Understanding Transsexualism

Understanding Transsexualism is an identification of an individual with an inconsistent gender that is not associated with his or her assigned gender or sex. It also defines a person whose gender at birth conflicts with his or her psychological gender. A diagnosis is possible for a transsexual person if he or she experience discomfort in being a member of his or her original sex / gender. Transsexual is recognized in many countries of the world, but with the increased demands of sex reassignment surgery and other sex reassignment therapies the popularity of transsexualism has increased in Western countries.


Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner


Negative attitude or discrimination for transsexualism has been given by many religions and cultures. There are many cultures that give no objection towards the transsexual people regarding their sex reassignment surgery, whereas there are also many cultures that do not give any rejection for such surgeries. There are many people that feel ecstasy in being member of another sex.

There are many biological and psychological causes for transsexualism. The causes are genetic and prenatal. A cause for transsexual people is also said by bad nucleus of stria terminalis. It is a part of basal ganglia, a part of brain. It is caused by prenatal androgens. Some people say that transsexualism occurs by pathology, but this reason is not accepted by many transsexual people. Many people think intersexuality as it verifies theory of biological origin. According to them it lessens social stigma, saying that it is not delusion or political statement. Stigma has an important role in the development of adherence to viewpoints. Harry Benjamin also said that endocrine and genetic equipment constitutes an unresponsive or less or more responsive sterile that is said as fertile soil on which psychic trauma and wrong conditioning develop and grow in a basic conflict that arises as a reason for transsexualism.

Bisexual people are also present in every country of the world. They are those people that get attracted towards men and women. Many people judge themselves as bisexual, heterosexual or homosexual before having any experience. They get attracted towards females and even males, but their preference alters. Hence, bisexual and transsexual men and women are present in every part of the world. There are many such people that feel ecstasy in being bisexual and transsexual. They feel happy and relaxed in being what they are.

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