrations throughout entire shaft

Flexible: soft and pliable shaft made of rigid silicone for a pleasant pressure on all the erogenous hot spots and for a variety of positions for HER and HIM

Powerful: 12 deep frequency yet quiet vibration programs

Naturalistic design with suggested glans and veins

Arousing, “filled” sensation during vaginal use

Curved shape for intense G-spot stimulation

Comfortable, safe grip and intuitive buttons: PRESS FUN TO PLAY with LOOP!

Available in Pink, Black, and Skin

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Fun Factory Big Boss G5 Date Added: Wednesday 17 August, 2016

by Dino, Wellington

My better half likes me to assume responsibility of the sex toys, which I cherish. I at first purchased vibrating dildos, yet she said she didn't care for the interior vibrations, so I surrendered the pursuit of a vibrator she would like. We additionally found that they were cumbersome to hold, particularly when covered in lube. They are generally very hard, and controlling the speeds and modes is often confusing and limiting.The Big Boss G5 transformed all that. It is faultless in its outline. It has awesome bigness and the materials utilized are top notch. The only drawback - if you could call it that - is you need to store it in a silk pouch or sex toy box as it tends to attract dust.Big Boss accompanies a finger opening at its base, which gives awesome control, and for me as the one in control of the toy it permitted me to move and focus somewhere else easily. The controls are push button on the finger circle and simple to change in all positions. My significant other never loved standard vibrators, yet she has changed her mind now. Big boss has a strong deep vibration she said could be felt all through her body. What an extraordinary item.

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