Bodywand Stroker Sleeve

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Bodywand Stroker Sleeve  

The ultimate wand attachment. Turn your original Bodywand into the ultimate vibrating stroker. Durable and easy to clean.

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Bodywand Stroker Sleeve Date Added: Friday 22 January, 2016

by Adam, Brunswick

It's about time Bodywand started looking out for men, especially those that are single and lonely and have no one to talk to and wish there was someone to speak to and go on dating sites to find people.. ANYWAY i think I got a bit carried away. Back to the Stroker!
The Stroker is the new male masturbator from Bodywand which is an attachment that goes on top of the head of the Original wand. The fantastic thing about the design of this stroker is that Bodywand didn't just choose to use the vibration of the want to be the only stimulating factor! The Stroker has 2 different entry points/sides that are both significantly stimulating without vibration, so imagine with! Inside the Stroker is different textures to further enhance the males stimulation making it the ultimate Stroker for pure pleasure!
Now due to it's design it is so so so so easy to clean, with simply just applying a toy cleaning spray and rinsing it out. Also to further enhance the experience i recommend adding a tingling cream like On for Him, or a waming water based lube. This will be like injecting you'r orgasm with steroids, so just close your eyes and imagine that.

The Bodywand by itself is a fantastic toy, but why settle for that? Get the stroker and make it the best orgasm you have ever had, EVER!

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on 2016-02-03 11:28:31

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