Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Spandex Hood

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Keep your submisive incognito with this Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Spandex Hood. This comfortable open-mouth and eyes hood is designed to stretch completely over the head, while the lightweight fabric makes breathing and hearing a snap. Best of all, your subject can still see and you still have access to their mouth! One size fits most.

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Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Spandex Hood Date Added: Tuesday 05 January, 2016

by Anonymous

In terms of the spandex hood, I will always recommend an open mouth. It is easier to already have an open mouth than not, and if you didn’t want their mouth open then it’s a reason to buy a gag. But with the mouth open there's always the possibility of oral sex, hooking a finger to their mouth during sex, or a multitude of other things. I love recommending the spandex open mouth hood by Fetish Fantasy because of its durability and comfort; it’s lightweight and when introducing people to BDSM is a very happy medium and alternative to launching straight into it. On that note, I will state that if there is a light source in the room that you are using the spandex hood in, then you can see blurred shadows. Without decent light, you will be blind. You can use this to your advantage dependent on your playmate – if they struggle with not being able to see – then using a light source to provide some sight might be a decent idea. What irks me most about leather hoods is that, if you’re in one for an extended period of time, they can get bloody hot. Which, I suppose is kind of the point but there comes a point where you might find yourself or your playmate tapping away to be released because they simply can’t handle it. The spandex hood overcomes that, its lightweight, breathable and sure it gets warm and fuzzy under there but I’ll tell you that it’s not always the temperature that’s causing it. Due to its elasticity it’s also a breeze to whip on and off, and if it gets any substances on it, throw it for a cold wash and it’ll be good as new. There are many things you can tag with the spandex hood, sensory items such as whips, wartenberg wheels, melted candle wax, massage candles. As well as handcuffs and restraints and all sorts of fun and exciting things. Every toy by itself is never that exciting, it's how you use it that makes it exciting.

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