P-Spot Beyond Pleasure!

Man Wearing Underwear

I don’t need to explain to the homosexual readers of this blog the pleasures that come from the prostates involvement in your sexual activities. This article is for the hetero-curious men and couples out there reading. It is about opening up to find pleasure and equality through the prostate.

From the beginning of our sexual explorations and curiosities we learn from what we see, and as the prostate is unseen it is rarely spoken about. Not to mention the “Taboo” associated with anal play. The stigma that men who participate in anal play must be gay.. is too long outdated and is in serious need of a new outlook. The act of a man participating in a prostate orgasm allows for a man to step outside of the societal gender roles and hand the power over to his female partner. Too rarely does a man ever get to experience the receptive part or sex, all too often they take the common role of “Pitching” and leave the “Catching” or receptive aspect of sex to their female partners. This ideology is what I believe to be a huge factor in why the notion of gender roles are as they are currently.

A mutual knowledge of the vulnerability/ the expected role of a woman starts from experiencing two sides of the same coin. In this particular topic, penetration is the coin. For a man who has never experienced penetration on himself, he might intellectually understand the need for the “warm-up” before penetration, however, nothing can demonstrate its importance as well as experiencing it first hand. There’s always a clearer perspective that comes from personal experience.

What Is A Prostate You Ask?

The prostate is a small gland made up of mostly muscle tissue that sits around the base of the bladder. Its main function is to secrete fluids that are mixed with the Semen from the Vas Deference during orgasm. This is the most important piece of information for this article. A man’s prostate is most active at the moment leading to orgasm when pressure is added to the already pulsing Prostate gland creates an even more powerful ejaculate which heightens the feeling of orgasm. This reason alone should be enough to intrigue any man!

Through prostate orgasm, a man is able to reach multiple orgasms… Yes, I said it! A man can have multiple orgasms too! It is not just for the ladies.

Image Of The P-Spot
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Benefits Beyond Pleasure

When you engage the prostate with massage/added pressure, as I previously said allows for larger ejaculation orgasms. This helps to empty and refresh the prostate. It also encourages blood flow to the pelvic area, this helps to fight impotence. Yes playing with this little gland can help ensure you have healthy erections well into agedness. There is also a ton of research being done currently as to how having a regularly refreshed prostate lowers the potential risk of prostate cancer found so commonly in men.There are many other benefits of prostate massage.

How To Engage In Prostate Stimulation?

The prostate can be stimulated by adding pressure to the anatomy of the perineum (the space between the testicles and the anus. However direct contact from inside is always more intimate with greater effects. The prostate can be reached by inserting one finger into the anus approximately 1.5-2 inches tip of the finger pointing to the naval and rolling your finger in a come hither motion. You should feel a Squishy marble as you do this, that’s the prostate. Very easy to find. Keep in mind the skin around the anal opening is very sensitive and can tear very easily. EXTRA Lube is necessary. Start with a warm up; caress the outside of the anus (the anus has as many nerve ending as any other erogenous zone). Try stroking the penis, as the penis gets erect the blood flow around the prostate will also increase created a heightened pleasure sense.

Effects On The Relationship

For hetero-normative couples, it is understandable how “flipping” the roles could potentially have some uncharted territory. But that’s no reason to avoid or judge something. Especially something that has so much potential. Communication is key! You are in this together! Sex is more than just procreation. Sex is also about pleasure and as discussed has countless health benefits. What this will allow or aid in with couples in establishing compassion, empathy and understanding towards each other. It may not eliminate gender based unfairness or sexism, it does have the ability to open equal understanding and dialogue.

If you’re open enough to try a new world of pleasure, just remember to relax, have fun. It’s VERY NORMAL. Millions of men and women worldwide have already found the amazing pleasure to be had from this great pleasure zone. Everyone should want to be on the same page as their partner

About the author: KrizPatrick BA(Hon) Psychology Human Sexuality






Check Out The Love Gloves!

Condoms to Prevent STI

The “Condom” or whatever you want to call it, it goes by many names. A Rubber, Naughty Bag, English Riding Coat, Love Glove, Private Johnston’s Rain Jacket, and Insurance Glove you get the idea. Whatever you may call it, the Condom has its fans and its hatters. And both sides bring equally valid arguments to the debate, everything from poor fit to sensation loss. Let’s take a closer look at some of these; like most things I talk about, the choice is yours to make. You must be responsible for your own body, know your facts and know yourself.

The following are some of the most common reasons people use in the Great Condom Debate!

They don’t fit!

This might be the most common excuse given when a guy refuses to use condoms. While this is a very valid argument with as many as 40% of men laying claim to this. The condom design we have today has not changed since 1903 when they began using rubber condoms instead of “skin” (made from Sheep intestine) condoms. It wasn’t until the 1920’s when Latex was invented that having a liquid that could be moulded to form and then mass produced eliminated many of the size issues.

Still, 10% of men still claim that condoms are too tight another, 17% claim they are too loose, while 60% claim the condom bunches up (This increases the chance of the whole condom sliding off during intercourse). Lastly, 15% of men claim to experience “Foreskin Drag” (When the condom gets pulled into the foreskin). These are all valid and true excuses, but to be honest…

This, my friends, this is just a lazy shopper! If you gave up that easy because you bought a few general condoms at the local shops, and either you didn’t know how to put the condom on or by chance the condom really didn’t fit, might just be saying what a careless lover you are?

There are over 15 size variations from different condom makers globally. From length to width, whatever the issue, there is a condom fit for you! (If you want more information about fitting condoms, let me know in the comments.)

They are no fun!

Saying condoms are no fun, is like saying variety is bland… It can’t be argued that some of the sensation is lost when using a condom specifically for the male and that the sensation of slippery skin to skin feeling might not be the same, these condoms are the only thing keeping your risk of infection at almost 0.

Condoms these days are more than just an attempt at contraceptive. Condoms can give your mind ease regarding STI’s and pregnancy, but they can also add so many levels of pleasure and fun to your intimate sessions. Condoms come textured for both his and her pleasure, ribbing on the inside and the outside! Condoms today come in countless flavours, and everyone has had those days where you just weren’t into your partners… let’s say natural flavour.

I just don’t see where the lack of fun is?


Condoms For Flavoured Blow Jobs
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It’s just an extra cost!

Excuse me? The last global census puts condoms in the lowest bracket of consumer goods. Globally condoms cost on average $1. $1! The average single dose of Gonorrhoea medication is $17. If you’re not familiar with the symptoms of Gonorrhoea, dig a little deeper because that $1 condom might not seem so bad. The average cost of having a baby is $9,700. Again another cost that can be avoided with an “extra” cost of $1.

To top this off condoms are given away at all clinics and health care facilities if you don’t see any just ask!

I’m on Contraceptive!

The benefits of hormonal contraceptive have been proven to help with more than preventing pregnancies, the one thing it still cannot do is fight off those nasty infections that are so easily passed through bodily fluids. A contraceptive is great for controlling and effecting hormone systems. No product on the market has the ability to prevent or fight against Sexually Transmitted Infections. The list of these possible infections is ever growing, new strains of previously known STI’s are adapting and even becoming medication resistant. If you experience any symptoms of an STI, find your local general practitioner through Health Engine and book in for a sexual health examination .

Only “Heteros” need them!

It is very clear that Heterosexual relationships can lead to pregnancy, while Homosexual relationships don’t, but as previously discussed pregnancy shouldn’t be your only concern. For anyone participating in anal sex, it is very important to remember that the inner lining of the anus or bowels is much more permeable. This means that its chance of infection is much much higher. The rectum doesn’t have any defence from introduced bacteria or infections. Wearing a condom during any anal intercourse is really the only line of defence.

In Conclusion

If you are experiencing “fit” issues, try try and try again. There are so many size variations available to you. Having sex with an ill-fitting condom is really defeating its whole purpose. When condoms are loose, fluids are able to escape which can lead to potential infection. Don’t hesitate to visit any of our store locations, a friendly staff member will be happy to answer any questions and perhaps give you some condom options that might work better for you.


About the author: KrizPatrick BA(Hon) Psychology Human Sexuality






To Douche Or Not To Douche?

Skwert Water Bottle Douche Adapter Image

A topic maybe not frequently spoken about might be a little embarrassing for some, but it’s certainly searched through the inter webs a lot. Countless upon countless blogs and articles outlining the do’s and the dont’s when it comes to anal douching. With anal douching just like everything else there are risks both ways. If you don’t douche… well those risk are clearer. If you do decide to douche, how and with what are very important. The following is simply some facts about the biological effects that can occur from douching vs not for you to mull over, the decision is ultimately yours to make as you see fit. I am not a medical professional simply a Human Sexuality and Psychology Graduate.

What is Douching?

It might be best for me to start off by explaining for anyone who isn’t familiar, what douching is. Douching is a cleaning aid system that involves passing water through the anus into the rectum and lower bowels or colon. This part of the body is where our digestive waste collects before disposal. The process of douching can be done in several ways from bulbs to attachments for your everyday household taps and showers. You can find these at any of our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre or online at the Adultsmart store.

Anal Sex And Sexually Transmitted Infections

It is already common knowledge that with anal sex comes a higher risk of STI infection including a higher risk of HIV, and that this is due to the lining of the intestines/bowels to be so thin and therefore it is very fragile, this is why having safe sex is important. What might not be as commonly known is that sphincter or anus acts as a sort of warning barrier in terms of the cluster of nerves that it contains and the design of the muscles. The muscles face outwards to align with the peristalsis or digestive direction i.e. bowel movements. Just entering the anus goes against its physiology so care must be taken. The anus is also full of pain receptors like the skin only in more numbers, they are there specifically there to warn the body of any “aggressive intruder” if you will. These pain receptors have to be gently enticed to relax. Now one might think the solution would be to go slow and use lube? Only it’s not that simple, these specifically placed pain receptors are only located in the first 5cm of the asshole itself, meaning any bump, scratch or tear could go unnoticed causing serious damage and possible infection. But we’re not talking about anal sex, the process of douching can easily have damaging effects.


Anal Douching Safety Tips Image
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Does Water Impact The Linings Of The Bowel?

One of the biggest concerns with douching is that by adding water to the bowels you can damage the fragile lining which of course is true. This fragile lining is designed to absorb water, but when it absorbs water in access it increases blood flow to the heart which carries many of its own dangerous risks. When the lining itself is damaged or waterlogged this leads to higher chance of infections.  Inserting the nozzle of the douching device brings a high risk of cutting or tearing the lining, which we have already stated brings high risk of infection. These are all true and bring high risks, which is why taking due care when douching is so important. A common topic that often gets brought up in the debate that is “Douching” is that overuse or frequent use will interfere with your natural workings, and that you could end up dependent on stool softeners and laxatives. There just haven’t been any long term studies actually looking at in depth the effects of frequent anal douching that can conclusively support this.

Why Do People Use Douches?

Now after discussing all the terrible things that can occur from damaging one of the most fragile parts of the body, you might be asking yourself why? Why put yourself at that kind of risk? It’s obvious to anyone reading this you already know the pleasures of anal play, or have been enticed enough to begin your research. You obviously want to experience the pleasures that come with anal interaction and want to be safe about it. So again ask to douche or not? Scat play or sex that involves poo is a fetish “Coprophilia”, is it right for you?

It is important to know that any interaction with fecal matter or poo brings a risk of bacterial infection. Unprotected penetration can cause severe UTI’s in men when fecal matter enters the urethra, Hepatitis A and E are also commonly found in feces, so oral or rimming an area containing feces is also very risky. There are also numerous GI (Gastrointestinal) diseases carried out of the body in this waste, such as Salmonella. The list and the symptoms are endless and none of them seem enjoyable and many can be fatal if not treated.


With all the above information and any other sources you find, it’s time for you to assess your comfort level with fecal matter or “poo” before deciding if douching is right for you. You might be one of those people who has regular bowel movement. When I say regular I mean regular on time and regular of a solid consistency that leaves you feeling completely evacuated. If you are, well la di da aren’t you special! Jokes, if you are you might be confident enough to know your schedule and be able to get away with a quick shower and a thorough cleaning between the cheeks and maybe a quick insert of the finger and you’re ready for insertion. There’s always the small small chance of something left behind. To quote the phrase “Shit happens” it’s true, when playing in this region it’s bound to happen. So how do you feel about that?

I have presented you with many but certainly not all of the biological risks involved with douching or not, the decision is yours!


About the author: KrizPatrick BA(Hon) Psychology Human Sexuality at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres








How To Use Sexual Health Products

Prep Information

In some countries, cultures, religions and schooling there are people in the community who are not informed of the different sex choices they have and how to use them. Providing people with easily accessible information is the one step that will help people be aware of how to prevent sexual transmitted diseases or infections. Using this information will help to you stay safe and at the same time gets your sexual needs. Luckily, for first timers there are steps to follow for using sex toys and sexual health products.

The first and most important sexual health product is condoms. It is important to use condoms in order to reduce the risk of transferring STIs. STIs include HIV, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Genital Warts, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B and Syphilis. You can get this STIs by vaginal, anal or oral sex. There are different types of condoms that can be used for women and men. Male condoms are installed when the penis is fully erect. A male condom is placed one by unrolling the condom over the penis. Female condoms however are inserted into the woman’s vagina before intercourse.

How To Use Women Condoms

  1. Remove the condom from the package.
  2. Put spermicide or lubricant on the outside of the closed end.
  3. Find a comfortable position.
  4. Squeeze the sides of the inner ring together.
  5. Insert the inner ring and condom into your vagina.

How To Use Men Condoms

  1. Hold the tip of the condom between your forefinger and thumb.
  2. Place the condom over the tip of the penis.
  3. While squeezing the head roll it down over the length of the penis.


Not douching properly before sex can increase the risk of transferring STIs. Douching is when male or female rinses their rectum with the intent to clean it for anal sex. Although douching can be a dangerous activity.

Reasons To Avoid Douching

  • Douching before anal sex can increase the risk of transferring HIV.
  • Douching can disrupt the epithelium or tissue in the rectum.
  • If you accidentally tear tissues in the anus HIV is easier to transfer through wounds.
  • Anal sex increases the risk of transferring Hepatitis B.3.
  • Douching can cause other discomfort due to the water.
Condoms to Prevent STI
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There is a new medication on market called “Prep” that is designed to prevent HIV. Prep is now recommended to be used for people who practice sex without using condoms. You can go to your general practitioner or a sexual health section at the hospital to see if you can get a blood test done to ensure you don’t have HIV before Prep can be recommended to you. The health care worker will explained the information about Prep. It is recommended to take the medication at same time each day. The sides affects you can get from Prep is an upset stomach and headaches.

Who Can Use Prep

  • People who have been tested and are HIV free
  • People who have sex with men and women
  • People who have sex with men without condoms
  • Heterosexual women who have sex with someone who doesn’t know if they have HIV


Also for the first time sex user I recommend to use masturbator for guys and bodywands which can be used for both male and female in different ways. There are a lot of rang different and different prices of masturbator. Masturbator can be used for single guy or ouples can use it together for mutual masturbation. Different maturbators have different textures inside and some also come with lubricant inside of them.

How To Use a Masturbator

  1. Open the the lid.
  2. Make sure there is no stick in the masturbator.
  3. Place lubricant inside of masturbator.
  4. Place lubricant on your penis.
  5. Insert your penis into the masturbator.
  6. Wank off.
  7. Clean the sex toy by using anti-bacterial spray or if it is a one time use you can throw it away.
  8. Use some fleshlight powder to keep it like new.

The bodywond can be used by both gender, body wond are really powerful toys but good thing you have the control of the speed of it, you can just use it as normal body part massager or just can put some lube and use it vaginal. You also can buy heads for it like a rabbit or one for men which similar to masturbter.

About the Author: Majd is a sales consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Why I Love Working at Oh! Zone

Friendship Community Happiness

Nearly every day I am asked by one or more customers:

“What’s it like working in an adult shop?”

So I thought I’d give you all a small insight of my experience working at an Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre. I’ve only been working here for a few months so maybe sometime in the future I’ll give you an update. Please keep in mind though that the experience is different for everyone and this is just one person’s perspective. So I’m going to go all the way back to the beginning. I’m 22 years old and had never worked in any industry that even came close to what it’s like to work in an Adult Sex Toy Shop. I previously worked with both animals and babies. These jobs are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

At first I must admit, when I stepped into a sex shop it was a little overwhelming. I had only ever tried two sex toys in my entire life. They were a straight vibrator and a double ended dong. I think I had been to an adult shop maybe once or twice before. I went to the Sexpo once when I was 18. I knew little to nothing about most of the products on the shelves. There were so many sex toys that I had no idea existed. There were BDSM products which I couldn’t figure out how they could possibly pleasure someone or where they even went.

“4 cuffs and collar? What?? How does that work? Silicone lubricant and water based lubricant? Huh? What’s the difference? Glass dildos? OUCH! Wouldn’t that hurt?”

Now that I look back on it, I laugh at myself for being so naive and clueless. Four months later and I have three draws full of different sex products at home that I can’t get enough of. This is by far the most interesting job I’ve ever had and I absolutely love it! From learning about different fetishes, seeing the newest advanced toys on the market, learning about how some toys actually help with common health issues, having people walk through the shop and open up to you about things they wouldn’t even talk to their closest friends or even their partner about. Just seeing the smile on their faces when they walk out the door.. I can’t even explain how great of a feeling that is.


Lelo Ina 2 High End Brand
Sex Toy: Lelo Ina 2


When a customer walks into the store I can instantly tell if it’s their first time in an adult shop because they usually pull the same faces I did on my first day working here. Making customers feel as comfortable as possible is my aim, no one wants to watch a customer walk out of the store looking more uncomfortable than they did when they first walked in. What’s even more important is asking the right questions and having them walk out with the best possible product that will work for them and their personal preferences. For example, if a woman was to walk in and tell me she’s never had an orgasm before. She also likes to have her g-spot and clitoris stimulated at the same time. I’d show her a few of the rabbit vibrators from my favourite brands including Lelo, Fun Factory and L’amourose.  The reason I will show her these 3 brands is because they are my personal favorites. I own sex toys from all three of these brands and they are the ones sitting at the front of my draw ready to go when I need. I would also show her the more affordable products we have on the wall. I’ll show her the difference between a battery operated and a rechargeable toy.

I’ve given you this as an example because this is actually my favorite sales experience since working here. I ended up selling the woman a Lelo Ina 2 with water based lubricant and toy cleaner. Two weeks later she came back in and thanked me for selling her a product that gave her, her first ever g-spot orgasm experience. It’s an amazing feeling to have helped a customer. Having customers come back or even just call up to give us their feedback is great. They’ve gone to the effort to tell us how happy they are with their product, that we’ve suggested to them. How could that not put a huge smile on your face?

Working in an adult shop is an experience a lot of people probably wouldn’t ever consider but I promise you it’s an unforgettable one! There’s always cool new toys to check out and the different information that’s out there about our bodies, toys, lubricants and sprays. The product’s are endless! I hope you’ve all enjoyed this small read and have at least a tiny idea of how fun it is to work in an adult shop.


By Eliana a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres