Eymalis Le Chatelain

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Le Chatelain European Vibrator


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Eymalis Le Chatelain


Indulge your desire for sensational stimulation with the Electrosex Vibrator. Combining incredible power, an exciting electro mode and 18 vibration speeds and patterns to explore, this G-spot vibrator is the latest innovation in electrosex play.


Step into world of powerful stimulation and a sensational selection of pleasure settings with the Intimate Love Toy Electrosex Vibrator Le Chatelain.


Boasting an incredible 9 continuous vibration intensities, 9 pulsating vibration intensities and 9 levels of electrostimulation, this luxury vibrator ensures play and pleasure is on the agenda from the moment it lands on your doorstep.


Featuring a gentle upward curve and a satisfying thick and textured head with 24 carat gold covered bi-polar electro plates, Le Chatelain has powerful G-spot stimulation at the forefront of its design. Simply combine with lashings of your favorite sex lube and let your exciting journey to an incredible orgasm begin.

Eymalis Le Chatelain


The 4 buttons on the base of the G-spot vibrator control the settings, letting you choose between continuous vibration, pulsating vibration or electro stimulation. Start on the lowest settings and work your way up the pleasure settings using the + and - buttons. Use the electro-stimulation mode for internal stimulation only and indulge in external and internal stimulation when switching to the vibration modes.


Insert the vibe prior to switching on the electro mode to ensure the electrical current is conducted throughout your body. Enjoy the exciting tingles against your G-spot for 5 seconds at a time before progressing to 10 seconds and repeating. Explore the 9 intensity settings, ranging from a light tingle to a firm, massage and find the setting that works best for you.


Presented in a beautiful gift box, The Electrosex Vibrator is designed for adventurous pleasure-seekers.


Check out our entire range of electro sex toys very popular with the S&M Community.


Thanks to medical support electrosex products can undoubtedly improve the sex lives of men and women who may have some physical or sexual problems.  Women typically use electro toysand through our range of Intimate Love Toysit can reduce incontinence tighten the pelvic wall and floor and as an added bonus also provides an electro relative orgasm of female private parts.

The use of Electro Sex can also help to combat impotence in menUsing this range of items will also bring you great joy and pleasure in your play and lovemakingYour sex life will become more intense and you will discover desires, desires hitherto unknown or unspoken yet well.  It is said that orgasms on women when using this product are so intense that most women can only use the toy for 10-15 minutes that would equate to hours of play in bed with a person or other device. 


The use of these items should  be carefully read very carefully the explanatory notesDo not use on people with heart problems or with a heart device.

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