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DIESEL power industrial silicone cockring...built tough and ridged inside and out...super soft SILFLEX soft silicone...warm to touch silicone feels like its part of you, lube it up and wear for the long-haul...

Sized for longer wear, pushes your junk up and out...the squishy silicone pads your nutsack and plumps your meat...the angled ridges channel sweat and lube in and around the ring and keep it in place...perfect for hung guys with big balls or regular dudes with rock hard dicks and high,tight nutsacks...

Silicone and softer rings like DIESEL are great for longer wear...under a jock, in your gear, or a marithon JO session...

    Made in USA…design copyright OXBALLS  
    Pure Platinum Cure Silicone
    Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes
    Cleaning:  detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in bleach-water solution

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