A Cuckolded Lifestyle Suits Me

Submissive Roped Man

One thing I have always loved about the concept of evolution is that it always seems to bring out the best in us, and other species too. As time goes by, human beings tend to break free from the artificial social prisons imposed by their fellow human beings which prevent them from expressing their true natural selves.  You often hear of gay couples, lesbian couples as well other people of all sorts of sexual orientations speak of their sense of identity, release and freedom that they have discovered. Has the world has gone crazy? Is it moral decadence? Certainly not. The concept of ‘coming out’ is more of a resistance, a revolt or some kind of prison break. I am sure you have also heard of cuckolding couples talk of their newfound happiness, unbridled ecstasy and contentment. It is the same with me. When I explain to a few friends of mine about my cuckolding lifestyle, they react with shock and astonishment. Some say am crazy, but many are those who have come to appreciate me for who I am. And no, I am not judging. Far from it. I only beg your indulgence as I explain to you why a cuckold lifestyle suits me, and why I am perfectly happy with it.

My Partner is now Happy.  Human beings are sexual beings. Women are just as sexual as men are, or probably even more. Many women talk of the sexual frustrations they endure at home. In most cultures, the needs of women are treated as secondary to those of men. And when they seek help, they are advised to ‘persevere’. Things are really changing now due to women empowerment and feminism. I am not willing to go into the merits or demerits of both, but I have come to appreciate that I must do the things that make my wife happy. Why should she, a high-flying, assertive and dominant leader at the work place switch personas when she comes home? I find that absurd. This is where many people, both men and women bury their heads in the sand and live their whole lives pretending and unhappy as a result. Most women are naturally insatiable, and for them having one partner is impossible. Some are wired to be dominant, and some men simply like taking a back seat in a relationship. This is why am happy with cuckolding. We don’t have to live our whole lives as one big lie. We are happy being ourselves, and I am happy when I see my wife happy. That doesn’t mean that I live a sad, miserable life. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know you are probably wondering how that’s possible, which brings me to the next point.

Surgical Steel Chastity Device

I and my Wife Find it a Great Source of Pleasure.  Now most men will agree that they get both jealous and instinctively excited when their wives are given attention by other men. Numerous studies have proven this. Why is this so? The  answer is that men are wired to compete and chase women. It’s only a natural phenomenon, which makes a man fiercely determined to please his wife. The result is passionate intimacy for the couple, all depending on how both of them handle the situation. The wife derives happiness from the man’s constant drive and desire to please her and the focus is shifted to their marriage. Cuckolding has saved many marriages from collapse since sexual frustrations are no longer swept under the carpet. This openness cultivates trust and is one of the reasons a cuckolded lifestyle suits me and is essential to the happiness of a marriage. So cuckolding is a natural aspect of human life, and more and more couples are embracing it. This healthy competition is what drives me every day, giving me great pleasure in the process. Perhaps we cause ourselves unnecessary pain by fighting our instinctive emotions.

It feels natural to us.  We have always been taught that a man is wired to have as many partners as possible, and that it is perfectly alright. But perhaps what you didn’t know is that the same applies to women too. For them it’s a form of natural selection, the desire to get the best genes from the best male species. This is why monogamy becomes unsustainable and divorce rates are skyrocketing. More people are cheating on their partners, and yet they are in a monogamous marriage. Isn’t that a case of applying double standards? A married woman, after some time, will get used to the body of her husband and will want to become more adventurous. This is a fact which is true for men too, and that’s why marriages are breaking. But this shouldn’t be the case if we are honest about our true feelings. This is why I am perfectly happy with sharing my wife as long as she is happy. It sounds a bit excessive, but we have never been happier. A cuckold a day shields a marriage from divorce, and the earlier we realise this, the happier we will become.

If you have been keen enough, you will realise that I am trying to be honest with myself, and it has made incredibly happy and contented in the process. As I said earlier, I am not trying to judge anyone or any couple. All I am doing is stating the fact that men and women are probably meant to have many partners. I sometimes wonder how one can be married to one partner for say, 10, 15, 20 or even 50 years for those who are lucky to live that long. Life has got to be more exciting than that. That’s why people are defying the traditions and daring to find happiness by fighting boredom and seeking adventure, but marriages have unnecessarily suffered in the process. The sexual powers of men decrease with age, while the reverse is true with women. Again this is a way of nature pointing to us that we need to come out and live our lives to the fullest. The above reasons why a cuckold lifestyle suits me are only mine, but other cuckolding couples will identify with most of them. So the next time you might be tempted to judge cuckolding as abnormal or evil, take a deep look in the mirror. You may just discover that innate desire to be free and to be happy, and that life is too short to spend your days in make-believe.

Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse Guybrator

Male Vibrator

Julia and Adam, co-creators of the PULSE Guybrator, met at the tender age of 16, when house parties, good friends and music were all that really mattered. With Camden Town, one of London’s most diverse and creative areas, as their backdrop, the pair together explored the underground music scene that Camden is now so famous for. They grew up together, and eventually even got proper jobs, partners and homes, but their attitudes never changed and their ePule Guybratornthusiasm for pushing boundaries and chasing good times remained strong.

Parties became less frequent, but remained epic, and it was after one of these, four and a half years ago, that Adam came up with the idea for PULSE. Not content with his 9-to-5 job, Adam had always wanted to do something amazing and different with his life, not simply conform. Something he could call his own, that would somehow reflect his heritage and upbringing. What could this possibly be? He needed a great idea.

“It was the early hours of the morning and, with the party still buzzing in my brain, I couldn’t sleep,” he says. “Over and over again it was going through my head what could my big idea be?”

“It needed to be something I was passionate about, something I had an interest in.

“Then it hit me. For as far back as I could remember I had enjoyed making weird and wonderful sex toys out of everyday objects. Some had actually been quite good. Of late I had been experimenting with a male toy that used vibrations, and found that it worked surprisingly well.

“It was so good I’d decided to go online and buy myself the real thing; I’d assumed there’d already be a male vibrator out there. But there wasn’t much on offer. Anything I tried didn’t really work or, at least, not as well as my own DIY contraption.

“So that was it, my great idea; I was going to create the first male vibrator that really worked!”


Pulse Guybrator

Adam believed he was on to something, but he didn’t want to embark on what would surely be a long journey on his own. Where would be the fun in that? He needed someone to share his adventure “ someone like-minded, who wouldn’t be phased by a trip into the world of sex toys. He didn’t need to ponder for long, his old buddy Julia was the obvious candidate.

“I rang her the next day, feeling, if truth be told, a little embarrassed,” says Adam. “I said, ‘Er, this is going to sound a bit weird, but I’ve had a crazy idea for a male sex toy and I’ve decided I’m going to try and develop it. Will you be my partner?

“There was this pause; I had no idea how she was going to react. Then she just said, ‘Hell, yeah!’ and I guess the rest is history.”

The young Adam had never been shy about experimenting with creating unconventional sex toys. Whether it was adapting the water jets in his grandparents’ swimming pool, exploring the possibilities of an electric toothbrush or even a close encounter with Henry the Hoover (which, by the way, we do NOT recommend due to health and safety considerations), Adam would have a go. It was his experiments in his twenties with vibrations, however,  fixing together a pair of vibrating ‘love eggs’ (intended for women)  that led him to believe he was on to something new and different.

His investigations really started to heat up when his research took him down the scientific and medical route, researching the nature of vibrations and their effects on the penis. This was something that had never been done before, something that really worked, something potentially epic! The project took another turn when discussions with industry experts led to the suggestion that if he could take his idea one step further and make the toy suitable for couples as well, it would have potentially global appeal.

Meanwhile, Julia was busy interviewing designers, patent lawyers, researchers and suppliers. The pair looked at materials, colours, shapes, price points, branding, market statistics. Design after design was scrapped, prototype after prototype dismissed, as just not being good enough. Different names were tried out and focus grouped.  Adam’s Toy? The Hummingbird? Until finally, in early 2013, four and a half years after Adam had his initial brainwave, PULSE was pronounced ready for the world.

At the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas in March, Julia and Adam unveiled PULSE to some of the world’s biggest buyers of sex toys. These buyers were understandably cynical about anything claiming to be ‘completely new’. But in the space of their five-minute business pitch, Julia and Adam watched buyers’ faces change from politely interested to fascinated and excited. The pre-orders came flooding in.

“It was so much fun,” says Adam. “On the plane on the way over I looked at Julia and it was just like old times. I was off on an adventure with my best friend.”

Julia agrees. “The whole experience was amazing,” she says, “but the best bit was definitely the enthusiasm of the industry for PULSE. It’s not just a seriously effective toy for men, but it’s brilliant for couples too, as I can personally testify. It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but we’re finally ready to blow people’s minds with PULSE.”

What is Pulse Guybrator? First and foremost PULSE is a revolutionary male stimulator that uses oscillations to stimulate the man. This is PULSE’s primary function and what sets it apart from all toys that have come before it. As well as being the next generation in male toys, PULSE is also great fun for couples. Incredibly versatile, PULSE can be used as a massager or even as a fantastic-hands free addition to foreplay. An added advantage of PULSE’s design is that the man does not need to have an erection to use it. On the one hand this allows the user to enjoy the sensation of being made hard but on the other, it offers amazing possibilities for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). The couple can come closer to the sensation of making love than ever before.

The Pulse Guybrator is a really well designed and though out adult toy. It is unconventional in appearance and looks a bit like a sci fi capsule. To all appearances it is black but on the package it is defined as deep blue made of medical grade silicone with some parts that are glossy plastic. The silicone portion is soft and flexible and is designed to wrap around your penis whilst the shiny plastic parts vibrate. It is light enough and small enough to carry around easily when traveling however appears to be robust and sturdy. Much more transportable than other toys like The pulse has a self-contained lithium battery that is said to last with continuous use for over 2 hours however the longest I managed to use it without ‘coming’ to an end was about 10 minutes so you will have a toy ‘that will get the job done’. When charging the unit a red light will glow and when fully charged that light turns off – usually after just over 2 hours of continuous charge.

Pulse Guybrator Controls: Controls could not be simpler with just two, one with a + and one with a -. Any dummy can work out this one increases the vibration and one decreases it – and obviously it is designed so that one hand only is required to adjust them. Prior to wrapping the Octopus magic wings around your penis lubricate it, then position them around your long fellow. The crown pattern should be on your frenulum then click that plus button and WOW you will experience some serious sensations. There are 9 speed setting all of them continuous – which is the one thing I think they can improve upon i.e. different vibration modes. The highest setting is unbelievable and it was too much for me to handle and I had to quickly click that – button two or three times to it got to a comfortable level to me. It was like being masturbated by a jack hammer.

Pulse Guybrator Packaging: Pulse comes in a black gift box along that contains a usb cable for charging and instructions. The design of the box is very masculine and funky. It shows a picture of the male vibrator so that you know what your are getting.. The box is thoughtfully designed, and kind of refreshing.

Pulse as a Solo Toy for Men: Years of medical research has identified that vibrations applied in a very specific way can make a man ejaculate involuntarily. PULSE has harnessed this science through its oscillating PulsePlate, designed to deliver the most powerful and unique orgasm you’ve ever experienced. As a solo toy, PULSE can be used in two ways. Firstly, when used with lubricant PULSE becomes a revolutionary next-generation masturbator. Alternatively, lubricant-free, PULSE is more like a static stimulator. In this case the PulsePlate provides stimulation direct to the frenulum. This sensation will be completely different to anything experienced before: testers have told us they experienced a more powerful and prolonged orgasm and that it is like learning to masturbate all over again. Once I got it to the level that I liked though it took me only moments to cum which is unusual as in regular sex I consider myself to be a stayer. I found that the pulse achieved the desired result whether it was held motionless on the penis or was assisted with a bit of tugging. It is an effective masturbator although they like it to be called a male vibrator.

Pulse as Couple’s Toy: Worn by him, enjoyed by both, PULSE is a revolution in couples’ sex toys.  Incredibly sexy and intimate, the unique hands free experience leaves you free to focus completely on each other. Enjoy the most amazing simultaneous orgasms: PULSE will turn foreplay into the main event.  Fun, unique and incredibly sensual, PULSE can be used from flaccid or erect, during foreplay and even during shallow penetration and in numerous positions. The two different experiences you get with and without lubricant means that owning PULSE is like having two toys in one.

What is PulsePlate Technology? PulsePlate technology is the patented system PULSE uses to deliver high-amplitude oscillations rather than low-amplitude vibrations. Medical research has identified that oscillations applied in a very specific way can create incredibly deep and powerful orgasms for a man. PULSE has harnessed this science through its PulsePlate. Oscillators are common place in the scientific world; PULSE however is the first to bring this technology to the wider male sex toy market. Unlike vibrators, PULSE delivers powerful and deep high-amplitude waves direct to the man’s most sensitive area, his frenulum.  So there is your answer as to what is pulse!

Written by Hot Octopus

The Bullwinkle Male Chastity Device

Bullwinkle Cock Cage

I have always said it every now and again we men may be the weaker sex when it comes to controlling our sexual desires. If a beautiful, lean girl who comes for my groin with steamy caressing approaches me, I will definitely give in. It will not take much persuasion and the society will consider that a situation out of the ordinary. In fact, it will be strange if I do not jump in and go for a reckless sexual experience with this lady. That is why I have always believed that I need some external influence to protect me from such a situation.  The Bullwinkle Male Chastity Device has been my friend in offering protection room myself. I receive a lot of attention and opportunity in my life to engage in reckless sex. However, this device keeps my desire in check. All my raging bed trends and overwhelming desire to get some fun episode of sex is well managed with this small, yet effective device.

I was shopping for a chastity device that would stand out to be sexy and effective in its function as well. I do not like the cage device that makes you look like an alien or a man that cannot be trusted by his wife. I wanted a device that looks like I took the initiative to wear it myself which is true and that would mean something stylish. I got hooked to the Bullwinkle Male Chastity made of steel. Wearing My Bullwinkle Chastity Device It makes my subtle cock look strong as steel. It is as if wearing a steel vest that has all the curves of the muscles and the six packs. I feel sexy and protected at the same time because I cannot have what I want.

Male Chastity DeviceThe Features of my Bullwinkle Male Chastity made me like it from the instant I took a look at this device I realized that it is well crafted and made to look sexy. The stainless steel glitters and glows. Because I love my cock, I give it the best impression housing and that is what my Bullwinkle Male Chastity gives. It is delicately crafted from surgical steel the kind that is used to make medical equipment. It is easy to sterilize and keep clean. It comes with a padlock that ensures that I cannot escape from my decisions even with the most tempting sexy woman. It has a length of 5.0 inches and an inside diameter of 1.5 inches. Then there is a right that measures 45mm in diameter.

It comes with a hole at the tip so that your can wear it while urinating.  Wearing My BullWinkle Male Chastity Device has helped better my relationship and here are the reasons why I have always had the attention of women and looked at it in a purely sex oriented manner. This has had a toll in my relationship. Almost every week after work, I had been having unhealthy, reckless sexual encounter with different women. My friends have not been helpful with this. My promiscuous behavior resulted to loss of trust between my wife and me. Most of the time, I never wanted to have sex with these women or I out rightly knew it was improper but their persuasion always took the better of me.

This device was my savior. It created the wall between my sexual accomplices and me. We would drink and book a room but when it got to the actual business, I could not do it. Talk of control. I took control of myself. My wife not only trusted me because she never found lipstick on me or because I came home early but because she always had the key with her. She has since had peace of heart. What a lovely women she has become.  When I needed a chastity devices, it is for purely chastity purposes. I am the guy that says that this raging bull needs to be kept in its cage because many desire it and should not have it for purposes that are more weightier than the anticipated pleasure and that is way I got from the device. The lock keeps me on hold and nowhere to go when I need it and that is exactly what I get. So when it comes to effective protection then I get it.  It is also easy to clean and care.

Like everyone else, I love my cock. It is my responsibility to take care of my precious epitome of my manhood. If I am going to wear a device consistently on my precious equipment, then it has to be safe and clean. This device is made of surgical steel. This is the best material for an equipment that is to handle delicate areas of the body. My Bullwinkle Male Chastity is made of the kind of material that does not catch dirt nor does it stain. It is easy to clean and from the design of the device when you piss, there are no places for it to stain. All the piss flows out.

The comfort of my device is one of its greatest strength. The size just fits what is needed for a chastity device this makes it comfortable. From the curves of the chastity device, my cock is well accommodated and fits perfectly in its normal way. Then there is the issue of comfort. It comes with a ring at that top that just holds me well. The positioning of the lock is also deliberately located not to interfere with the desired comfort.  Just at the joint of the tube and the ring, there is a hinge. On the hinge, you have a lock. The design of the device makes it flexible. I can shake my cock without worrying about any pain or discomfort. While I am safe and protected, I can move around the way that I would have normally moved. The ring that I have attached to the base of my balls when wearing the device makes all the sense when it comes the needed flexibility.

I have some tips on the care and use of the Bullwinkle that should work for anyone who desires this superb equipment.  I always take my time when wearing the device because it should be done right. Preferably in the morning when dressing up to leave the house.  I have always ensured that I clean it daily after work in the evening and let it dry overnight. Having it dry matters a lot.  I always leave the key to the lock at home. I do not need to have the power to redeem myself from my decisions and allow my wife to be the keyholder. Hopefully you got some useful information about chastity equipment that I have learnt from my Bullwinkle Male Chastity Device.

Hells Couture’s Penis Plug Range

Penis Plugs from Hells couture

I have been an avid penis plug user for many years now. Personally the reasons that I gain so much enjoyment are two fold. Firstly, I love the look of them when they are inserted. Me feeling them inside my urethra but without actually seeing the plug and anyone else not know how deep it actually goes. Secondly, for me the sensation when my urethra dilates when putting it in is exotic but it is the slow removal that really gets me off. The tingling feeling once it has left and the residue feeling – almost like there is a ghost plug in thereafter.  My Collection of Penis Plugs is quite large.

Being from Australia there has been a bit of difficulty getting new item to my urethral toy collection as finding an outlet that has a wide variety is difficulty. So over the years I have been purchasing plugs that take my interest from USA, China and other Countries. The problems I have experienced there are sometimes the price is good but the quality is not and let’s be honest folks when you are sticking a sex toy down the eye of your most prized possession, price should not be consideration but quality of utmost importance.

Collection of Penis Plugs


Then it is the sometimes lengthy delay in receiving my purchases. In one instance I had given up as order as lost but it arrived more than three months after I had purchased it. Then there is the times never received it at all with excuses that it must have got lost in post and finally when the items are not as described or of poor quality.  A few years ago I heard of a BDSM Importer here in Australia called Hell’s Couture that also imported surgical steel sex toys (including urethral ones). Their product started popping up in adult shops I frequent and online adult stores. Then a couple of years ago I met with these guys at a Sexpo and they shared with me that the wanted to have the largest selection of plugs in Australia. The product was hand-made and most of proper surgical steel (not chromed). That is important if you know about steel sex toys.

Now over the last year I have noticed that it is not a case anymore of finding an outlet that stocks hell’s couture products but those that don’t. A few weeks ago I went to a Bondage Expo in Sydney called the Gathering. It is a smaller Expo for those that are heavily into the Bondage Scene and who did I see there – but the Hells Couture crew. I got to talking to them and found out that they now have in stock more than 180 different styles of urethral toys and of these there are a number that come in different length and width variations so probably closer to 3-400 of unique penis plugs.

Let me tell you folks this is a massive range, certainly the largest collection of penis plugs in Australia and if not the biggest, one of the biggest in the world. Obviously, no one personal collection would cater for 180 or more different types of urethral toys as when would you find the time to use them all however I have a timber box with felt lining that I keep all my cock plugs in and categorized.  The reason that I use a felt box is that after use I clean the plugs, dry them and keep them stored in a dry place for future use.  The ensures that they are ready to go when the next occasion arises without too much effort.

The penis plug storage box also allows me to categorise them and on the first drawer I store all my solid plugs of which my favorite is the sub zone plug as it just has all the right nuances to make each and every insert interesting and filled with different shapes and sensations.  In the second drawer I keep my cum thru or hollow penis plugs.   Surprisingly I prefer the feeling of solid plug, whereas most plug users like the fact that they can urinate or ejaculate through the hollow ones.  It is personal taste but for me I love the feel of a heavy and solid plug inside me.

Finally on the bottom drawer I keep all my Sounding Kits and Dominator Wands.  My personal favorite and it seems the favorite of most urethral fanatics is the Hegar Sound Kit which has multiple double ended size options.  These may seem intimidating to most people but once you have practiced the art of urethral stretching size does not daunt you any more.  It is more the shapes and/or bends that challenge you.

After each use of my plugs I ensure that I sterilise it.  These days I do this by simply sticking them in the dishwasher as the heat and soap sterilizes everything and if you are buying from a reputable seller then your product will be medical grade steel that will not tarnish or rust.  Once the rinse cycle is complete I remove them and dry them off using a soft tea towel and off they go into my penis plug storage box.  Nothing could be easier or simpler.

There are also penis plugs made of silicone that are bendable and can be worn during the course of the day but they just don’t do it for me.  Another type of plug that I will warn you to stay clear of are the ones with a plastic tube.  The metal plug is in two parts being the base and tip that are connected by this tube.  I tried it once and the tube became loose – luckily I managed to get it out otherwise I would have been off to casualty ward at the Hospital.  So now I only use plugs that are made from one piece as my safety is more important than my need to experiment.  So there you have the story of my collection of Penis Plugs and I recommend buying Hells Couture.


Review: Teagan Presley Fleshlight

Teagan Presley Masturbator

Let me start by saying I am the most massive fan of Teagan Presley. She is my ultimate porn star favorite and in a perfect world would be my women. Teagan Presley was born July 24th, 1985 in The Woodlands, Texas USA. And she began her porn career as a stripper to earn some extra money. Her boyfriend at the time, what a looser, split up with her as he was against her doing it. They say hell hath no fury as a woman scorned and so for ultimate revenge she found an agent and went straight into the porn movie industry.

Her first movie in 2002 was a Red light Production, Just Over 18, and over that first year starred in over 60 uncut movies. In 2004 she started doing anal scenes and signed an exclusive with Digital Playground for three years. When her contract was over she started her owned website and porn company with Tyler Woods her husband who was also in the industry. The company did not do as well as expected and they closed it down in 2008 – going back to what she did best and that is do porn.

Then towards the end of 2008 had her breast implants replaced and in what was probably a first auctioned them off on e-bay. The proceeds of the auction went to Breast Cancer Research and legal bills. She split with her husband and in 2010 announced she would no longer be doing boy/girl scenes and would strictly do solo and lesbian shoots. She also founded her new company Skinworxxx. I reckon Teagan is the most popular porn star in the world although most lists have her in the top 10 anyway.

So this brings me to the part of the story I was getting to and that is the Teagan Presley Fleshlights. Being the world’s biggest Teagan fan I think I am an authority on these as I have each one so here is my review. Now remember all fleshlights are taken from a mould of the actual porn star so for me this is a men sex toy made in heaven.

  • Teagan Presley’s Fleshlight Vagina: There are three choices when it comes to Teagan Presley’s vagina – the Lotus, the Mini-Lotus and Love Humps. The Lotus is the most realistic vaginal intercourse feeling possible. A smooth tight entry, with a slightly wider vaginal canal, it’s just like its human predecessor. The Mini-Lotus has all the same realistic vaginal features of the original Lotus, but moved close to the orifice. The Love Humps was inspired by Teagan’s Unstoppable arse, and was designed as a hybrid between the Teagan Presley Lotus and Teagan Presley’s Forbidden Ass Fleshlights.
  • Teagan Presley’s Fleshlight Mouth: The Teagan Presley Swallow experience is one of the most realistic oral sex experiences you can have. Starting with a moderately tight opening, then leading into a ribbed texture, it will drive you wild. Two thirds of the way into her mouth you experience the back of her throat, which leads into a super tight canal.
  • Teagan Presley Fleshlight Butt: You will not find a more realistic anal experience than the Teagan Presley Forbidden. Allow your anal fantasy to come true with one of the all-time greatest anal porn stars. Moulded directly from her own tight little arse and created with a soft, Superskin, the Teagan’s Forbidden simulates the unique and naughty pleasures of anal sex with one of the Top Porn stars of all time.


Pornstar Inked Magazine

Now don’t forget that fleshlight’s also have shower mounts if you should you wish to have some fun in the suds and not have to hold onto your fleshlight sex toy.

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Leather Dog Hood Bestiality Play

Leather Dog Suit

I want to share with you about the day I used my Bang Good Bondage Dog Hood and lived the dream to do bestiality play. For much of my adult life, I have always fantasized and had a keen interest in bestiality. Not in any sick or twisted, loony tunes sort of nature but in a recreational, albeit loving nature. These thoughts and fantasies were merely just that, thoughts and fantasies. I have been seeing this woman for the past few months and we have really seemed to hit it off and opened up to each other. It totally appears that we have pretty much everything in common, even our upbringings were very similar. There are many times that, even though I get close or intimate with another person, I don’t quite let my entire self go and there is always a little piece of me that keeps a guard up.

After a few drinks a while back we started to really open up about some of our more guarded fetishes and fantasies. At that very moment, like a lightning bolt a thought struck me directly in the head, I realized that this may very well indeed be my soul mate and even more importantly this is the woman that I get to live out all my more bizarre fantasies with. Her fantasies were so in tune with mine and it also occurred to me which fantasy I have always wanted to live out. I always wanted to be rode like a pony with intensity and ferocity. I told her my plan, she happily agreed and the date was set.

Leather Hood BDSM Play

After a little searching I stumbled upon this great site bdsmaustralia.com.au and ordered the piece to live of my fetish filled fantasies. The product is called the Dog Hood and just looking at this thing it shouts beastiality and bondage. It looks like a dogs head and the hood is hand-made and of genuine leather. It really looks like something out of this world. It is out of this world.  I ordered it and it was shipped overseas to me for under $15 by DHL – what a great buy.

Immediately I ordered it and paid for it and had to wait only five days for it to arrive.  My anticipation was great and tried it on when it first arrived and this will sound really weird, but I had this sense of power come over me. That sense of power had me going nuts with anticipation for when I was going to use it with my lover. I told my lady friend that It just arrived in the mail and we set the time for a fun filled night of sexual power and dark sinister lust.

Leather Collar

She came over that night and we went out to a very nice dinner and some drinks, then made our way back to my pad to create the much anticipated stir. We played like animals and when she rode me with that mask on, It was easily the most intense sexual experience that I have ever had. She was absolutely turned on by the Zoophilia Hood and what a crazy, awesome night that it played out for us. It is pretty cool to know that some sexual fantasy can live up to their expectations and hype. For anybody who reads this, if you even remotely have a curiosity in bestiality play and bondage. If you have always wanted to do any form of animal play, let me tell you, with this hood and a little bit of imagination and libido you are in for one hell of a ride.

Bestiality play is closely linked with bondage play. Where during play the accomplice is tied with assent and prodded utilizing an assortment of articles, by invigorating genitalia or by the visual showcase their sexual friendship. The only difference is that in zoophilia, they may use a hood that resembles an animal they may like to be. To execute this procedure, the people included need to take part in a predominant/docile relationship. The unimportant rush will originate from the weakness of the tame accomplice over the demonstrations of sexual control by the overwhelming one. While a large group of sex toys fit into this play delightfully, now and then the best procedure is just to utilize hands. Notwithstanding, one can likewise look for family unit other options to costly sex toys. For instance, nectar can be a fortifying contrasting option to lube, a plume can function as a stroking tickler and contains can twofold as dildos. The key is to set up this relationship by tying up the accomplice against the bed, and utilizing the toys to sexually prod her into excitement. The thought is not to offer into her goals, but rather to play with your own, utilizing her exposed body as the device. You can stroke the genitalia tenderly, snack the skin with warmth and haul out as quick as you’ve started. Unfulfilled wishes tend to develop towards a more prominent peak.


Review: Aneros for Him Helix Syn

Aneros for Him Helix Syn

Some of you may now be wondering what all these hullabaloo concerning the Aneros for Him Helix Syn is about. However, to some avid fans and users like me, this is among the most advanced sexual stimulators if not the best. Having been an avid user for more than 5 years, I got to confess that it is the best that I have ever come across that allows me to achieve prostate orgasm.  Even though we are modeled differently and what may be my best may be your medicine, I got no doubt that you are not going to find any problem with this one of its kind product. To me, the use of this device was my greatest experience, and came nothing short of pure sensation, complete sexual stimulation and the need of wanting more and more.

To begin with, this device specifically designed to give you the much desired pleasurable prostate orgasm, out-of-the-world intimacy combined with a new twist to your love making stories. This globally recognized male sex toy is technologically designed to give its users an enjoyable alternative through its advanced features that are mainly focused on stimulation. Its compactly sized design comes with a Kundalini tab (K tab) and a round Perineum tab (P tab), which are crucial in adding the complimentary sensation to the prostate while stroking back and forth or up and down. Its other features such as the smooth glass-like feel and 3.6 inches long are a great addition to give you a super orgasm whether you are and avid user just like me or you are new to it.

Aneros For Wim Award Winner

Having used the now common progasm classic, I was somehow tensed when buying this device. This was because I had prevailed over the larger progasm classic and was wondering whether the smaller device would be satisfactory. My fears were immediately diminished when I had my first experience with it as it was purely amazing and took my sexual stimulation and intimacy to another heightened level. Even though it required about a week or so time to develop the muscles through continuous training, I have to admit that it was the best in bringing out multiple prostate orgasms.  After ordering the device for about $60 from an online website. I could easily use the device to achieve a more pleasurable and intense orgasms than the actual sexual intercourse as it sent the sensational stimulation all over my body.

I have to admit that this male sex toy was specifically designed to take the meaning of sexual pleasure to a whole new height, and not just the normal sexual climax and ejaculation of semen that are experienced during these common sexual and oral intercourse. The device was simple to use and just required a liberal application of lubricant combined with an open state of mind. It was perfectly comfortable after inserting it as I was already accustomed to the contractions. Lying on my side, it took about 30 minutes to receive orgasm, though this may vary from individual to individual. All the same the use of Aneros for Him Helix Syn was superb and gave me something totally different from traditional orgasms as I did not require any refraction or recovery period.

Anal toys never quickly work as you may think! They always take two or three months of 2-3 times each week practice to build up the muscles and neural pathways for your cerebrum and body to perceive prostate pleasurable experience. The amount of work you spend building your body up to enjoy anal play, is justified by the type of sexual experience. Both women and men can enjoy anal play with the Aneros Progasm Jr. Be that as it may, the key is through the prostate. With the amount of time and practice I invested in achieving pleasurable results, I am having multi full body dry climaxes. It is up to you to decide what length of time you would like to experience the anal play for but with the amount of time I can now enjoy it for 10-15 minutes.

To this day, I highly recommend the Aneros for Him Helix Syn this product to those who want to reach prostate orgasm and their intimacy peak. Try a different type of orgasm today with a unique easily to use anal sex toy.

By Shmidt Whyalla




I Love Pegging My Husband

Blindfolded Man

Most people cringe at the thought of pegging but not me. I love pegging my husband and he loves it too. For those who are not quite sure what pegging is, its when the woman penetrates the husbands anus using a strap on dildo. Not only is it exciting but also pleasurable. Pegging has recently come to be more commonly referred to as bend over boyfriend (BOB). For most people, including my husband, pegging is an acquired taste. For most people the first thought that comes to their mind is that the whole act of pegging is gay, which can be a turn off to any heterosexual male. but just to be clear, just because a man enjoys pegging it does not mean that he is gay.

I feel that pegging is something that needs prior discussion with your loved one mainly because the other person may not be so keen on the idea and they may need time to put it into perspective. For pegging to be satisfying and pleasurable to both parties, there must be consent from each party with each person being willing to relax and enjoy the experience. If you would like to start pegging, introduce the idea to your loved one beforehand and see their reaction. If they are willing to try it, I suggest buying the strap on together so that there is a consensus as to the size and type. For pegging to be perfect, each party must be in it 100%.

Once you have the strap on and you have stocked up on some lubricant, well, the rest is up to you. However it is important to remember to always keep an eye on your partner to see how the whole experience is going for him, you don’t want to thrust too hard and end up hurting him as this may ruin the experience for him.

Tantus Dildo

Below I have listed the reasons why I love pegging my husband:

  • Mind blowing orgasms: There are several reasons why I love pegging my husband but the best reason has to be because I get to give him mind blowing prostate/anal orgasms. There is nothing as satisfying as knowing that you have fully satisfied your partner and his anal climax is far greater than the one experienced with normal intercourse.We all know that it is not generally hard to make a man come, however the intensity of the orgasm can vary with different sex styles and position. For most people who have tried pegging, many will testify that pegging gives the man one of the best and biggest orgasm. It’s like an explosion. It is absolutely satisfying and fulfilling. It gives me pleasure to know that I can make my husband come so explosively.
  • Control: Most women are always the submissive partner during sex. I can’t exactly say that I don’t enjoy being submissive during sex because I do. There is something beautiful about a man talking control and bringing you to climax. However, there is a different kind of exhilarating feeling that comes with being in control. For me it gives me a sort of high to know that I am the one in charge, that our climax is based on me pegging my husband. That my actions determine just how much pleasure we both get. Many women would love to be in control during sex but feel like BDSM would be a bit too much for them. I can assure any woman who is busy looking for a position that will satisfy this feeling that pegging is absolutely satisfying. Being in control of your partner is both fulfilling and also sexually satisfying. For me, usually as I thrust deeper into my husband, the strap on gently rubs my clit which is a win win situation for both of us and at the same time too.
  • Empathy: Since i started pegging my husband, I have noted that he is more concerned about how comfortable I am during sex, he always makes sure that I am physically and emotionally ready for penetration. Before pegging, he wasn’t quite attentive as to how my body was responding to his. The truth of the matter is that men don’t realize how intrusive penetration is especially when you are not ready. For penetration to be perfect the other partner has to be physically and psychologically prepared. However, after pegging, most men become more sensitive because they learn firsthand that penetration is not just about penetrating. One has to be ready both physically and mentally otherwise the other partner may be left feeling sore after the whole exercise.I must say, my husband’s attention to me brought about by our pegging experience has indeed improved our sex and my satisfaction level is almost 100% every single time we have sex and I couldn’t be happier.

Pegging may be a different experience for everyone. If you want it to be successful and satisfying the key is being in sync with your partner from the very get go. Each partner should be comfortable with the idea of pegging.  Men can be a bit uptight when the topic comes up mostly because society has made them feel they should always be in control during sex. It is difficult for some men to relinquish their power and let the woman be in charge. Society has also made them associate any kind of anal sex with being gay and this leaves them very hesitant to try out anything anal related. However, once they are convinced and they try pegging, most men find it exciting to be under the control of their women and especially to have the woman do most of the work to get them to climax.

It is both normal and perfectly healthy to want to spice up your sex life by trying out new styles and techniques. Everyone has different fantasies and desires and some people may never be open to the idea of pegging. If you are interested in pegging and your partner isn’t, don’t try to force him into it or get angry at him for not wanting to try it out. There are other sex styles that could work for both of you which your partner would be more comfortable with. Do a lot of research and find something that works wonders for you and your partner which is the reason I Love Pegging My Husband.

Drop Shipping Small Business Startup

Computer Diagram

My name is Peter and I have written this review on behalf of Xsales Australia a wholesaler and drop shipper of Adult Products. I have formulated a successful business using their online services and consider them adult drop shipping geniuses. And here are the reasons why I choose Xsales:

I started my business about 18 months ago after looking for adult drop shippers. To be honest I really did not have the capital to buy stock or rent a premises. Having had experience developing WordPress websites found it to be a no brainer as this would be a no monetary outlay. This was a no risk business opportunity that if it did not succeed would cost me little more than time and effort.

After searching on the net for Australian drop shippers, I came across a few that seemed to have what I was after. First was that they could give me a product feed that was easy to upload, second was that they had a large range, third that the prices offered would allow a generous margin on resale, fourth that they had products in stock and could ship quickly and finally that the post and handling charges were reasonable.  The first thing I discovered were that many of the drop-shippers charged a handling fee, some charged a flat fee and others a percentage on the value of the sale which sometimes was as high as 20%. So I immediately started to screen those out as with cost of post and then handling fee’s my selling price would not be competitive to others that were selling online.

It left me with three drop-shipping choices and they were ********, ***** **** and Xsales. I then went about calling each one to see how their customer care was considering at this stage I was not a customer it was a big ask. The first company were not interested in talking to me as my business had not yet been set up, the second and Xsales informed me that before they would discuss drop shipping I would have to have a current ABN and they would then speak to me relating to my desire to do business with them.


Online Shoping

A day later after I had been on the ATO site and obtained an ABN I contacted ******** and Xsales. I must admit that ******** had a far larger range but I found Xsales products to be far more price competitive allowing me to obtain greater margins. The customer service is managed by Maria, Anna and Steve and I found them all to be extremely helpful as they answered all my questions. It worked out that they would charge me wholesale price, there was a flat shipping fee of $10 no matter how many items were shipped if they were sent direct to the buyer however if they were shipped to me it would be shipped at cost at a minimum of $10. That seemed fine by me as I did not want to handle or see the product and leave that all up to their dispatch.  They also delivered worldwide but that was a bit more complicated.

All items are sent Australia post express or StarTrack, so tracking is always available. The only things I must say though is that they discouraged me from selling internationally but I think this may have changed as recently I have been putting through some international orders and as stock is not taken out of their inventory until items are paid if I waited a day or two to make payment very rarely an item may then become out of stock as other people may have ordered it.  Apart from that I have experienced no real issues.  Payment is up front as goods are always paid for prior to shipping that I found fair as the site I was setting up would receive funds from the customer first anyway so I would never actually be out of pocket.

So the time came and I set up my first site and launched it. It was a site that sold predominately high end sex toys like Lelo and fun factory and waited and waited. No sales the first week, no sales the second week whilst doing my own SEO work. My ranking was getting better but there just were not sales.

Eventually I contacted Xsales and asked if they knew a reason why. Without going too much into it and with Steve telling me that he was not a web expert he said that the successful businesses they drop-ship for seem to have boutique or niche sites. I looked into this and asked him exactly which ones were successful and he told me, probably rightly so, that he could not disclose that as it would be a conflict of interest with their existing clients. I actually respect him for saying that but he did give me a general category on the Xsales site to consider.

Over the next week I went about setting up a niche site. Believe it or not the niche site only had two products from Xsales but with lots of text and seo work done on the pages. I then launched the site, had it indexed by google and pinged it. No other SEO works, no other back links or articles. I was blown away that literally within 3 days of the site being launched it was in the google top 10 for those specific products/keywords.

Within 7 days of the site being launched (and I only had PayPal as a payment option) I received my first order. By the second week I was getting multiple orders daily and by the end of the third was getting hundreds of dollars of orders each week.

For the past 18 months I have set up quite a few niche sites. Some I admit do little in sales but many do and my turnover is in the thousands of dollars a week. I do not have to ship the products, in the rare event that a product is damaged Xsales replaces it, I work my own hours from home. It is a no brainer. Whenever I have had a special request or instructions Xsales have always catered for them and so far apart from a couple of packages getting lost by Australia post – there have been no hurdles or obstacles to overcome. It has been easy which is the way I like things.

So when Xsales asked if I would write a testimonial for them I have no hesitation in recommending them as adult drop shipping geniuses Australia.

CrossOver Bondage Cuffs

Have you ever wondered what CrossOver Bondage Cuffs are? Or even tried to use them? If not, you are really missing out. Last month, my husband and I wanted to try a new thing to make our sex life more exciting and better. We reached out to some of our friends and there was this one friend who had a very exciting idea; cross over bondage cuffs. We decided to try on that because we had never heard of that. She advised us to shop online on adult smart and we found out that they are device like handcuffs that are tied on one’s wrist or several arm positions during sex in order to put your partner to a position you desire.

We found cross over cuffs very exciting because you get to keep your partner’s body parts, mind, loyalty and actions where you want them to be. They are simple and clever and the person who you are bondaging cannot free themselves without the key. You may think why bondage? But this is what I think; It is fun to play master and mistress. The master gets to control the mistress and the mistress submits.The Cross Over Bondage Cuffs are useful to keep your partner from getting away or changing positions you do not want.  It is sexy when one is the master and the other submits

With the CrossOver Bondage Cuffs you can get sexually creative. Use them and you will straight away get out of your mundane normal routines and day to day life. The CrossOver Bondage Cuffs challenging; to play while you are tied up.  You get to connect with your partner emotionally because they are giving you complete control over their body, trusting you with their physical and mental health. If you take your time to experience their bondage hobby with them, by giving your partner what they want, they will appreciate and lust over your completely. Cross over bondage cuffs are very easy to use you just cross your hands, put the cuffs and they will automatically close themselves. They are also very comfortable to use in that you can put them in any arm position you want.

Cross Over Surgical Steel

I also learnt that they can come in different material whichever you desire. They normally come in body safe, medical grade, stainless steel. They also come in titanium, gold, and leather materials.  I love the fact the the CrossOver Bondage Cuffs material can be changed based upon the type of material you choose. They can be more like a jewelry piece making bondage that much more fashionable and enticing. As much as we love fun and misery we all know that sex safety comes first where both parties who are experience sex together remain safe.

Some of the safety measures we should take are; First, you should know about the circulatory system of your partner, as tying one up may course impaired or cut off circulatory system.  You should know how to operate the cuffs before using it.  Check the material used on the cuffs before use if you have any allergies or skin reaction to metals.  You should know your partner’s health like high blood pressure, Asthma, Physical injuries, or physical limitations etc. Check in on how tight the cuffs are.  If your partner wants out you let him or her loose  before any injuries occur.  And most of all discuss with your partner on how you are going to play, if there is any rule you can apply to make it more fun and to reduce tiredness.

For me using the cross over bondage cuff has improved my relationship with my husband and our sex life. I find it more exciting. We also communicate well during the time we are using.so it has improved our communication.it is very comfortable to use.it is very sexy to see your partner tied up and you are in command. Am so much in love with it.

These CrossOver Bondage Cuffs, have started us on a journey and we have booked tickets to go to the gathering in Sydney this long weekend to explore what other avenues there are for us to further our BDSM Relationship.


by Marlene from Illawong