Slow Sex is Better Sex

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You’re young, fit and eager! What’s more, regarding the matter of a lover in the bedroom, you nail it quick and hard. You may think that’s the way she prefers it as that’s what you see in the movies or when your watching pornography. The issue is, that’s not the way she actually likes it, as this is not the way people normally experience complete sexual delight. Today you will learn how to have some of the best sex in your life. You need to start by the simply acknowledgement that women and men are all different. People are unique and experience feelings completely different to each other. But what is most common among most people is that sex is better slower and steady. Slow and steady sex means more thought has been placed into what your lover enjoys. So the answer on how to have better sex and improve relationships, is to take sex slowly.

Give your lover the time to get up to the same speed as you. It has been said that when men climax quickly through intercourse. It can take men around 2 minutes of full on pumping whereas most women can only take about 14 minutes until they reach orgasm. If you crunch the number between both genders, there’s a 12-minute difference in timing! When you participate in sex at a slower, more conscience rate, you will help her achieve a higher quality orgrasm then what she has previously had. If you improve the sexual experience you are also increasing your chances for having more sexual intercourse. With men, they can practice to hold of their climax, this is a practice that called “edging”. Edging can amp up the force when you do at last cum, which will improving the sex and enjoyment you feel.


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Why She Likes It Slow

  1. Just because a women is wet, doesn’t mean she’s close to peaking. She is naturally lubricated because she is thoroughly turned on meaning she wants to have sex with you that badly. For a decent general guideline: Take the amount of time that you think she needs, and times it by two. Now you are somewhat on the way to pleasing your woman. In the event that she’s ready sooner, you’ll know it.
  2. Synchronicity is misrepresented. Women of all ages couldn’t care less when we have a climax or the length it takes for us to get one. The more you empower a woman to climax and the slower you take things the more probable that gets to be. After she climaxes she will want to satisfy you more. All you have to do is listen to her sexual needs, if she wants you to go faster, go faster and if she wants you to go slower, go slower. Don’t follow the thing’s you see in porn, it is always best to follow what she needs. It nay feel uncomfortable to do it at first, but if you do, she will thank you for it!
  3. Hell, sex is enjoyable. You race through the workday and dependably attempt to be proficient, yet with regards to the play. If you are experiencing any sort of play, no matter the type of sexual play, make the most of it. She needs the break and joy as much as you do, and if you try your hardest you’ll get better at it.

Why You’ll Benefit from Taking Your Time

  1. Men need more time to recoup after climaxing during sex than ladies do. It’s known as the too intense period and there’s little you can do to speed it up. For a man once he comes that is often the end of show yet with a woman this can just be the opening act. Some men are able to reproduce sperm really quickly. This means some men can come multiple times in a day whilst other men may only be able to cum once a day.
  2. Sex is superior to drugs. As indicated by Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., a porn star turned sexed instructor, sex advances the creation of torment diminishing pheromones called neuropeptides that give you that feel good and after glow feeling.
  3. Two words: stronger climaxes. The slower you take things, and the more times you draw near to the edge without going over, the all the more capable the orgasm will be the point at which you at long last go off.
  4. Sex will feel more private and intimate.

Slower sex communicates something specific that is the opposite of bim, bam, thank you ma’am, It’s more suggestive of issuing her time and permitting her to appreciate the joy.” Fundamentally, taking your time can change your ordinary routine into “fuck me more” and make it like you’re giving her warmth regardless of the fact that the sex is, in light of present circumstances, nothing new. You can be a superior stud in bed using this quick tip for better sex and women will be wanting you more. You can also add sex toys into the bedroom, we recommend Fun Factory as they are a high quality brand that may add a little bit of fun into the bedroom.


Steps to Insert a Sex Toy

Two Peoples Foreheads Touching

There are a few strategies that can be used to help make it more comfortable with vaginal penetration and intercourse for those with tight vaginas. The strategies include figuring out how to unwind and relax the muscles encompassing the vagina, known as the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. It is good to understand the knowledge behind your body, once you have this knowledge you can begin practicing penetration techniques. You can begin by using small sex toys or your fingers in order to lightly extend the vaginal opening. It will be vital to discover when you are alone and have sufficient time to unwind, relax and practice. It often does not take long to increase comfort but it may take a few weeks of rehearsing to get it right. Unwinding, rehearsing, and being patient all help realize progress. These systems may be honed alone, or with your partner. Having the capacity to unwind with your partner would be particularly helpful if that individual is included from the earliest starting point. A few people start the early steps alone, then include their partner once they are comfortable and the level has expanded somewhat.


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Steps to Unwinding the PC Muscles

  1. Tighten (crush) the PC muscles as though you were attempting to quit urinating midstream. You can attempt this, the initial few times while urinating to check whether you are fixing and flexing the right muscles. Hold and count to three. As a rule, you ought to perform the PC practices with your bladder unfilled.
  2. Relax and quit crushing.
  3. Repeat stages one and two 10 times.
  4. Practice this procedure twice every day.

Steps For Penetration

Step one

  1. Wash hands initially. You can also take a shower or bath which might help you unwind. Rest with your knees up and legs separated. You may discover it less difficult to utilize a hand mirror to view your genital range.
  2. Find the vaginal opening and separate the internal lips which is called the labia. Begin by investigating the vaginal opening with your finger. You can utilise a bit of lubricant on your finger to rub around the vaginal opening. Keep in mind to relax and unwind, and inhale effectively. Place one finger into the vagina. Never drive your finger into the vagina. Slight pushing ought to be sufficient. Press the PC muscles, and feel them fixing around your finger. Attempt to keep whatever remains of your body loose aside from the PC muscles. Don’t push down, or press your thigh, back or abs. At that point unwind and relax the PC muscle. Take out your fingers and rehash these steps a few times.
  3. Once you can agreeably embed one finger into the vagina, you can advance to attempting two fingers, or utilize a clean instrument (tampon inserter, syringe holder, vibrator or dildo). Apply some good quality lubricant to the end of the instrument before you embed it into the vagina is very helpful.

Step Two

  1. Again, find the vaginal opening and separate the labia. Keep in mind to relax and unwind, and inhale effortlessly. Fix the PC muscle as above, and afterward relax and unwind. Start sliding the lubricated sex toy into the vagina. You may need to slip it in gradually. In the event that it is uncomfortable, stop lie still, and unwind, and afterward attempt once more. One you have put the instrument in, flex the PC muscle once more, and hold the instrument so it doesn’t slip out. At that point allow the PC muscle to relax.
  2. Withdraw your fingers or the instrument and afterward reinsert it a few times for a time of 5-10 minutes.
  3. Remember, never thrust or force your fingers or the instrument. Slight pushing ought to be sufficient for insertion.
  4. You will know when the instrument is in completely when it won’t go in the vagina any further, even with loose pushing.
  5. Leave the instrument in for a moment or two to experience the “vibe” feeling inside the vagina. Presently slide it out delicately, wash the instrument with an antibacterial cleaner (or if dispensable, toss). On the off chance that you have finished Step Two with little trouble, proceed to Step Three.

Step Three: Once more, discover the vaginal opening and separate the labia. Lubricate up the sex toy, put it in the vagina and hold it there for a few minutes. Rehash this until you have the capacity to keep the sex toy in agreeably for 10 minutes. When you have achieved this step, you may move to step four.

Step Four: Now discovering the vaginal opening should be easy, being certain to stay loose, and embed the lubricated up sex toy. Hold it set up for a moment, then squirm it delicately side to side and in and out. When this is done comfortably and development of the instrument inside the vagina, the individual can move to attempting penetration of the vagina with the penis of their lover, or to penetration with an instrument of bigger size than initially used.  These methods should allow sex or sex play in comfort for those women with tight vaginas.


Sleep Enhances Womens Sex Drive

Morning Sleeping Session

According the Journal of Sexual Medicine the secret to increased levels of sexuality in women is getting an every extra hour of sleep! The extra hours of sleep will improve the probability of sex in females by around 14%. Past studies have looked carefully at all sorts of other ailments that may effect sexual dysfunction in women. They have looked into things like women having an absence of sexual dreams which they previously overlooked the fact that it directly correlates with not getting enough sleep.

The new study indicates, that they are trying to step toward to address low levels of sexuality in women, they examined the influence of a nightly sleep on sexual response and activity in young women. The analysts says they were occupied with investigating the speculation that a poor sleep term and poor sleep quality leads to expanded challenges with sexual capacity, as no past studies have investigated this. What makes a massive decrease in sexuality is whether you have an interrupting sleeping pattern that wakes you up constantly through the night. A few studies have discovered a connection between sex and untreated slumber related breathing issues, yet were not able to figure out whether the poorer sexual reaction was specifically brought on by the sleep issues. 171 female subjects were used in the test that had a current partner at the beginning of the study.


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To be sure that there was nothing to jumble the outcome, the study excluded any women who had recently utilised antidepressants, which are known to decrease sexual reaction. Antidepressants also make people more sleepy as they are a natural relaxant. Rest quality and sex were followed on regular routine. Consistently for 2 weeks, participants were made to identify what sex they had, for example, “What type of sexual intercourse did you have with another person in the past 24 hours? Was it oral, butt, hand, vaginal or another type of sexual intercourse?” and “Did you masturbate inside the previous 24 hours?” Regarding sleep quality, they were asked upon waking every morning, “How long did you sleep the previous evening?” and “How long did it take you to nod off the previous evening?” before being asked to rate the quality of their sleep.

The analysts found that with every extra hour of sleep that the person had, there was more of a chance the person would have had sexual intercourse with another person by 14%. Additionaly, they noted that there were higher levels of vaginal arousal with people who had longer periods of sleep. In the conclusion to the study, the creators say their discoveries demonstrate that having a good quality sleep is essential for keeping up sound sexual arousal levels which helped improve the sexual health of a relationship. Levels of longing, genital reaction and probability of sexual action are all influenced by both daily sleeping times, sleep disruption, and chronic lack of sleep. The analysts clarifies that these impacts were free of age, sexual trouble, daytime weariness or period. This means that no matter what type of person you are, sleep is the singular component that effects sexual arousal.

These findings suggest that acute sleep disturbance may contribute to sexual complaints and reduced sexual activity,

The analyst suggest that these suggestions should be made aware by sleep therapists, doctors and future specialists to talk about with their clients. The analysts behind the sleep study found that, when decently rested, both men and ladies evaluated the sexual goal of ladies as being essentially lower than that of men. Taking after a night little slumber, notwithstanding, men’s evaluating of ladies’ sexual expectation expanded to the degree that ladies were no more seen as having lower sexual purpose than men. Lack of sleep is known to cause frontal lobe impairment which has a negative impact on “libido, moral reasoning and sensitivity.”. Maybe it let’s our bodies have more energy to produce more natural lubricant’s or seek out other people’s pheromones.

So there you have it, the secret to better female sex is sleep. To help rest easy, make sure your bedroom has the correct amount of lighting, if there is to much lighting make sure that appropriate blinds or curtains are installed. Our bodies will naturally change their body clock according to the level of light in a room. If there is more light in the room you are more likely to stay awake for longer.


Review: Fun Factory Stronic Eins

Stronic Eins

At long last, a sex toy maker has made a sex toy meriting the name, “creative”. The Fun Factory Stronic Eins is no bullshit people. This thing is really not at all like whatever else is available and it’s not simply diverse for the purpose of it. The Stronic Eins is a sex toy befitting of the 21st century. I compare it to a roller coaster ride for my pussy. The first occasion when I tried it I swear my G-spot rose above time and space to an alternate universe of, “that feels fucking stunning”. Fun factory is a toy company which pushes the boundaries of the Adult Toy Industry.

Fun Factory made an entire new classification of sex toys with the Stronic line. They are not vibrators and feel not at all like vibration. They are pulsators and invigorate with a pushing movement. Customary vibrators utilize a weighted rotational engine though, the Eins utilizes what Fun Factory calls “Drive Technology”, which is an engine quickly moving a weight over and over again in a straight manner. The difference in comparison to other ‘thrusting’ vibrators is that normally, the ‘thrust’ results in the toy physically expanding forward on an attached gear. The problem with this is that if this gear is resisted, or there’s too much pressure on the toy itself, there is a chance that it will break.

Numerous have depicted the Stronic Eins as a Shake Weight for the vagina and despite the fact that I’ve never held a Shake Weight, I’d say that is presumably a really precise examination. I want to envision that somebody from Fun Factory after seeing the Shake Weight considered what it might feel like to place one in a vagina. At that point they surged out to secure one and to figure how it worked and could be made into a fun factory sex toy.


Stronic Eins

It truly does recreate the pushing of sex better than some other sex toy (including insane costly fucking machines). I wouldn’t say it feels much the same as having sex yet the movement it comparable. Infrequently when I’m striving for double stimulation with intense G-spot vibes, the interior vibration appears to countervail the outer vibration yet I don’t get that with the Eins. There is no desensitizing impact as the Stronic doesn’t vibrate. Rather, it shakes your G-spot into ecstatic orgasms.

From what I have read there are many that have cherished the Stronic Eins and its cousins, the Drei and Zwie yet the completely special sensation isn’t for everybody. For me however, it was adoration at first push, from the moment I place it into my vagina and turned it on. It truly shakes my entire body from the back to front and my G-spot adores the sensation. You truly do feel like you’re on a rush ride.

All I need to do with the Eins is daintily hold it set up and push down on the handle marginally, to drive it up into my G-spot, and after that let it get down to business. Actually, it works best when you put a few fingers on the base to keep it from shimmying out. On the off chance that you hold it hard, it sort of confines the pushing movement. I’ve perused different articles and blogs on the Fun Factory Stronic Eins where it is guaranteed that holding around the Eins with their Pelivic muscles likewise limits the pushing yet I haven’t discovered that to be an issue. Also, I have some really amazing Pelvic floor muscles… or, so I’ve been told. I entirely like how it feels when I hold down hard on it.

The Stronic Eins does all the work for you. No more arm issues from pushing. You can focus on utilizing your free hand for some clitoral joy and have some phenomenal mixed climaxes like you’ve never felt previously. I guarantee you, it won’t feel like whatever other toy you as of now have.


Review: Lelo Isla

Luxury Vibrator from Lelo Sex Toy

Swedish sex toy designer Lelo has hit unadulterated precious metal with the beautiful and magnificent Lelo Isla. Out of every last vibrator I have tested this has to be my top choice. The Isla vibrator comes in three colors which include turquoise, black and deep rose. This gives you all the freedom to choose your preferred color. The Lelo Isla was a blessing from my beau – he gifted me the ‘Rose’ shading from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre. I am so appreciative he has moved beyond his boring presents and moved onto more sexy things. I thought I would never see him purchase a blessing like this for me. I must concede he had me tricked as he took it out of the in vogue box that it comes in. On first appearances I didn’t recognize what to make of it, it resembled a modern, sleek item, however after setting it into ones hands it got to be exceptionally apparent simply what this excellent sex toy was intended for.

Lelo Isla has a smooth silicone external layer helps give this Lelo Isla vibrator a plush feeling that is delicate and tender against your skin. I was eager to discover that the Lelo Isla is waterproof to. I was foreseeing all the fun we could have in the shower or tub, however it demonstrated to me my accomplice truly knows my taste concerning liberality of this sort. This means that you can now spent a whole night alone in the hot tub without getting bored. I guaranteed him without even a moment’s pause we would have hours of joy together with it, and that we would be exceptionally filthy when using it!

Lelo G Spot Vibrator
Sex Toy: Lelo Isla


Lelo Isla is designed with a sleek angle which allows for stylish blend of function and form which is made specifically for a women’s body. While it has been outlined as a g-spot vibrator, I figured out that it accommodates astonishing clitoral massage also. It is also long enough to reach the deeper a-spot. Its more extensive tip and more slender body compliment the common state of a lady’s vagina, with the tip of the Lelo Isla effortlessly ready to touch simply the right spot for celestial joy. Its design makes it easy to attain the ideal orgasm you wish to create. The Lelo Isla glides into position between your legs bringing with her a deeply thrusting tremor that rolls lively through your body sending you straight to the world of ecstasy.

Isla’s handle at its base makes it simple to hold. The handle has a hole that is big enough for your thumb to fit through which permits your fingers to be allowed to work the control buttons. Te handle makes it simple to utilise when your trying to massage and hit the perfect erogenous zones perfect for pinpoint stimulation. When you need more sitmulation the handle makes turning, thrusting and twisting easy in any position. The Isla vibrator weighs 164.5 grams and measures 220 millimeters by 44 millimeters by 60 millimeters so it is quite light to use.

The Isla is a rechargeable vibrator hence eliminating the usual worry of fumbling for batteries in the middle of sexual pleasure. As soon as I could, I charged the vibrator. The Lelo Isla just takes two hours to charge and has the ability to keep you smiling for four hours on a single charge. This gives you a four hour long g-spot tingling-fist throbbing action. I hung loose keeping on expressing gratitude toward my lover for such a radiant shock. It has a frequency of 120 Hz and its maximum noise level is less than 50 dB.

It has musical vibrations and six mode settings that you can feel in the tip of the vibrator. The modes are controlled and easily reached by a simple touch of the buttons on the handle. These modes run from a gentle hum inside to an intense throbbing. This means that you could have a different mode for every forty minutes for four hours straight! With this vibrator, there is definitely a setting/mode for every woman. You can also use the modes to provide a gentle power inclination to build your climax slowly if you wish.

To guarantee Lelo Isla’s durability, each Isla vibrator comes with a satin pouch for storage so it won’t rub against any other sex toys in your collection. The stylish satin pouch also makes the vibrator ideal for sending to a loved one as a present.

Out of every vibrator I have tested, the Isla vibrator has remained to be my perfect sex toy selection. When I had the time to put the Lelo Isla to use, I discovered it to be paradise as a vibrator. It’s ladylike, its provocative, and it can help you reach extraordinary climaxes – which is the most critical thing toward the end of the day when you buy a sex toy. I can say with 100% certainty that this toy won’t ever let me down. Owning the Lelo Isla vibrator is profoundly fulfilling and delightful. Its decently planned structure gives you all the power to control it while adequately pleasuring yourself. There’s something that is so profoundly fulfilling about owning a pleasure object as delightful as this. Simply consider lavish heels by Jimmy Choo, or the hottest pair of high heels you’ve ever looked at. Indeed, this vibrator will make you feel literally the same way.



Review: Angela White’s Fleshlight Entice

Male Masturbator Sex Toy

Angela White was still in secondary school when she entered the porn industry in 2003. As a teenager, Angela was a swinger and was known for her uninhibited sexuality. She went into erotica because she saw it as a space where her sexuality would be acknowledged. Pornography was a space in which having different lovers of any sexual orientation was supported. It was a space in which sexuality was commended as opposed to being slandered. Through performing in explicit entertainment, Angela possessed the capacity to investigate her sexual lifestyle in a safe domain with other receptive sexual individuals who did not judge her.

Angela White is an Australian Porn Star that makes movies all around the world. She has starred in many porn movies including Angela Loves women, A Day With Angela White, Ultimate Cherry, Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling, Bosom Buddies, Angela, Angela White Finally Fucks, Couples Seduce Couples 2, Busty Lovers 2,Natty Knockers 2, On Location Big Boob Paradise, Stacked, Packed 7 and much more. She works with a large amount of porn studios including Score, Voluptuous, Porn Fidelity, Reality Kings and More. Angela White is the latest Fleshlight Girl who has come out to the market for your ultimate men’s masturbator and stroker.

I decided to buy the Angela White Forbidden Fleshlight and the sensations were so great that I wish my penis got stuck in Angela White’s Butt hole forever but this time I rememberd to lubricate! Angela White’s Anal Fleshlight has the Forbidden sleeve that has a composition intended to catch the snugness and feel of genuine lady’s butt hole. It is likewise the most sensible looking and anatomically correct Fleshlight I have ever seen so it is not difficult to envision that you are really fucking Angela in her rear end when you are using this Fleshlight. The best thing about using Fleshlights is that you watch one of her porn movies and masturbate at the same time. It really is the ultimate fantasy “coming” to life.


My Penis Stuck in tight Anal Masturbator

Anal Fleshlight formed from Angela White’s ass looks genuine, feels genuine and it will give you an astounding feeling. After all fleshlights are molded from the real thing so it is an exact copy of her butt. When you put your cock is inside the tight butt passage you will get a marvelous snugness sensation and your penis will feel like your filling her up. The ribbed surface is strongly felt on the penis head and gives a charming massage. Like genuine butt sex, the snugness sensation diminishes a touch inside the opening part and that feels exceptionally realistic. The waves inside the curled channel give extraordinary smooth excitement and sensations that spread out over the entire penis surface. When you enter Angela’s ass, you feel the tight passageway entry wrapping around your penis shaft like a genuine rear-end.

The most extreme and tight area is the anal passageway opening. The butt opening crushes around your dick like a penis ring would so it will get you additional hard as you push over and over again. The more you bang Angela’s Fleshlight the better it is going to feel. There is a purported “break-in-period” with most Fleshlights which implies that they will feel better the more you have sex with them. It’s interesting how your body and penis figure out how to appreciate the composition. It feels such a great amount of better than if you were utilizing your hand and on the off chance that you don’t have a girlfriend that is eager to have ass sex with you need to agree that Angela White Fleshlight is a really amazing substitute.

Angie’s Forbidden Fleshlight will make your peak and climax quick. The ribbed and smooth butt passage feels so fantastic that its quite difficult to not blow your wad after only several minutes of fapping. The climax is intense to the point that it can be difficult to stay inside that ass during climax however it feels so great that you would prefer not to stop and made me want to have my penis stuck in Angela White’s butt hole. The Angela White Forbidden is one of the best Fleshlight’s out there because that it really delivers on its guarantee of feeling like real anal sex and getting your climax to new levels.


By Dale from Underwood

Review: Jopen Comet II

Jopen Male Prostate Massager

Sometimes I hear somebody raving and ranting about how wonderful a certain g-spot toy is. As they are talking about one of their vibrators I am always thinking to myself:

“Hey that may just hit my prostate and feel fucking astounding as it vibrates.”

Sometimes, its just so hard to find the perfect prostate massager that you can move around easily. A decent companion was letting me know how intense the Jopen Comet II felt so had to go out and get one to try for myself.

What Is The Jopen Key Comet II? The Comet II by Jopen is a piece of the Key line sex toys. The Key line is only one of a few “extravagance” lines of Jopen toys intended to titillate and tempt, and is made with body safe materials. The Comet II particularly, is an update of the Comet. The first Comet had to a great extent the same outline however did not have one straightforward and very important thing vibration. Both the Comet and Comet II are both intended for g-spot incitement or prostate play.

What Is The Comet II Made Of? The head end which is the part that vibrates is body safe silicone wrapped. It’s pretty much the most secure, hygienic and safe stuff you can work into your orifices. The handle is “glass-like” which adds a bit of fanciness and the catch is “stainless amalgam”, which implies it isn’t stainless steel.

Jopen Male Prostate Massager

The Features That Jopen Comet II Has? Other than being made of body safe materials, its rechargeable and waterproof. It additionally has 7 special modes Intense, high, wave, Pulse, throb, glutter and yease. More than enough to satisfy any demanding G-Spot or Prostate. For vaginal play it is recommended a water based lubricant be used. In the event that you use it for butt play, you can a toy safe silicone lubricant for best result or water based lubes.

Charging the Comet II: It has got a quite clever attractive charger, and a USB charger: It charges between two magnets so is essentially and click and charge device that is really simple to use. The charge last about 2 hours so plenty of time to experience all types of sensations. It comes in an attractive gift box but inside is a silk feel bag that the Comet II and all the accessories can fit in for storage in your bedside drawers or when travelling. Since it can recharge the sex toy is quiet compared to other sex toys with batteries. It is the magnetic rechargeable feature which allows this sex toy to be fully submersible. You can play with it in the shower, bath or even in a sauna.

What I felt when I used the Jopen Comet II: I was energized by it. It is ergonomic and the bend is configured perfectly to make it my favorite vibrating prostate toy. The only comparison I can make to it in design is the Pure Wand which of course is non-vibrating. I was delighted by the general shape PLUS vibration so could not wait to give it a burl. To start with, it felt a little like there was too much traction and it was resisting going in but after I re-applied the lube the Jopen Comet II felt great. I think because the toy is a dull silicone rather than a glossy one makes it a little harder to insert. After a tiny bit of push and squirm and it slipped into spot, where I attempted simply moving it over and over again the prostate. It felt really great, when I squeezed the controls and ramped up the modes things lit up. I could pull down and massage the vibrator into my p-spot so effortlessly without as much pressure I needed to make it feel just right. My nerves went crazy and I may have cried out like a banshee. The main setting is very pleasant and by a long shot my top choice was wave, yet the other settings are nothing to laugh at either. Within minutes I experienced a prostate orgasm which is far more than most experience.

My general opinion is that the Jopen Comet ii certainly makes it as a prostate vibrator and can only assume that it will do as good if not better job as a G-Spot stimulator.


Review: Hitachi Vs Lelo Smart Wand

I have recently been questioning whether the Lelo Smart Wand is worth the money. The primary disadvantage to the Smart Wand when put up against the Hitachi Magic Wand is that it puts out somewhat less power but with a higher price tag. For a toy that got to be famous for its unrivaled force, a contender that doesn’t stack up in that respect appears like it will be a disappointment. However I figured it would be worth the investment to compare the two together.


Lelo Power Massager
Sex Toy: Lelo Smart Wand


This is what I found:

  1. Materials: The Hitachi Magic wand is made of well do you even know? With such a great amount of buzz about phthalates, I’m amazed that the Hitachi Magic Wand has generally gotten away with not fully disclosing its ingredients – however having used one I can say that I experience no ill effects. Hitachi’s vibrator has been the same for quite a long time in fact years, and was made far before phthalates were viewed as a worry in sex toys. Actually probably worrying about phthalates is not really a worry in light of the fact that the Magic Wand is an outside toy, still, what the hell is that head made of? A… covered froth? Surely over the past few years there could be an improvement on it. The Lelo Smart Wand, in the same way as the majority of Lelo’s items, has unadulterated, safe silicone, so you know it is phthalate free and body safe. You can likewise sanitize it with a toy cleaner and know the cleaning won’t harm your sex toy. Silicone is a clean, safe material for sex toys, and that is what you’re getting with Lelo. So the Lelo Smart Wand wins in the battle of materials
  2. Reliability: So we all know the Hitachi Magic Wand is a vibrating Massager! Aren’t those very 80s pictures on the container silly? Yet Hitachi is not a sex toy organization, and the Massage wand was never expressly promoted or intended for utilization as a sex toy. Would you trust Sony or Mitsubishi to make a sex toy? Lelo, then again, is ONLY concerned with grown-up items. The Smart Wand, hence, is made with full affirmation and design as a sex toy and ergonomically fitting.  Lelo comes with a 1 year guarantee where I can see no such warranty of the Hitachi. However my Hitachi has been running for three or more years so on this count I call it a draw!
  3. Ease of Use:  While the motor is the thing that loans the Hitachi Magic Wand its amazing force, it likewise puts the toy on a short chain. Keeping in mind chains can be provocative, your masturbation session going to a shrieking, full on experience unless of course you inadvertently yanked the plug out of the wall. Let’s face it having power cords going out of a sex toy is not a sexy thing. When you are stroking off you should be free to move about as you will and not within 5 feet of a power-point. This battle the Lelo Body Wand wins hands-down.
  4. Functions: The Hitachi Magic Wand has three functions which are slow–knee trembling and jack hammer like. Whereas the Lelo Wand has multiple vibration speed and modes. It also has the new patented SenseMotion that will anticipate what mode or level you are going to. The body wand is water resistant and I believe there is a new model that is waterproof. On this one there is no competition the lelo Body Wand has better functionality.
  5. Expense: Lelo sex toys come with Guarantees and Warranties and are specifically designed with materials that will not cause infection or be abrasive. The Hitachi is a full on body massager that people have started using as a sex toy primarily because of its reliability and jack hammer vibrations that will get an Elephant off. The Hitachi Magic Wand comes with a modest price tag and at most places you can pick them up for around about the $50 mark. The Lelo Body Wands are over $100 – double the price. So in this category the Hitachi Wins.

All in all my view is that if you are after a sex toy then you should purchase the Lelo Smart Wand as it simply is designed better to use on your private parts. However if you are after a Body Massager the Hitachi is a good fit. If you want use them for both then it is a flip of the coin which suits you. The Lelo Smart Wand has made it into my sex toys box whilst my trusted Hitachi is now in a box in my cupboard so you know what my choice was.


About the author: Hermione is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


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Fleshlights are one of the top rated male masturbators in Australia and world wide. They are one of the most common masturbators on the planet. No other sex toy verges on validating the experience of a genuine pussy wrapped around your dick then a fleshlgiht. Fleshlights are made from moulds from real porn stars body vaginas, asses and mouths. Fleshlights are made out of an extraordinary, patented, ultra-soft and stretchy material. When you see the Fleshlight you will realise just how real looking they are, the only difference is these sex toy are textured beautifully inside to stimulate the penis to the ultimate pleasure.

Stamina Kit

Fun Factory Cobra Libre

Fun Factory Cobre Libre is the world’s first genuine male vibrator designed to be used on the tip of a males penis whilst he is masturbating. It’s not a stroker, and you don’t push your penis into it. You basically let the smooth vibrating engines of the sex toy automatically pleasure your penis head and the top of your shaft. The sensations are glorious, they will feel unlike anything else you have experience as it’s specifically designed to stimulate the frenulum. The Cobra Libre is easy to clean and looks more like a toy auto than a male sex toy. You could keep this on your windowsill and the neighbours won’t suspect that you are in sexual paradise when they hear its engines gently thunder! The Cobra Libre as it is fully rechargable and has no batteries rattling around inside it, so it is a quiet vibrator. Even though its a quiet sex toy the vibrations send a very scrumptious buzz completely through your penis. The outcome is similar to a cross between a sexual massage and your best wank ever.

Fun Factory

Hot Octopuss Pulse II

Hot Octopuss Pulse II is the winner of the Male Sex Toy of the Year at the 2015 XBIZ Awards. As the name suggest “Pulse” is a pulsator and not a vibrator. Pulsators massage the head of the penis, in a back and forth motion without any hand movements. Established on medicinal research and patented across the world, Pulse is a standout among the most capable and viable simulators ever made. Harnessing state-of-the-craftsmanship oscillating innovation, by means of the front line PulsePlate™, Pulse delivers a significantly more intense experience than conventional vibrators through profound and capable oscillations. Creatively designed to also be a fantastic couple’s toy, the underside delivers double stimulation, whilst it’s without hands design leaves partners allowed to focus on one another.

This sex toy was made for an extensive variety of clients of all ages, sexualities, sexes and all levels of capacity. While Pulse II Solo is specifically for male solo masturbation, the Pulse II Duo has been created particularly for hetero couples who would like to masturbate together. Whilst the man has the vibrator resting on his penis, the women can gently place herself on top and feel the vibrations on her clitoris to.

Pulse is perfect for persons with mobility issues and other special needs.  Despite the fact that the activity needed for masturbation comes characteristically and easily to most men, this is sadly not the situation for everybody. A mixed bag of physical conditions and disabilities can make the conventional hand masturbation technique troublesome or even impossible. Some health issues which may effect masturbation include arthritis, cerebral palsy, cerebrovascular disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.  Those who suffer from physical impairment as a result of a these health conditions can discover Pulse to be accommodating to help achieve erections and orgasm with almost no exertion or development on the user’s part. Individuals who need assistance with masturbation may discover their carer can simply set the Pulse up and let it do its work.

Male Masturbator

The Pulse II range of products is the Solo and Duo. Pulse II Solo, to be used by men, is completely waterproof and features five preset vibration modes. PULSE II Duo, to be used by couples, also comes with five preset vibration modes and is waterproof, additionally features autonomous, controllable vibrations for her by means of a remote control. Pulse II products still hold the groundbreaking, creative qualities of the world’s first-ever “guybrator,” PULSE, which allows men to use the sex toy from both flaccid and erect states – an advancement which has won rave reviews from pleasure products reviewers, as well as the sexual well-being groups.

The UK’s National Health Service estimates that 50% of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) to some degree – and it’s not just an issue for aged men. A late study in the USA found that one in four men recently diagnosed with ED were under 40. While ED can stem from a wide mixture of causes, Pulse II can support numerous men with ED, regardless of what the cause. The oscillating innovation behind Pulse allows users to cum without the requirement for an erection, ideally prompting a lessening in the requirement for therapeutic treatments such as Viagra or pumps.

Under the pennant ‘Sex Not Stigma’, Hot Octopuss is welcoming individuals to join a worldwide discussion, urging couples to talk sincerely and straightforwardly about their sexual experiences to enhance their relationships. Hot Octopuss is beginning the discussion with an intriguing feature demonstrating couples speaking honestly about sex and how acquainting sex toys with the bed-room has improved their lives.


The Sex Education Nurse Squirts

White Red Nurse

As a result of various inappropriate behaviors at Marrickville High, the principal Jay White concluded that he would need someone to direct sex ed classes. The young woman employed by the school board to conduct these classes radiated sexuality herself. She was slim, petite, had blazing red hair and trance-like green eyes.  When she called into his office for an introduction, he got to be so inebriated by her scent and sexy voice he neglected to get her all the information for her subject, or when she expected to begin. Indeed her name, Felice Doubwair had a sensual ring to it. After she’d gone, he couldn’t stop himself rehashing her name – again and again in his mind.

She went to his office on the first day of school, wearing an pristine white nurses uniform with an especially short skirt. As she laid out her program, every so often touching her body to outline some point she was attempting to make, he got to be truly distracted and turned on by her. After she’d completed her little presentation, he started to chatter on about things that had no importance to the classes she was going to manage.

“I don’t have a ton of sexual experience myself,” he advised her, “I’m somewhat modest with ladies.”

“That is too terrible – you’re an attractive man – I’d even dare to say very hot.”

Jay went a bit red in the face and hesitantly clarified that he’d never possessed the capacity to fulfill a lady, “I have no game,” he said, “particularly regarding the matter of foreplay.”

“Have you ever asked a lady what she needs?”

“How would you do that?”

“Well – where she gets a kick out of being touched and whether she enjoys it delicate or a smidgen harsh.”

“Goodness,” he muttered, “I could never do that.”

“Why don’t we do a little pretending?” she proposed. “You let me know where you like to be touched.”

The man, who had been the keynote speaker at various instructive gatherings, was dumbstruck. He shrugged and feigned exasperation, in the end figuring out how to squeak out, “only here,” as he indicated his groin.  Dixie moved around the work area, hung over and rubbed the lump that was squeezing against his zipper, “Here?” she delicately asked.

Jay didn’t say anything, as the lump in his pants grew. He simply gestured the affirmative with his head.

“Here is the thing that I need you to do,” she said, solidly. “I would like you to take off your pants and sit on your boardroom table – I will make sure your office is locked.”

His heart was thumping at an impressive rate as he began to take them off. Also viewing her tight bum sashay over the room, he lost all his feelings of respectability. His mind declined to consider what would happen if this was found out by the school board.  Jay sat on the boardroom table as requested yet he didn’t take off his spotted boxer shorts. With his prick standing to attention it seemed as though he was holding a tent pole in his lap.

“Don’t be modest – slip off your boxers,” she snickered.

Reluctantly, he shed his unmentionables to uncover a vast erect dick that no man would be embarrassed about.

“I’m going to touch you where you said you got off being touched – do you need me to be harsh or tender?”

“Delicate please,” he croaked, as though his mouth was becoming scarce.

Felice ventured into the pocket of her nurse outfit and slipped out a bottle of lubricant.

See Through Plastic Coat

“This is an awesome lubricant and it smells great,” she said, taking off the top and breathing in with a smile on her face. “I’m going to rub some on your penis and it’s going to feel wonderful.”

Jay shut his eyes and gulped hard as her long thin fingers started to apply the cream. All over she ran it with one hand, while touching his balls with the other. At first she went gradually yet as she sensed he was getting more turned on she increased the pace, contorting her hand skilfully to issue him the most pleasurably experience conceivable. Before long he was taking in short sharp breaths and making fussing sounds. At that point he began to mutter incongruously followed after by the boisterous cry – “I’M CUMMING!”  His goo shot uncertain like a noteworthy volcanic ejection. She ventured back a bit, to avoid it sprinkling on her uniform, yet then tenderly worked his spunk out until there was only one singular drop sobbing out of Jay’s penile eye. Felice wiped it off with her finger and licked it.

I adore the taste of cum,” she grinned. “I’d give you a head job however I have a somewhat of a sore throat today – perhaps some other time.”

Simply contemplating those ruby red lips sliding all over his dick. She broke the fantasy and brought him back to reality when she asked for him to ask her where she enjoyed being touched.

“All over the place,” she answered, taking off her uniform. “At the same time you ought to begin by sucking my tits and my pussy and afterward I need you to cum once more within me this time.”  She said as she lay down on the Marrickville High Boardroom Table. Felice had the loveliest body he’d ever seen as he watched her naked on the boardroom table of Marricville High. She moved towards him until her areolas were in in line with his mouth. Snatching her by the waist, he pulled her closer and sucked on her areolas as if he was trying to get her to lactate. The sultry Sex Ed. instructor pulled off him and glared.

“You didn’t inquire as to whether I needed you to be tender or rough,” she chided.

“I’m sorry – how would you need me to continue?”

“Simply flick your tongue delicately everywhere on my tits and afterward suck my areolas tenderly, cupping my tits with your hands under them.”

Despite being a school principal, he wasn’t the brightest of individuals and in spite of the fact that he attempted to control his energy, he was still a touch on the rough side. Fortunately, Felice was starting to appreciate his mouth biting and sucking against her more she started to groan a bit.

“Presently you ought to go down towards my cunt,” she taught, “Simply use your finger inside it to check and make sure it’s wet.”

It was wet! Jay’s fervor level hit the top, jumping off from the board room table he brought her down onto the mat, opened up her legs and stuck his face between her thighs.

“Now you can do it rougher,” she cried, “suck it, suck it as hard as you like!”

He didn’t require any more suggestions right now. His lips and tongue were working like maniacs and his arms were extended so he could massage her aureola in the meantime. Felice very nearly lost control of her bladder as she neared her climax. When she did at last achieve peak, she contorted and bobbed around so viciously, his face was battered from one side to the next between her thighs as she suddenly squirted and it all gushed in his face.  Jay chose to take control right now and furrowed his throbbing cock straight into her dripping wet cunt. He held his swollen penis so far deeply inside her before pushing it through her tight wet twat like somebody gone wild. Felice reacted in kind. She dug her fingers into his shoulder and shouted as his hot velvety nut juice filled her now wide open pussy. In spite of having blown a gigantic orgasm, he continued driving his dick into her sweet pussy as though he was planning to cum a second time.

“That was not awful,” she grinned, getting up and beginning to put on her uniform. “Not terrible whatsoever. A couple of more sessions and I think I could class you as a stud.”

“I need to thank you for that unbelievable experience,” he answered. “Be that as it may we must be cautious. I’d detest those hopeless old cronies that serve on the Board to get wind of what we’ve been doing.”

“That is the thing that they said in regards to you,” she chuckled, squirming into her undies.

“You mean you fucked them as well? Every one of them?”

“Obviously – how would you think I landed the position? I have no qualification’s. You never did a background check. And now you cannot do anything right?”

As her gorgeous little ass slipped out of the entryway he moaned, thinking how gullible they had been but thinking more how wonderful it was to be the principal at Marrickville High.