ElectraStim Electra Pads Square 4 pack

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Electro sex accessories, Self adhesive, Re-usable




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ElectraStim - Electra Pads Square 4 pack

Size: 50mm (2") square

Electra Pads Square 4 pack, as the name suggests, there are four 50mm X 50mm (2 inch by 2 inch) are included in the toy while ElectraStim unit is sold separately. These can be placed across your preferential areas. Moreover, you can wear with your intimate partner as one pad each on inner thing area or the buttock and then you have intercourse with the incredible stimulation that you will never feel before. These ultra-versatile adhesive pads are very smooth which can be used with ElectraStim line of accessories and devices. Thus, you can enjoy exhaustive and exciting intercourse with the ultimate enjoyment.

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