Review: Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition

Jimmy Jane Form 2 - The luxury in Vibrators

“Like beautiful lingerie, Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition fits into the context of customers’ carefully curated lives.”

Following the success of the FORM 2 Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrator, and to celebrate the 5th anniversary of its release, Jimmyjane is pleased to present a premium addition to the line the Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition. Originally designed by Yves Behar and Ethan Imboden, FORM 2 has become an iconic product for Jimmyjane and the industry, and is coveted by customers worldwide. The introduction of FORM 2 Luxury Edition further solidifies Jimmyjane’s commitment to setting the standard for quality, innovative pleasure products without compromising personal style, well being or values. The release of the Luxury Edition marks the 5th year anniversary of FORM 2, which launched in 2009 and instantly became a cult-classic. Originally designed by Yves Behar and Ethan Imboden, Jimmyjane’s founder, FORM 2 took the concept of the “Rabbit” vibrator to new heights. Using “just the ears” made FORM 2 small enough to use during couples play.


JimmyJane Form2 Lux 24k Gold

By adding a motor in the tip of each ear, it continues to deliver vibration when it comes in contact with the body. Since its release, FORM 2 has been honored with numerous design accolades including an   (IDEA) from Fast Company and IDSA, a GOOD Design Award and a Spark Award. For five years, FORM 2 has continuously been a best seller for Jimmyjane. It is often the #1 selling vibrator for Jimmyjane’s retail partners, and its popularity continues to grow.

Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition is the quintessential object of pleasure. It is adorned with sleek black silicone, a 24-karat gold insignia, and black and gold detailed charging stand. It comes with chic, special-edition packaging and a new USB universal charging system. The vibrator employs the same functionality as the original FORM 2: a compact design that offers more intense vibrations than any other product of its size. Each flexible ear is internally powered for dynamic stimulation. As the two vibrators interact, they surround a touch-point in a unique sensation unparalleled by any vibrator on the market. The new Luxury Edition also features a special Spontaneous Mode in which the user relinquishes the power of control to FORM 2 as it cycles through impromptu variations of modes and power levels.

“Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition is the quintessential object of pleasure. The success and notoriety of FORM 2 continues to surpass our expectations, and shows no signs of slowing down. The customer testimonials, retailer feedback and press coverage of this vibrator is astounding, and has created Jimmyjane brand evangelists worldwide. FORM 2 Luxury Edition adds an extra touch of style and sexiness to the most private moments, when one feels most vulnerable. It makes each intimate experience feel sexy and special. We know it will be a perfect addition to our customers’ collections,” stated Alicia Sinclair, VP of Worldwide Sale and Business Development at Jimmyjane.


JimmyJane Form2 Lux 24k Gold

The vision for Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition was to create the most refined and sophisticated incarnation of Jimmyjane’s most established favorite – FORM 2. Through innovation, body-safe materials, design and minimalist aesthetics Jimmyjane has created products with mass appeal and been credited with leading the category to mainstream crossover. By shifting the public’s perception, premium pleasure products are now widely sought after and accepted. Demand has been on a steady incline in recent years as consumers recognize their value and positive effects on sexual wellbeing and relationships.

Customer feedback indicates that customers use FORM 2 regularly as their go-to bedroom accessory. Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Edition is ideal for existing fans of FORM 2 and style-minded newcomers alike. It was crafted to make each intimate moment feel like a special experience. Jimmyjane believes if anything should be beautifully designed and made, it’s the products that engage our sexuality. Like beautiful lingerie, FORM 2 Luxury Edition fits into the context of customers’ carefully curated lives. Jimmyjane’s Form 2 is an easy to use device which can enjoyed by both females and males. Bring the Jimmyjane Form 2 into sexual play and experiment with each other’s bodies to find out the secret places on each other’s body that send pleasurable shiver’s down each other spines. The simplicity and luxury of this sex toy make sex classy. This sex toy remind me of a man in a tuxedo or a woman in a sleek classic dress.

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Roulla was a contributor on the adultsmart blog in 2014. She has since returned to her homeland in Greece where she has taken up a career in hairdressing. We wish her well.

Review: Jimmyjane’s Form 6

Jimmyjane Vibrator

There are strange dynamics associated with giving sex toys as gifts. So let’s get that out of the way first. You really have to know a person well before you pick one of these Form 6 up. This isn’t a stocking stuffer. Here are the three things you should know about the Form 6 from Jimmyjane: first, the Form 6 is no gag gift because it’s quite expensive. Second, this is a gift you should buy for someone you really love (considering the premium materials, brilliant design, wireless charging, and dual-motor action) as it will give your lover the feeling that you are taking care of them with luxury! Finally, if you love yourself more than anyone else (or just can’t find anyone else for the evening), you should absolutely buy this as a special Christmas gift to yourself. The present will give you years of relaxing, pleasurable orgasms.

Jimmyjane Personel Massager


  • Waterproof
  • Two motors: one in the small end and one in the big end
  • Wireless charging
  • Minimalist silicon design
  • 6 Vibration modes, 5 Power levels


  • Available: Now
  • MSRP: $175
  • Product Page

The Form 6 is the next generation in adult play, as my colleague John Biggs refers to it. This is the third generation of the Form 6 and it is much improved. In my experience with sex toys, and sex toy stores, you either pay a lot for something wonderful or pay less (still a lot) for something totally awful and useless. The Jimmyjane is actually priced low for what it is.

Having two motors allows for different levels of stimulation on different areas, and you can even switch it up to put more focus on the clitoris or the G-spot, or whatever it is that tickles your fancy. It’s obviously the perfect companion for a lonely rainy afternoon, but don’t be afraid to whip this thing out on a playdate. You’d be surprised at how much fun the Jimmyjane can be when someone else is in control of those six vibration modes and five power levels.

Most importantly, it is super simple to charge without having any more annoying batteries, as the Form 6 has it’s own charger in the box. In addition it feels so smooth and firm and it has that pleasant little bend, making it less demanding to hold and provides people with easy access to their g-spot. The Jimmyjane Form 6 will give you a lot of features that will make exploring your body a fun experience with different types of modes. I found that the bended configuration was truly agreeable to move from inner play to outside rapidly excessively not at all like a straight toy like the rabbit.

It has an engine in both ends so you can utilise it on your clitoris or to hit your g spot for vaginal penetration. The two different sized tips will give you different options to fit your needs on different days. in addition to it offering two sizes to fit your needs. The most minimal vibration mode was sufficiently solid for me however it had 3 higher on the off chance that you require a more extraordinary sensation. Cherished utilizing it inside with the Form 4 remotely – exceedingly prescribe!

Buy the Form 6 for your lover or yourself. The Form 6 is the best toy I’ve experienced in a good long while, so I’d highly recommend giving it to someone whose sex life you care about deeply. And whose sex life do you care about the most? Your own, right? Because sex is fun, and the Form 6 makes it funner.But more seriously, intimacy is more than one thing. It’s more than eye contact in the missionary position, and it’s more than farting in front of one another. Intimacy is getting past embarrassment and showing off the real you, without hesitation. Giving a sex toy as a gift, especially the best vibrator I’ve ever personally come into contact with, is a representation of intimacy with your lover.  “I think it would be fun to try this. Wanna give it a whirl?”

To the same extent, putting your own name on the Jimmyjane gift box is a form of intimacy, too. It says, I’m gonna let something else do all the work next time I’m feeling randy, and I’m going to be proud of  JimmyJane Form 6.


Writen by Jordan Crook from Tech Crunch



Roulla was a contributor on the adultsmart blog in 2014. She has since returned to her homeland in Greece where she has taken up a career in hairdressing. We wish her well.