Brown Cat Tail Silver Smooth Butt Plug

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Cat Tail Steel Butt Plug


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The powerful humiliation a submissive feels when wearing a faux cat tail butt plug is the best reason to purchase one. It’s just the right length and feels nice when brushing against the ass and legs as you play. Plus, that brushing is a constant reminder of your place as a submissive. Because of the nature of the toy you’ll have to be extra clean down there or you risk getting waste on the fur, which is exceptionally hard to get out.


Tail Length 20cm Width 50mm

Small Insertble Plug; Width 28mm Length 60mm

Medium Insertble Plug; Width 35mm Length 73mm

Large Insertble Plug; Width 40mm Length 85mm


  *  Please note this product is not a certified surgical steel grade product *


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