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Fun Factory Bendy Beads

Anal stimulation for both men and women will be achieved when using these Fun Factory anal beads.  Long enough to experience a truely orgasmic experience.  The beads are on a continuous silcone chain. 

When inserting the beads can twist around giving you unique anal experience and can probe that elusive prostate and help milk the prostate gland.  Use during foreplay, whilst having sex and will stay in place for strong stimulation.

The silicone material is easy to clean with soap and water, and is non-porous to make it easier to keep sanitary. Slip the Bendy Beads inside you and feel the pure joy that these elegantly winding beads can bring you. Flex your body and the beads move with you. Made out of the highest-grade materials available, and created to be used by either gender, the Bendy Beads from Fun Factory are an amazing product.

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Fun Factory Bendy Beads Date Added: Sunday 13 March, 2016

by Angela, Lithgow

The bendy beads are a beautifully designed sex object it to me looks like oval shaped beads connected by a ribbon dipped in the most luxurious 100% medical grade silicone. The adjoining ribbon comes to a curl which acts as a reliable base and a handle. The graduating grape shaped beads are great for novices to the most advanced user due to the shape and the gradual size increase. The size difference is significant enough to provide varied sensations and purvey the traditional and desired popping sensations.These beads are so flexible that some users who were hoping to be able to thrust with the bendy beads would be better off purchasing a less flexible more structured anal probe as the flexible necks between the beads are reminiscent of traditional Thai beads on the cotton threads. Traditional string and ball beads can be dangerous and unhygienic making the bendy beads even better as they are made from one molded piece of silicone.

Traditionally anal beads are intended to be hastily removed during orgasm but other uses for the bendy beads can be to provide a different sensation during penis in vagina sex. The female can wear them during and this can increase the internal tightness and change the texture during intercourse. The Q shaped handle also allows for a bullet such as the we-vibe tango to be inserted taking these beads to another level of pleasure.Clean up of these beads is as easy as a rinse off with warm water and soap but due to them being just silicone they are top rack dishwasher safe and easy to be wiped down with a bleach solution. A quick rinse is also sometimes required as the silicone can get lint stuck to it.

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