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Eva Lovia is a big breasted porn star who was born in 1989 in South Carolina. She has brown hair and a shapely figure and her ethnicity is mixed Japanese and Spanish giving her a real exotic look. Her first job was as a check out chick at Target and then started working as a waitress at Hooters. She started to compete as a bikini model where she was approached and agreed to do her first porn film for Reality Kings. She has now starred in many porn movies from various companies and was approached by Fleslight to become one of their girls due to her ever increasing popularity.



If ever you wanted to have ses with Evall Lovia now is your chance with the realistic Lotus Fleshlight masturbator that the vaginal lips have been molded from her actual pussy.  Watch your favorite Eva Lovia porn movie whilst entering her luscious love canal,


One of the first pussy castings from the Fleshlight Series is the infamous ‘Lotus Sleeve’. The texture of this inner canal is available with every Fleshlight Girl in the series so is the standard of the series.   After entering the tight vaginal lips the first canals wall is smooth, then it is followed by the nodes known as Lotus that are in the shape of a lotus flower in a concaved chamber, this also is about 20mm in length. On exiting the Lotus chamber you enter one shaped like a tear drop that also has smooth walls also 20mm in length. The final chamber has a tight chamber again 20mm in length.


Although this is one of the original Fleshlight styles it is still one of the most popular due to its ultra-realistic feeling and stimulations. The changing sizes of the chambers increase and decrease the tightness giving an awesome sensation akin to having real sex.



Fleshlight have managed to get one of the most desirable erotic artists, Eva Lovia to have her privates molded and become a Fleshlight Girl.   The sugar is an exact mold from her pussy and the mold is placed on the face of the masturbator. Sugar was designed from her sweet pussy that is a Spanish/Japanese mix and is renowned for her sweet juices that cum from her twat. The masturbator measures about 25.5cm in length and has for separate pleasure chambers for you to carnally abuse.


The first chamber has a tight sucking feature created by the circular ribs that surround the inner chamber. The has a tight entrance followed by raised ribs that rather than being centric are lateral as you leave the second chamber and enter the third there are some raised nodules for extra sensation and tightness and then widens as you plunge your cock into some delicious ball shaped nodules. Finally the fourth chamber has a field of lines that are raised to provide ultimate stimulations.


Any penis will be thankful for the intense pleasure it will receive using the Sugar Sleeve. It has just the right amount of suction and pleasure nodules that will entice any penis to a throbbing climax. This one is a winner guys!



Eval Lovia is to go to porn star when you want a girl that loves some real anal action. The Fleshlight Spice Sleeve was molded from her actual butt and that mold appears on the face of the sleeve in all its original glory. So if you want to butt fuck Eva and grab a little bit of spice here is what you will get!


The perfect replica of her ass orifice awaits your penis to penetrate to take you into the first love chamber that is a ridged corkscrew design which will stimulate your penis glans from every direction. A tightened canal then opens up to the second chamber that has bumps and nodes. The third chamber has multiple raised button like nodes and finally entering the fourth chamber which is the longest and has scored channels that provide ultra-constriction around the penis that builds up suction as you use it.


This is a totally different textured experience than any of the Fleshlight anal canals I have tried before but it is definitely worth trying out if you are a fan. The best thing about it is the final chamber and the tightness really does make it feel like an anal experience.


Over the years, Fleshlight has been rated as 1st amongst all erotic toys obtainable in the market. Reasons for that galore! The toy helps in titillating your senses without causing any sort of damage to your body. It is easy to clean and maintain.  Fleshlight adult toys offer quality and durable and this is what makes them so appealing.


One of the main attracts of this toy is that it comprises desired body chunks of its advertised stars. So when you use it you experience that real- experience as if that actress is actually rubbing bodies with you. Numerous niche adult toys namely Alien series, sex in a can or for that matter Flight Masturbators, vibrators are also witnessable.

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