Dongle C-Ring

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Dongle C-Ring

The Dongle gives his testicles a stimulating boost with a flexible mini vibe that dangles in just the right place. This one-size-fits-most cock ring offers powerful erection enhancement with the bonus of vibration against his balls – an important erogenous zone that’s often out of reach!

The stretchy ring is made of lab-tested body-safe SEBS material, which fits nice and snug (but not too tight!) around the genitals for a stimulating boost. Stretch the Dongle around the penis and position the mini vibe in front of the testicles for a pleasant buzz or try wearing the Dongle around the penis and testicles with the mini vibe against his body. This combination of intimate constriction and hands-free testicle stimulation can enhance sensitivity for a more powerful orgasm and even more satisfying sexual experience.


• Stretchy cock ring with dangling mini vibe
• Perfectly positioned for hands-free testicle massage
• Powerful single-speed motor
• One size fits most

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