Electrastim Invader Extreme Electro Butt Plug

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Electrastim Invader Extreme Electro Butt Plug

 Invader might be the middle-sized butt plug in the ElectraStim Extreme range but there’s nothing middle-of-the-road about it! This giant butt plug has an insertable length of 4.7 inches with an impressive 7.4-inch girth that will leave you feeling filled to the brim.

The incredibly heavy metal form offers intense pressure for firm stimulation of the prostate or against the vaginal wall. Only advanced anal sex toy users should take on the Invader bi-polar butt plug challenge due to its huge proportions.

You’ll feel sensation over a big surface area with this plug, creating intensely pleasurable contractions in your ass and pelvic floor when plugged into any of our ElectraStim stimulators. Make sure you have a big bottle of water-based lubricant on standby, this giant anal probe needs plenty to assist insertion.

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