DementedVisions Topper Penis Plug

Prince Albert Style, 75mm long, hollow for cum games

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The Demeneted Visions Cum Thru Corker Penis Plug

This Penis Plug is perfect for cock stuffing.

Made of highly polished shiny, medical grade, stainless steel the handsome end ball gives the plug a gorgeous finish, similar to penis jewellery used for a Prince Albert piercing, and it ensures that this penis plug doesn't disappear in the penis.

The end ball adds a little weight perfect for those kegal exercises - and gentle weight lifting.

This plug has a hole throughout its centre to allow for games of Cum Control and Piss Control

approximate measurements

- Medium -

Overall length: 75mm

Insertable length: 53m

Plug width (slimmest point): 6mm

Plug width (widest point): 12mm


- Large - 

Overall length: 85mm

Insertable length: 63mm

Plug width (slimmest point): 6mm

Plug width (widest point): 12mm

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DementedVisions Topper Penis Plug Date Added: Sunday 01 June, 2014

by Roy, Sydney

This is the Rolls Royce of penis plugs. It is definitely not for beginners and requires a copious amount of lube to insert and remove. It took me six months of daily inserting and gently pushing to finally get the plug into my penis. I wore it 24/7 for five days. It is a great feel. The weight of the ball on top of plug exerts a gentle down force on the penis and after five days my penis had stretched slightly. They should make one with a heavier ball to enhance the cock stretching effect. The topper will not fall out like some of the plugs. I hooked a small hook around the ball and suspended a six kilo Queensland blue pumpkin from my cock. The plug remained secure and did not fall out I was thinking of getting the penimaster pro to stretch my cock but will now use the topper with weights attached. I would recommend five minutes twice a day for the weight stretching exercise. John likes to gently pull on the topper ball with his teeth when we engage in oral sex. It feels good for me too. This one comes highly recommend but as I said, gently gently don't force it and take your time.

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