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This soft, pliable, Real Feel SuperSkinTM masturbators are made in the USA from a patented, high-quality material (similar to the famous CyberSkin material) and designed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex.


Available in    Lotus   Goddess   and Siren



Anikka's Lotus is a blaring revelation in sex simulation. Her signature anal texture is as extraordinary as you would think. Known for her award-winning backdoor action she created this to give access to a completely authentic experience at home. Every thrust on this thing will bring you pure joy.


One of the first pussy castings from the Fleshlight Series is the infamous ‘Lotus Sleeve’. The texture of this inner canal is available with every Fleshlight Girl in the series so is the standard of the series.   After entering the tight vaginal lips the first canals wall is smooth, then it is followed by the nodes known as Lotus that are in the shape of a lotus flower in a concaved chamber, this also is about 20mm in length. On exiting the Lotus chamber you enter one shaped like a tear drop that also has smooth walls also 20mm in length. The final chamber has a tight chamber again 20mm in length.


Although this is one of the original Fleshlight styles it is still one of the most popular due to its ultra-realistic feeling and stimulations. The changing sizes of the chambers increase and decrease the tightness giving an awesome sensation akin to having real sex.


Fleshlight Goddess:

Anikka Albrite is a sexual goddess and the desire of many men out there that love to watch her in porn. Even if it was for that reason alone this is a Fleshlight that you have to own. The labia is outstanding and so intricately designed. The whole Sleeve is about 24 centimeters long with four distinct chambers. It is uniquely designed and only available in the pussy version from Annika. When you first enter this delightful men’s sex toy number one chamber have several nodes of pleasure. The second chamber is much tighter and bump and has some slits and sleeves that increase and decrease suction as you travel through it. The third chamber has a lot of smaller bumps that combined with the suction from the second chamber will make you blow your load real quick. If you are long enough and have the stamina of a triathlete then the fourth and final chamber has three constricting rings.


Although this is a pussy Fleshlight I must say that it gave the feeling of sucking and I cannot help but wonder if this may have been more suited to being a mouth rather than a pussy. That being said it is a wonderful masturbator that will keep you entertained and has certainly increased my sexual stamina.


Fleshlight Siren:

I reckon probably 40% of men between the ages of 20-50 know who Anikka Albrite is. She stars in a lot of the Evil Angel movies and loves anal sex. So it is fitting that the big butted sex babe has a Fleshlight Anal Toy all to her own and thus the siren has been created. A perfectly molded but that the moment you see it you want to be inside it – the whole sex toy is about 23cm long with a wonderful ‘butt texture’. There are four separate chambers and the first thing you will feel when entering are the ribs that are crossed that both constrict the opening but give amazing sensations to the head of your penis, a little tighter so that you ‘pop’ in just like when having anal.


Once you are beyond the opening there are cones inside the second chamber and when entering the third chamber you will experience 8 conical rings some delicate some protruding. Originally I was worried that this would not live up to my expectations being a fan of Anikka for so long and having whacked off on her porn movies. However I was totally smitten by this Fleshlight – the tightness was so intense – it is staying in my fave’s position at least for a while.


Over the years, Fleshlight has been rated as 1st amongst all erotic toys obtainable in the market. Reasons for that galore! The toy helps in titillating your senses without causing any sort of damage to your body. It is easy to clean and maintain.  Fleshlight adult toys offer quality and durable and this is what makes them so appealing.


One of the main attracts of this toy is that it comprises desired body chunks of its advertised stars. So when you use it you experience that real- experience as if that actress is actually rubbing bodies with you.  Numerous niche adult toys namely Alien series, sex in a can or for that matter Flight Masturbators, vibrators are also witnessable.

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