Erosense Luxe Silicone Lubricant

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Sensuva ON, Lubricant, Silicone Based Lube

Sensuva On

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 Erosense Personal Moisturizer

The Erosense line is a natural lubricant line that has been specially formulated to be body friendly as well as being a delicate formulation that won't upset the balance of the Vagina or Ass. It is entirely PH balanced, and does not contain nasty glycerins or parabens. Erosense is made using a unique formula of organic and natural ingrediants and that are EU certified. It is especially useful for people with sensitive skin and allergies.


Erosense luxe is a luxury silicone lubricant designed for long lasting lubrication that won't dry up, get sticky or tacky like water based lubricants. You only need to use a very small amount and the lubricant will spread, and stay slick for a long time. By all means, it should be able to outlast anything that you want to throw at it. It is renowned for not being absorbed by the skin like water based lubricants and as such not only can it double as a personal lubricant but mixed in with your favourite natural essential oils, it can double as a massage oil as well.


Sensuva ON is an American Based company who describes their mission as a dedication towards helping both men and women have more active, healthier and more passionate lives. They have created an extensive, and growing, collection of sexual health products using original formulas and made from body safe, healthy ingredients which include natural botanicals and essential oils and extracts.

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