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The beautiful Tera Patrick will be familiar to you either for smashing success as an adult film star, or for her domination of the sexual realms of mainstream media. Tera is the only woman in history to have graced the covers of Playboy and Penthouse simultaneously, and has also shared her expertise via a sex advice column in FHM and instructional series School of Sex for Playboy TV. Tera’s own burlesque shows are also an apt playground for her to show off her devious sexuality.

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The leggy, tattooed brunette began her career as a Vivid Entertainment contract performer. From there, she starred in movies like Island Fever, Flawless, Forbidden Tales and Tera, Tera, Tera. She continued to deliver erotic goodness of all genres to her fans until 2008, partnering with both men and women. Tera’s prowess was aptly recognized with an induction into the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame, and she has since penned a memoir entitled Sinner Takes All.

After a career as a pornographic performer spanning almost 10 years,  She’d like you to make the most of it with Tera’s very own vagina or butt Fleshlight.

Fleshlight is proud to present the custom molded Fleshlight from the top adult star in the world today, Tera Patrick. With a career spanning over 10 years more than 100 films, chances are you've fantasized over Tera before. Stop fantasizing and take her home!


Feel every one of tera patrick's intimate folds and curves with her signature fleshlight sleeve, created from her actual body casting and cradled in an exclusive pearlescent case. designed to provide the most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation ever created, the lotus texture begins with a smooth ultra tight entry that quickly blossoms to a slightly more comfortable canal. further adding to the complex fantasy is the inverted entry and four pleasure chambers, making this a texture unmatched in realism and sensation


Swallow texture - The Swallow Fleshlight is the most realistic oral sex experience in existence. Let your oral fantasy to come to life with her soft Superskin mouth molded directly from these perfect pouty lips. The Swallow texture is one of our most intensely satisfying textures we’ve ever produced. It starts with a moderately tight opening, then drives your cock wild with the intense stimulation of our Super Ribbed texture. Halfway through you'll encounter the back of the throat, finishing with a super tight canal.


Butt Forbidden, is the most realistic anal intercourse experience in existence. Allow your backdoor fantas to come to life with the soft Superskin ass moulded directly from her tight little body created to simulate the unique and naughty pleasure of anal sex.

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Fleshlight Girls Tera Patrick Date Added: Thursday 30 April, 2015

by Dale, Sussex Inlet

The Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick model was one of the first Flesh Lights to highlight a restrictive composition. This surface highlights one spiraling edge that recreates the vibe of the Wonder Wave, yet with a distinction. The more you push, the more tightly the canal gets to be, expanding the sensations. This delicate, adaptable edge, doesn't overwhelm you, yet rather tenderly strokes your dick as you are fucking it. I first feel the surface right on the highest point of my prick, working my frenulum with every stroke. The profound piece of the composition truly does wonders on the top of your penis. The minute I began using this sleeve, I knew it would turn into a top choice. The feeling given by the composition is fantastic. In spite of the fact that the edges are very adaptable, they give enough sensation t to truly work your dick. The harder you push, the more tightly the channel gets to be, expanding the sensation. If you have a bigger dick you'll appreciate a greater amount of this snugness, expanding the sensations significantly more. I experienced no difficulty appreciating this sleeve at my length of 6.5". The edges are sufficiently wide that at a 4.5" size, it was all that could possibly be needed to envigorate me. I feel this surface will work with a penis of any size, yet the bigger you are, the better it ought to feel. I could truly feel the composition on the tip of my prick, working it over well. You have to be careful as this sleeve will make you cum hard! My climaxes with this sleeve were the biggest I've had with any Fleshlight. The sleeve is sufficiently free to give a lot of space amid climax, yet the edges are what produce a greatly exceptional sensation. The force of the surface truly shows itself amid your climax. I couldn't accept how extreme it was at the time of climax. The edges are not most empowering with every last one of surfaces I've attempted, yet amid climax, the way they work your dick is a bit different to others. You have to use plenty of lube with this Fleshligh (as is the case with most) in order to appreciate it and get the most realistic sensations. I feel a little more is always better although a bit of a pain doing the clean up afterwards. Because of the extraordinary delights of this sleeve amid climax, I am issuing it a 10/10. The power when you're fucking will differ from individual to individual in view of experience and such, yet I discovered it to be an above typical sensation. You can without a doubt feel it when your fucking it, which keeps you tense, however when you climax, this is taken to another level. I would heartily have this composition as one of my top choices and recommend it to everybody and anybody. Regardless of what size your penis is, you can appreciate this sleeve.

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