Dr. Joel Kaplan -Premium Megavac Electric Pump (240V)

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The easy to use pump system includes a cylindrical tube with a diameter of 2.25" for plenty of room to grow, and is ergonomically designed to perfectly encase the shaft with an absolutely air tight suction. In fact, this pump works while you are flaccid or erect, so there is no prep work required. A slender air hose connects the tube to its state of the art vacuum pump, fastening securely in place with a simple push-to-release valve that automatically locks upon attachment.

This truly innovative vacuum pump plugs into the wall via a standard electrical household outlet and features a robust power cord to last a lifetime, providing strong and evenly distributed suction throughout its large tube. Powering incredible suction along with variable pulsations for blissful masturbation, the Megavac is truly versatile in its abilities, so explore its gratifying sensations to reap its many benefits. The suction is completely adjustable to suit your desired intensity, and is fit with a pressure gauge, a convenient On/Off switch and a quick release valve for your safety.



YOU CAN CHANGE CYLINDER SIZESIncluded in this kit are three rubber constriction rings boasting graduating sizes, keeping blood flow within the shaft once you're finished pumping to maintain your results. A leather snap cock ring fastened by size-adjustable snaps, also included to maintain a hard erection post-pumping. Dr. Kaplan's pump systems are acclaimed for their never before seen suction that's completely approved by the FDA, an impressive feat that keeps Kaplan products at the forefront of the penile enhancement industry. Storage bag included.

Celebrated sex professional Dr. Joel Kaplan, Ph.D presents the Premium Megavac Electric Penis Pump, a size-increasing system that enlarges the overall girth and length of the penis to treat impotence and premature ejaculation, while also enhancing sensitivity during foreplay, intercourse and masturbation.

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  • Dr. Joel Kaplan -Premium Megavac Electric Pump (240V)
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