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You have permission to turn up late for work as you will be playing sexual favours with the Big Boss.  Don't expect to be taken to the boardroom but rather down a road of sexual depravities when the big boss has its way with you.  Xtra large fun and xtra strong vibration speed and modes will have you begging for a raise.


Body safe silicone but make sure you have your lubricant ready for more and more fun.

The imposing nature of the big boss lets you know what this sextoy is all about.  It is for Xtra large pleasure.  A strong appearance complemented with a naturalistic touch will show you he is the dominant one that will bring your love play passion alive.  Thrilling stimulations will be experiences with the intense vibrations and the innovative click n charge technology makes it a dream to use.

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Fun Factory Big Boss G4 Date Added: Monday 21 March, 2016

by Chloe, ALC Kogarah

The Big Boss is a fucking boss. It is 9” in length and 1 ¾” in girth, and has some of the rumbliest vibrations I have ever seen or used. The Big Boss is part of the G5 (Generation 5) range from Fun Factory, which really just means stronger vibrations than previous models, a better battery life, as well as the buttons on the handle (and the handle itself) being updated.

The first thing everyone says when they first lay eyes on the Big Boss, is will it even fit inside of me? It's literally huge. 9" is longer than the average vagina can take, but the width with lubricant, should be fine for most intermediate to advanced toy users. You may find you need a significant warm up before using the Big Boss is comfortable.

The Big Boss leaves you with the satisfying feeling of being "full".
The curve of the Big Boss, paired with it’s prominent glans is designed to rub straight against the G Spot. If you were hoping to pair the Big Boss with a clitoral vibe, you better have something strong handy! The vibrations are SO strong that you won't be able to feel a lighter vibe on your clit through the vibrations emanating from your vagina. Pair with a tango or palm power and you'll be in for some killer blended orgasms!

When it comes to Fun Factory, the ONLY issue I’ve ever had with their products is that their skin is SO matte. So trust your body with this one. If you have encountered sensations of drag or friction before with Fun Factory products, I can assure you that the length and width of the Big Boss only makes it worse. Science. Extra size, extra friction. I recently tried (WARNING: Over Sharing Alert) using the Fun Factory toy fluid with their products and found it felt SO nice on the silicone of the toys and made them much smoother during use. Some lubes even make their skin feel 'grainy' but I didn't experience this with the Fun Factory toy fluid.

The handle (which I’ve previously mentioned in my other Fun Factory reviews) is amazing. You can curl an index finger in the loop of the handle comfortably for long periods of time, whether using the toy on yourself or partner. This is so important. There’s nothing worse than getting a sore hand or forearm when all you need to do to finish is thrust just that little bit harder.

The battery life is really good. On average, it lasts me around 3 hours of use (different sessions of course ((unless you’re into that)) before I have to charge it again.

So, overall I really like the Big Boss. Before purchasing the Big Boss, you should look at the size of the toys you already possess. Is it significantly larger in girth and length? Or only slightly?
I would recommend the Big Boss to anyone who enjoys deep, powerful vibrations and can handle a toy of this size.

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