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Boob Lube from Zero Tolerance Toys is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves breast play. We formulated this lube to be perfect for this particular brand of fun! How is it different than just normal lubes you can use? Boob lube is formatted as a skin conditioner so as it dries and absorbs into the skin it leaves you with a baby powder finish feeling, so she won’t be sticky from the lube when all is said and done. Apply your desired amount to your favourite pair of boobs and let the games begin. Not only is this a great boob sex accessory but it also makes a wonderful vaginal lubricant, especially is she is sensitive at all down there. There is no glycerin, no silicone and no oil. Now you don’t have to worry about going from boob fun to vagina fun! Use Boob Lube for an easy and smooth transition.

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