My Vibrator Evolved!

Evolved Novelties Pretty In Pink Sex Toy Image

You know you’re working in a pretty amazing industry when you come in to work after a week and a half away and your boss hands you not one but two vibrators to review. Getting paid to write about my self-pleasuring experiences with sex toys sounds like a dream but it is very much my reality. I don’t have much to complain of that is for sure!! I was very grateful to take home the Evolved Rechargeable Slim and Pretty in Pink vibrators, two great products I am extremely happy to add to my growing sex toy collection.

We have an ever-expanding collection of Evolved Novelties products in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and their intention to provide great quality versatile sex toys is very welcome indeed.

“Our mission is to provide ground breaking, innovative sexual health products to improve the typical couple’s romantic life, a market which is growing exponentially fast.”

Their range includes affordable and good quality sex toys, with shapes and sizes to suit many people.

Vibrating bullets are one of the most popular vibrators we sell in store, a staple in many women’s sex lives. They are easy to use and simply designed, great to be included during solo masturbation and partnered experiences. Evolved bullet style vibes come in several different sizes, with the Rechargeable Slim and Pretty in Pink vastly different in size and shape.

The Evolved Rechargeable Slim is a classic shaped 5 inches tall and 0.9 inches wide vibrator. It is made from smooth ABS material and is fully rechargeable with a USB cable.  The Slim features a sleek design with no texture, ribbing or raises which is great for those looking for a plain design. It is 100% waterproof so can be submerged in water-a great companion for pleasurable bath or shower fun. The outlet on the vibrator where the charger is inserted into features a plug which must be closed off especially when submerged. Otherwise you will be looking at a water damaged toy.

Evolved Novelties Rechargeable Slim Sex Toy Image
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I am not a huge fan of the patterns of vibrators, preferring just a regular buzz however the Rechargeable Slim features 7 vibrating functions which is plenty to keep one person occupied if they enjoy mixing it up. The vibrations are powerful however I find slightly ticklish. I am a deep and rumbly kinda woman however tickly vibes are something that appeals to some people. My experience working in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres have highlighted that the higher end vibrators provide the deeper vibes so it didn’t come as much of a surprise that they are this way in the Evolved Slim.

The Evolved Novelties Pretty in Pink Vibrator is a compact bullet with a rounded tip, measuring 3.4 inches in length and 0.9 inches width. It is very discreet and would make a great travel companion if room is an issue for you (I recommend keeping it in a satin pouch in your handbag in case the opportunity arises to make use of it). Like the Rechargeable Slim, the Pretty in Pink is waterproof with a plugged charging outlet and features 7 different vibrating functions. I found the vibrations of the Pretty in Pink slightly deeper than the Slim which could very well be the case considering the smaller size.

There were several qualities of the Evolved bullet vibrators that I found to be down falls.

I recommend people buying sex toys choose toys that are non-porous. This includes high quality silicone, steel and glass. These vibrators are made from ABS plastic which is definitely not my first go to considering there are plenty of other bullet vibes in this price range made from good quality silicone.

Sex toys with cracks and creases are not something I like to recommend and the Evolved Slim and Pretty in Pink have the charging outlet space which could potentially be a harbour for bacteria. The Pretty in Pink design also has a crease all around the entirety where the plastic is joined together. I understand that this is something that cannot always be avoided especially in the lower price range toys but considering that there exist plenty of other similar toys without these, I would recommend people wanting a body safe clean design to choose a vibrator that is completely sealed with a magnetic charger. That way there are no spaces that are difficult to keep clean. I would recommend using a foaming toy cleaner with these vibrators so that those tricky spots receive a thorough cleaning-just ensure the plug is placed properly in the charging outlet.

The Evolved Rechargeable Slim and Pretty in Pink vibrators feature a 5-year warranty to cover any mechanical or material defects. To claim this warranty is a process made simple by the clear and easy to complete online form. Just be sure to hold on to your proof of purchase in order to make the most of the warranty if anything was to happen.

Despite some flaws, I find the Evolved Rechargeable Slim and Pretty in Pink to be very good options for those looking for an affordable and quality toy. The fact that they are rechargeable means you will avoid annoying battery changes and when taken care of properly, have the potential to last you a long time (Obvious due to being covered by the 5 year warranty!).

About the author: Stephanie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Eva By Dame – Sorry For Leaving Such A Negative Review But I Have To Be Honest!

Hands Free Clitoral Vibrator

Last week I was lucky enough to receive Eva by Dame to review and honestly I’m glad it was given to me because I wouldn’t want to spend the amount it’s priced at on such an average product. I’ve also had my eye on the new Fin because I thought the concept of it sounded awesome but now I know I’ll just be super disappointed by it as it’s pretty much the same as Eva just with a finger strap rather than little wings to tuck into your vagina.

Dame products (two products) is a company run by two girls named Alex and Janet.

They started a campaign on indiegogo to start up their business a few years ago to see how many women would actually want their products which was only Eva at the time. If I was one of the people who donated I’d be severely unimpressed with what my money went to and on top of that the price I’d have to pay for the product after it was made. I’d be a lot happier if some of the money made was then donated to some kind of woman based charity that could actually make some sort of an important difference to this world but they haven’t and most probably won’t. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for what they’re about but they definitely could have put a lot more thought into the business plan and the designs of their products.

For a company with toys for woman and made by woman I’m so so so disappointed.

Soz not soz Dame 2 products.

Eva by Dame Clit Sex Toy Image
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Eva is designed to be a hands-free clitoral vibrator and I’m sure it would work for some but not every vagina is shaped the same so I don’t understand how it’s supposed to fit every woman. I love the idea but realistically I just don’t see how it could work.  It is made out of medical grade silicone and comes in two colours lavender and aqua. Make sure to not use any silicone based lubricants other than Super Slyde with Eva unless you want to watch her skin be eaten away by your lubricant.

The most disappointing part of this vibrator for me is the weak vibrations


it has to offer as there are only 3 speeds and no patterns. If you’re a female who is super sensitive and you can only handle weak vibrations then this product is definitely the perfect toy for you but for someone like me who owns a lot of clitoral toys including a very powerful wand, this toy does absolutely nothing for me, it’s more like a tickle and giggle. It is rechargeable and only takes an hour to completely charge though so at least you’ll never have to worry about batteries.

Eva is supposed to tuck under the labia so it does give you enough room to wear it whilst having sex, I’m not quite sure how it would hold in whilst being in certain positions but I’m guessing if you have the perfect shaped vagina for it, it might stay in place.

If it did fit me properly and it had stronger vibrations this review would be a lot different because I think it would honestly be an awesome product for even the lesbian couples out there who like to scissor and want to add some vibrations into the mix, they’d both be feeling the same vibes and still feel super connected to each other.

As most people who read my reviews know I like my toys to have the words 100% waterproof or fully submergible on the box and this toy yet again disappoints me because it says it is only water resistant, I don’t understand how a product can look so fancy but have little to nothing to offer! Like common for that price it should at least be waterproof ladies!!!

I’m sorry for such a negative and short review but I’m not going to lie,

I honestly expected a lot more from this product and it doesn’t really give me much to write about as it’s such a simple toy. Opinions are like buttholes though, everyone has one so just because I wasn’t a fan of this toy doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t going to be either. If you want a good beginner rechargeable toy to upgrade to so you can throw away your old battery operated toy then this is definitely the right way to go about it but if you’re like me who has plenty of strong clitoral vibes already you’d be better off spending your money on a good body wand or even a We-Vibe Sync.

I have high hopes that this company can come up with some more awesome ideas in the future because they do have the right idea they just need to put a little more thought into it I think.


About the author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

A Whole New World Of Pleasure Opened Up To Me Today!

Romant Kawayi 2 Sex Toy Photo

I Sound So Vanilla And Boring!

I am so grateful to be given a Romant Kawayi 2 to review this week. I have to be completely honest and upfront, out of all the sex toys in store, this vibrator was the last one I would have gone for. I never really understood the appeal in vibrators that aren’t dildo or bullet shaped (I sound so vanilla and boring!). The quirky shape of this vibrator led me to believe that it would be annoying and awkward to use. I am so glad I got to try it for myself as a whole new world of pleasure has opened up for me!!! It now sits proudly at the top of my favourite sex toys, in fact I actually have it in my makeup bag in my handbag right now…you know, just in case an opportunity arises to use it as I go about my day!!!

“Romant is a relatively new addition to the sex toy industry. Based in Asia this is a company that produces quality and affordable vibrators and intimate products. Encompassing a range of rechargeable and battery operated intimate products they have created unique designs that facilitate your pleasure using the best and most innovative technologies available.”

This brand has only recently entered the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres & the Adultsmart Online store and let me just say it’s a very welcome addition!! There are so many of the Romant toys that I want to get my hands on and with a really affordable price tag, I think I’ll be able to.

The Kawayi 2 is made from medical grade, silky soft silicone, available in vibrant pink or purple. It’s 100% waterproof which means it’s easy to clean and makes for a perfect bath or shower massager. This toy is rechargeable, with the magnet base sitting easily in a USB charging dock. It is a super light toy and very easy to handle. The toy features a pretty purple light that turns on when in use. Perfect just in case you drop it in the dark, you will be sure to have a quick recovery come back!!

The most impressive feature of the Kawayi 2 is the quality of vibrations. They are deep, rumbly and oh so enjoyable. I am extremely sensitive to shallow, ticklish vibrations and find the vibrations of cheaper toys irritating. The vibes of the Kawayi 2 were extremely pleasurable and not buzzy or numbing. A major positive!! This toy is so quiet at only 46 decibels. I googled exactly what this meant for users of this toy and I found out that the quietest dishwasher is 46 decibels. A pointless fact just to keep you entertained…you’re welcome!!

Romant Kawayi 2 Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Romant Kawayi 2


Find The Best Position For Your Body

As mentioned previously, the shape of the Kawayi 2 is unique and quirky. It is 12cm in length, featuring a rounded ball base that is ergonomically designed and very easy to handle. From the base, a smaller round part leads on to a curved, thin tip, measuring approximately 3cm. When turned on, this tip vibrates back and forth-similar to some of the rabbit toys on the market. On the curved underside is a raised textured bump intended for extra stimulation.

The tip of the Kawayi 2 is incredible for direct clitoral stimulation. The rounded top and tip is intended for G-Spot stimulation. Now it could have been the fact that I used it in the bath therefore there was a lack of lubrication but I found this part difficult to use on my G-Spot. It was however really amazing to use with the bulbous base on my clitoris and the tip facing down towards my vagina. It’s the kind of toy with so many possibilities, I would suggest trying out all different ways to find the best position for your body.

The Kawayi 2 is also an amazing anal stimulator toy. Placing the tip on your butt or slightly in with the curved tip facing up provides really pleasurable stimulation. The base is wide enough for it to be safely used for this purpose.

The other vibrators in the Kawayi Range are definitely worth a mention here, with shapes and features to suit everyone!

  • Kawayi 1- A massager with a textured rounded tip, perfect for clitoral stimulation
  • Kawayi 3- A rabbit style vibrator, the “ears” perfect for direct clit stimulation
  • Kawayi 4- A multi-purpose massager with a long tip, perfect for G-Spot clitoral or anal stimulation.

All Romant Kawayi Vibrators include a 90 day replacement warranty. The packaging of these toys is very simple and plain. Don’t even consider using it for storage unless you were extremely insistent on saving the cardboard! The Kawayi 2 is an incredible vibrator that I really cannot fault and is really affordable to purchase from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and on Adultsmart. I recommend it to anyone looking to steer away from the traditional dildo or bullet vibrators to add a fun and unique vibrator to their collection.


About the author: Stephanie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



My Chibli Inspired Sex Toy Collection Features The Kawayi!

Romant Kawayi 1 Sex Toy Photo

Fake Handbags of the Sex Toy World

Romant previously described by me as the fake handbags of the sex toy world. I’m pleased to say they have stepped up the game with their late 2016/2017 releases! The release included a battery-operated range, kegel weights, rechargeable rabbits, massagers, G-spotters and wands! My review especially focuses on a particular external massager in their rechargeable line. I especially like the Kawayi 1 the nonna for your no-nos! It’s adorable and perfect to add to my Studio Ghibli inspired collection of massagers (Odecco’s Totoro anyone!?). This range is created around three creative concepts: portable, powerful, practical.  There are four styles to choose from in the series.


Tenga Inspired Sextoys
Romant Kawayi


I really love the shape of this massager the double bubble-shaped body makes it super easy to grip and control. You can use as little or as much pressure as you want because it fits so comfortably in any user’s hands. The Kawayi series with their smiling mouths come in two vibrant colours a purple and a hot pink. This is such a stereotype but I really love the pink because it isn’t soft and feminine it’s bold and really captures your attention even if you don’t really see it when in use. The Kawayi’s body is made of ABS plastic with a supple medical-grade silicone coating, the bun atop this naughty nana’s head is a soft yet solid globule of silicone with dot point texturing. It’s super easy to interchange between the soft and smooth flat top of the bun and pinpoint textures by rotating it. I would have preferred if the pinpoints were a bit more defined as the higher the vibration frequency the less they were felt.  The coated body ensures you get a deeper more impressive rumble of the vibration. The Kawayi features 3 speeds and 4 styled patterns which are a variation of waves, pulsations and a distinct heartbeat patterns. Kawayi only has a very progressive one button touch to turn on change and off. It’s pretty good I think the one button touch is all that it need considering it’s a pre-programed product.

Romant Kawayi 1 Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Romant Kawayi 1 in Pink


The Dock Is Great For Hygiene Purposes

In 2 hours you can fully charge the Kawayi Range. I really liked that the Kawayi has a magnetic charging dock, it kept it from resting on my carpeted floor and reduced picking up fluff, glitter, cat hair, random shit, potential life-threatening pathogens you know the usual crap you find on the bedroom floor of people in their 20s. Whilst I love the dock for hygiene purposes but I can say it doesn’t make it easier to hide when charging if you’re worried about people seeing or finding a sex toy you will need to ninja charge this product. Charging for me is a once a week mass affair when I’m in the “shower” lucky for me my bathroom routine is usually 2 or more hours.

If you are a fan of long bathroom stays you’re in luck Kawayi is fully submersible so you can use this bad boy during your spa treatments. Guaranteed glow!!! The packaging says it is less than 49 decibels and extremely quiet, at arm’s length I can barely hear Kawayi guaranteed not to make a splash! The loudest thing about these products is definitely the colours and the vibrator will definitively give you an orgasmic experience,

To be fair no one ever masturbates with the box or uses the storage bag which is a good thing for Romant because their packaging is bland and they didn’t include a storage bag. Romant certainly blew their budget on absolutely slaying the contents of the box. Its box is extremely straight to the point it shouts, you buy this you get this! I like that it says enjoy the luxury but don’t be fooled I know the luxury isn’t the visuals on the box, Kawayi is a hidden gem. The quick description on the back is loosely translated to English but prior to that I assure you it was once extremely eloquent and well thought out highlighting all the best features of this new Romant range.

It’s a really small cute easy to use product easily recommended to someone who was looking for their first vibe or as a gift for a friend. I wish there was more to say on the Kawayi series but its simplicity and lack of fault or features have left me pretty speechless.


About the author: Amy is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres




Review: Tenga Iroha+

Tenga Iroha+ Sex Toy Photo

Let’s start with a little history and background on the company first. Tenga was established in 2005, it is a Tokyo based company headed by Koichi Matsumoto, who used to be an auto mechanic. The word “Tenga” means “righteously arranged and elegant” typically used to praise the beauty of a kimono or buyō which is a Japanese dance. This name was chosen to capture their mission to create high-quality products and counter the public image of adult goods.

Tenga product designs and advertising deliberately avoid erotic or sexualised imagery. This may have something to do with the Japanese censorship laws which were originally established in 1907 that do not allow the selling or distribution of media that contains genitals. Despite the fact that the laws have gone almost unchanged, they have an excessive amount of fetishes that make even the western world gasp!

However this doesn’t take the excitement out of the product but gives it an edge in the market. It also gives people who use their products the ultimate sense of privacy, knowing they are the only ones who can identify its intimate functionality and design. They are well known for their main focus on the development of mens masturbators and have now incorporated womens vibrators into their product range as well.

The original Iroha range for women was introduced by Tenga in 2012, Iroha+ soon became the upgraded and more innovative version. All toys in this range have different textures and shapes for different functions and desires. In total there are 3 different sex toys in this particular range which include:

  • Iroha+ Tori: A seductive red colour, shaped like a bird with a smooth tip for insertiable pleasure. Its dimensions are 102mm in length, 50mm in width, 40mm in height and weighs 86g.
  • Iroha+ Kushi: Delicate cream colour, adorned with multiple ribs for dynamic sensations. Its dimensions are 88mm in length, 61mm in width, 40mm in height and weighs 96g.
  • Iroha+ Yoru: A sophisticated charcoal colour, its open design can be used to tease and squeeze! Its dimensions are 98mm in length, 55mm in width, 40mm in height and weighs 106g. I had come across the Iroha+ Yoru when Lauren put it in my hand while I was training with her one night. This palm sized toy is so soft and spongy, very similar to a stress ball like texture though the silicone feels smooth. It has a mouth-like front and a small turned up tail at the end similar to the shape of a whale.
Tenga Iroha+ Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toys: Tenga Iroha+ Tori, Kushi and Yoru


Iroha+ sex toys have defined edges, so you can enjoy accentuated and stronger stimulation. You can use these toys on all areas of the body especially highly sensitive areas like the clitoris, nipples, neck and ear lobes! I would even go as far to use it in anal play and on the testicles as a great textural vibrator.

Keeping in theme of Iroha original soft-touch silicone, the Iroha+ range is covered with seamless silicone that is even softer and gentler on the skin. The range also features an anti-dust silicone coating which protects the toy from picking up lint allowing you to enjoy it with peace of mind. With its new waterproof design you can use it fully submerged under water for up to 50cm which means you can use it in the shower or bath and clean it easily.

The Iroha+ houses a stronger motor with 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm patterns to enjoy. With a simple two-button control it can be easily used which is an added bonus as there are so many other toys out there that can be fiddly, making it more of a headache than a fun little friend! Charging iroha+ is a breeze, by simply placing it in its case it can be easily stored and tucked away neatly to enjoy at any time without a fuss. Iroha+ products come with a warranty period of 1 year if any problems do occur that are not caused by general wear and tear.

In my opinion I see many toys that even though not claimed by the manufacturer can make very versatile products. With the Iroha+ I would highly recommend using it as a palm massager for masturbation, foreplay or as part of a massage routine. It is such a unique and odd looking toy that many people tend to overlook them due to its size and not knowing what the heck it is!

Hopefully I have given you a nice little insight to this little beauty, a delicate and logical Japanese masterpiece. So if you are a person who has tried everything or you are looking for a new or different product, have the Iroha+ in mind. It definitely does possess a sense of individuality and possibly an untapped experience. At Oh! Zone Penrith, we currently stock the Iroha+ Tori and Yoru.



About the Author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres