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Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted...Now, any couple can perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined and reap the benefits and pleasures they arouse! Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest fantasies with this incredible Spinning Fantasy Swing. Perfect for lovers of different sizes, the Spinning Fantasy Swing easily adjusts to any height or angle, saving you from contorting your body in uncomfortable positions that interfere with each other's arousal. Unlike ordinary stationary swings, the Spinning Fantasy Swing rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to spin freely while you swing with increased range of motion. Twist, twirl, and try new positions you never thought were possible. The unique swivel clip connects to the torsion spring and swing frame, turning the fantasy swing into the ultimate bondage accessory. It's perfect for beginners and fun for everyone! Try new sexual positions that would normally require tremendous exertion and skill, and execute them with ease! You and your lover will be amazed how easy it really is to find the optimum angle to achieve deep penetration with minimal exertion.

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Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing Date Added: Monday 11 April, 2016

by Anonymous

Sex swings are one of those fun sex toys that most people believe is just 'out there'. After all, there is no more natural act than sex and the thought of dangling from a wall or ceiling on a swing to give your partner easier access to your glory hole. Of course, sex swings can be used by heterosexual couples as well for leverage and for a different experience altogether. The straps and the harness allow you to keep the legs spread apart for stable action and gives you hands free capability for stability and more petting. They are great for trying out new positions that aren't humanely possible, they make for easier anal and oral sex and can enable you to experience positions in fantasy role play. Two stranded astronauts in a weightless environment, a man and his flying concubine whatever strikes your fancy.
Of course the sex swings come in a variety of materials some of them are made of canvas with padding and some are made of leather. The sex swings have three loops to support your back, pelvis and knees. Once the pressure of gravity is alleviated, you can be free to experience weightless bouncing which will help in relaxing during penetration. Most of the sex swings can support weight up to 400 pounds so if the both of you do weigh more than that, consider purchasing additional supports and always check the box for weight limits. More on weight later.
The first steps in installing a sex swing is deciding the ideal position for sex swing in your home. You'll need at least a five inch clearance space on all sides of the swing. In the throes of action you don't want to be knocking stuff off of the dressers or banging into plants. The eyebolts should be installed on weight bearing capable structures. That plaster ceiling just won't do it. It should be a sturdy joist or wooden beam capable of supporting the weight.

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