Review: Closet Collection Dulce Bunny

The Dulce Bunny Turquoise

Look past the ladylike pictures of high heels on the box and you will find the packaging is quiet nice. It’s a really tough cardboard, and the shading is slick. I’m enthusiastic about greenish blues, and paisley, if done right, can be truly charming. There is a viewing ‘window’ on the front where you can see the Closet Collection Dulce sex toy so make sure when you open it there are no prying eyes around.

It’s six inches in length, around an inch and a half wide, and is not an insertable sex toy. That is to say, you may have the capacity to, yet it’s truly not made for that. Clearly, since it’s a bunny, it’s got ears to invigorate either side of your clitoris while you’re masturbating. However, dissimilar to different bunnies, this toy additionally has a hard stub behind the ears that vibrates really well, so you require more firmness whilst you use this piece of the toy to invigorate your clitoris while the ears massage your labia.

Dulce Bunny Turquoise Personal Massager
Blue Dulce Bunny


It’s waterproof, and flashes blue with every beat. It has 10 modes (9 throbbing variables and one setting that is so quick that for me it was just a touch too intense), and every can be turned up or around the + and – catches. Be that as it may, there are just three settings; low, medium, and high. The toy begins on one of the throb modes when you push the button. You use the kind of g-looking catch on the base to go down through the variables, and the intensely quick vibration is the last one. I took this toy with me when I traveled to Singapore because it is simply so discreet and doesn’t even really look like a vibrator. On a side note – if you ever get the chance to travel to Singapore, I absolutely and highly recommend it. It is a beautiful country to visit and unique in its culture and beauty.

The vibrations on this toy are not what you generally expect from a sex toy. They’re somewhere between what you would expect from an insert-able vibrator and a massager (the massager generally being stronger vibrations. However, they’re really solid and once I made sense of what I was doing it certainly hit the spot for me. It comes in a silk sack to store it in and a one year warranty, pretty much the main thing this toy is implied for is clitoral massage, however you could put it on different erogenous zones also as a massager. I found the bend not to be a perfect ergonomic fit for me however I am a very small woman so think that it may be good for larger women.

Having owned a number of Lelo toys I am used to their controls and so was a bit confused at first use of this toy – especially the three vibration strengths. However I soon worked out that you have to click through each of the modes strongly and it worked just fine. In the control department I certainly prefer my Lelo Gigi 2. The toy takes AAA batteries and is not rechargeable. I used it probably for about 4 hours of continuous use before I had to change the batteries. Cleaning is a breeze however the packaging was a bit confusing as it said it was a silicone toy but also indicated ABS Rubber so I would suggest you use warm soapy water to clean it up after use and to be on the safe side only use water-based lubricants.

All in all and to be quiet honest this is not the best sex toy I have ever tried or reviewed (#Love Lelo Gigi 2) but it is a welcomed addition to my treasured sex toy box.


Review: Lelo Elise 2

Lelo Elise 2 Straight Vibrator

Lelo Elise 2 is a powerhouse. Its dual vibrators give rumbly vibrations, 8 unique modes, and an enormous varieties of vibration strengths. The Elise 2 feels incredible vaginal play which can give a touch of G-spot stimulation too, yet it can likewise be utilized to give clitoral stimulation. For those that struggle to climax because they’re concerned that their toy looks like a sex toy, then you might want to consider the Lelo Elise 2. I guarantee you’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful sex toy.

The extent in vibration quality, smooth silicone, and non-forceful shape could work for people that have had sex toys before who wouldn’t be scared away by the size. LELO says this toy is completely waterproof, so you can scrub down in the shower this extravagance vibe is top quality and is a genuine delight to possess.

The Elise 2 has a rigid structure that is completely secured in silicone with the exception of the silver band that isolates the pole from the handle. Silicone is body safe and non-permeable and won’t harbor any destructive microbes. The silicone that LELO uses is exceptionally smooth and succulent, with only an indication of drag. It will coast over the skin when its dry and slip and slide when the silicone gets wet.

Only use water-based lubricant and not silicone-based. Silicone lubrication can possibly have a compound response with silicone toys with can bring about the silicone material perishing.The silver band that isolates the pole and handle makes a crease on each of its two edges. The creases are sealed up firmly and I have not had any issues with natural liquids or lubes getting in them.

Lelo Elise 2 Straight Vibrator
Sex Toy: Lelo Elise 2


Elise 2 is a more conventional molded vibe with a tad bit of bend to the pole and a slight flare at the head of the toy. Elise is a sum of 9″ long, with 5.25″ of it being insertable. The biggest part of the pole swells to 4.5″ around, then decreases down to 4″ close to the base of the pole.

Elise is controlled by four catches on a control cushion on the handle segment of the toy. There are a (+) and a (-) catch that control the power of the vibrations, and afterward there are here and there bolt catches that change the vibration designs. The ring around the control cushion will light when you push them, yet it doesn’t stay always lit while Elise is being used.

To turn the toy on, press the (+) catch and Elise will start up at the most minimal force of enduring vibration in both engines. You can utilize the (+) and (-) catches to flip the force of the vibrations there are 9 distinct levels. You can then press the down bolt to spin through the examples. Keep in mind that you can utilize the (+) and (-) to change the power for the majority of the modes with the exception of setting 8, which is the irregular mode. To turn the toy off simply press and hold the (-) catch, the force will rapidly lower and after that stop. Turning the toy off from the most elevated force takes around 3 seconds.

The Lelo Elise 2 is waterproof, which makes cleaning a breeze. I like to splash my toys with toy cleaner and after that flush them off in the sink. You can likewise utilize cleanser and water or toy wipes in the event that you lean towards them, and you can utilize a 10% detergent to water ratio to sterilize this toy.

The charging port for Elise is found right on the base of the handle and it’s completely open and revealed. I was extremely concerned at first that liquids or trash could get in there and cause an issue. LELO claims this toy is absolutely waterproof and different commentators have submerged Elise with no issues.

The lit ring around the charging port will glimmer while the Elise is charging and afterward the light will become bright when the battery is full. I totally love toys that have dual motors in their shaft, and Elise 2 is one of the best I have found to date. I fell head over heels in love for my Lelo Gigi 2 and needed to get another LELO vibrator and check whether it would be as magnificent. The Elise 2 is waterproof and more grounded, and it offers more methods of vibration; including the irregular mode, which is something I truly like having.

I am not disappointed in my choice by any means with the Lelo vibrator range – Elise is particularly spectacular!



Review: JimmyJane Form 3

JimmyJane Form 3 Womens Vibrator

The sex toy company named Jimmyjane is based in San Francisco. Jimmyjane offers vibrators, massagers, and candles. Theor products offer advancement, characteristic, and sex inspiration. Now let me talk about the JimmyJane Form 3 personal clitoral massager. The Form 3 is a vibrator in Jimmyjane’s Form line, which incorporates the multi award winning Form 2 and the old-school Form 6. Before we go any further let me say that the Form 6 has been one of my favorite toys for quite a few years. It’s an unimaginable vibrator, and has made Jimmyjane to me the go to vibrator line of choice. I had high expectations when getting the Form 3, and it didn’t fall short of the mark – if you don’t believe me check out the other reviews on it at Baidu or AOL and you’ll quickly and easily see what all the fuss is about.

JimmyJane Form 3 Vibrator
JimmyJane Form 3 Massager

The JimmyJane Form 3 resembles an extensive, sensual tongue. The base, which holds the battery and produces the vibration, sits in your palm, while your fingers lie over the lip of the vibrator, over a smooth, uber-dainty “silicone Touchpad.” The material on the touchpad is thin to the point that it’s translucent, and when you press your finger against it while the vibe is on, its almost like your finger itself is vibrating. This vibrating finger should be the virtuoso of the toy. As per the Form 3 instructions, you need to:

“Squeeze in the middle, and the delicate, silicone Touchpad develops, with the goal that you can center vibration precisely where it is needed.”

That is exactly what it did and found that the best thing about the Jimmyjane Form 3 vibrator is it’s stimulation accuracy. There are sure places on my clitoris that are way more responsive than others. In any case, that specific sex toy concentrates its vibrations so accurately to the point that it causes teeth-clenching delight as these delicate spots that are really difficult to focus in on with a standard vibrator, the Jimmyjane Form 3 gets it. When I turned the vibrator opposite to my body and utilised the edge of the lip, I had the capacity skim the most diminutive edge of vibrating silicone against my body and that was unbelievable. I’ve never seen a vibe that gives you that much accuracy and power in one bundle. Rather than pressing through the silicone, I much preferred using the tip of the From 3.


JimmyJane Form 3 Clitoral Stimulation
JimmyJane Form 3 Tongue



I adore the thought of giving your finger superpowers, however I found that even on the most slender piece of the touchpad, I didn’t have enough control over where I was touching because the adult vibrator moved below my finger. It’s much simpler to give myself joy utilizing my bare fingertip and I can hold the Form 3 in my hand sending the vibrations through my fingers to the clitoris.Rather then pressing directly through the silicone.

The other thing the Form 3 was incredible for me was when I used it with my partner. It fit truly well in my palm and made it simple for me to achieve different stimulations by rubbing myself while my man was doing different things. You can place the Jimmyjane Form 3 personal massager on a man’s testicles to give him a more fulfilling and exciting orgasm. You can also place it on different erogenous zones on your body including the nipples, back of the neck and much more. It can be difficult to utilize a massive toy and have sex, however the Form 3 was so petite that it felt the same as having my unfilled hand down there whilst he worked his magic.

It is easy to bring this vibrator with you as its quite small to find in a purse or travel compartments. If you were fumbling around in your bag, people won’t really notice it as it need to be stored in a cloth bag seperate to your other item’s. I find Jimmyjane products to be great with sexual experimentation, you can try new things to keep your sexual lifestyle fun, adventurous and exciting. I purchased my JimmyJane Form 3 at adultsmart for a really good price. Learn more about JimmyJane sex products at this site that is informative and comes complete with features and item instructional videos.


Gay Sex On Premises Venues

Gay Friendly Sydney Vanue

Gay sex on premises venues (SOPV) have been around in Sydney for a considerable time. The premise of these venues is fairly simple, you get charged a small entry fee and you enter the venue with minimal clothing looking for a hook up, some venues don’t even require clothing depending on the venue’s rules. Before you go to the venue you should read the rules.You need to follow the venue’s rules to respect everyones safety and privacy. Once your in the building you are provided a towel get changed in the change room and you’re good to go. Some venues provide communal showers, glory holes, booths, sling rooms and a variety of other sexual related rooms. Some venues, such as 357 even offer a fully stocked bar and lounge room where you can just relax and socialize. The quality of venues differs from place to place. Gay venues are a very important to the LGBT community all over the world.



Two Men Kissing
Two Men Kissing


What’s surprising about these venues, is the clientele. Many of the men that go to these venues during the day are actually, straight and married. I say this not to shame them, but to remind everyone about the fluidity of sexuality as people can not be classified into one sexuality. I’m not going to digress into social constructions around sexuality – however I will point out that there’s nothing wrong with engaging in different activities outside of the primary relationship so long as it’s done safely and doesn’t negatively impact the relationship. It is always recommended that people wear condoms, use their own sex toys and bring personal lubricant if they are engaging in sexual behaviour. This will protect you and all the people you have sexual relations with.

Of course, the type of guys that frequent these places varies according to the time of the day. During the lunch rush, the city venues will see an influx of boys in suits of various ages. Towards the evening it switches towards young and older men and later tends to be the younger crowd. It is a good idea for beginners to go most when they feel comfortable. If you would like to go there when there are lower amounts of people, go there during working hours. If you would like to go there when there are larger amounts of people, you can go there before work or after work hours.

If you have more concerns, you are able to visit the venues website or talk to their customer service officer.If you are nervous you can also visit the venue with a friend. For your first time experience, you can cruise around the rooms, relaxing and socialising. Since most venues have bars you can have a social drink to relax you.

These venues provide access to safe sex in a secure environment and allow you to engage in various forms of sexual activity. There certain in built rules to these venues which must be followed.

  1. No means no. It’s that simple. Consent is the most important aspect of these venues and you should never ever touch anyone without consent. If they walk away, avoid eye contact or give another form of ‘no’ then you need to move on.
  2. Everyone has different tastes and you shouldn’t take it personally. I’ve heard stories of this young Bel Ami model-like boy at one of these venues who would exclusively fuck octogenarian guys.
  3. Everyone has a taste, don’t take it personally.
  4. Safe sex. All of these venues should provide condoms and lubricant within arm’s reach of any form of sexual activity. Make sure that you use them both as safe sex is a must.
  5. Just because you’ve paid money to get into the venue – does not guarantee you sex. Some day’s you’ll be lucky, other days you might strike out. It’s the luck of the draw.
  6. Drugs are generally discouraged. The last thing a SOPV needs is a guy tripping out having a medical emergency. There’s no faster way to clear out a venue than this.

SOPV in Sydney are safer than beats. They’re monitored In controlled environments and you have easy (and free) access to the essentials. Whether you’re after a quick fix or simply an environment to explore a few things (in a sling or a glory hole fetish) they’re a fun and exciting way to blow off some steam.


By Stephen Smith – Consultant At Adult Lifestyle Centres Sydney

Products to Help Anorgasmia

Women Unzipped Mans Pants

Anorgasmia is a medical sexual dysfunction which prevents orgasms in people. It is more commonly associated with women, and in particular menopausal women. With the average female achieving orgasm in around 15-20 minutes and half that for men – it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between anorgasmia or partner dissatisfaction. Anorgasmia is generally separated into three categories:

  • Primary – Where an individual has never had an orgasm.
  • Secondary – Where an individual has had orgasms before but something (menopause, stress, anxiety, depression, surgery, hormonal imbalances, MS), has impacted on one’s ability to achieve orgasm.
  • Situational – Where an individual can only achieve orgasm under specific conditions or a certain type of stimulation.

There are adult products available in online sex shops which are aimed to support people who have anorgasmia. Some sex products which will help women who are effected by anorgasmia include Arousal Gel ON for Her, Body Wands and Kegel Balls.

Arousal Gel ON for Her: Arousal gels create stimulation on the clitoris. Studies have shown that clitoral stimulation is the most effective way to induce orgasm, although some women do respond well to G spot stimulation. The arousal Gel for Her is one of the most popular clitoral gels on the market. It is popular for several reasons:

  • It has one of the highest rates of effectiveness primarily because it uses entirely natural ingredients consisting of almond oil, cinnamon, rosemary oil and various other herbal extracts.
  • Just a small drop of this liquid is placed onto the clitoris and within minutes will create a warming tingling effect.
  • This effect increases blood flow and activates the various nerve endings within the genital region.
  • This stimulation can last up to 45 minutes (with a single drop) which is well and truly enough time to provide other forms of stimulation to hopefully bring you to an orgasmic bliss.
  • This product comes in three different intensity levels ranging from lite, original and ultra.
  • When the gel stimulates the clitoris with a hot sensation the body will naturally try to lubricate itself to.


Clitoral Arousal Gel
Best Arousal Gel: ON for Her


Body Wand: The body wand, smart wands and hitachi vibrators are one of the most powerful vibrators on the market. Direct clitoral stimulation with one of these powerful motors can quickly bring on incredibly intense and powerful orgasm. Since the clitoris may be numb to certain sensations, you might need to use a stronger sex toy to combat the effect. For some the vibrations can prove to be too much but there are other options available in this category. If the vibrator is to powerful, you can lower the setting or place a piece of cloth between your clitoris and the vibrator to make it softer.

Kegal Balls: Kegal balls are a device that strengthen, tone and tighten the pelvic floor muscles. By tightening and toning these muscles, you can improve blood flow, bladder control and achieve more powerful orgasms. By increasing blood flow (much like how the penis works) you’re activating the nerve endings which become more sensitive and aroused. The better the blood flow, the more nerves that are ‘switched on’. Females can also benefit from ‘vacuum devices’ such as vaginal pumps which are also known as pussy pumps and clitoral pumps – both of which increase blood flow and can successfully enhance sensitivity and feelings of pleasure. Often this method is prescribed by Doctors and counsellors as it is non-invasive and does not require the administration of medicines or herbs. This method is termed ‘clitoral rejuvenation’ with the use of vacuum devices.

As mentioned previously, these ideas can be considered individually or used as a combination. Remember that sex and pleasure should be a relaxed endeavor. If you’re stressed, or in a situation where you’re not comfortable then this could impact on your ability to orgasm and you need to talk to your partner about your feelings and work together on ways to overcome what you’re feeling. It could be as simple as improving the level of intimacy and desire, or incorporating some fun and exciting sex toys into the bedroom. The most important thing to remember and consider, is that it is unlikely to be a failing of sexual ability and there are more often than not underlying causes. It’s important not to place or even take blame on the partner – as this could lead to relationship issues. For further advice, visit one of your local Adult Lifestyle Centres where any of our staff will be happy to assist you or provide different recommendations based on your unique circumstances.


By Stephen Smith – Consultant Adult Lifestyle Centre

Sex Toys For The Disabled

Bondage BDSM Wheelchair

Many of us take the relationship between sex and our bodies for granted. For the most part – your bodies do what you want them to do and you get the sexual gratification that you seek. In this multi-part series we will explore the discrepancies between sex and bodies and different sexual aides that can be beneficial when physical disabilities become an obstacle to sexual gratification, intimacy and a happy and active sex life.

If you have restricted movement of the hands through arthritis, nerve damage, amputation or something else – the use of sexual aides can quickly become a sexual endeavor fraught with delicate and fiddly movements and that’s just to turn the vibrator on! Below you’ll find a small selection of sexual aides which, dependent on your form of disability, can bring some joy and cheeky fun back to the bedroom. Please remember that this is only a very small selection of toys and for more detailed information tailored towards your physical capabilities don’t hesitate to heading In store to the Adult Lifestyle Center in Kogarah – which is on the ground floor and mobility impaired friendly outlet and has some pretty good reviews on yelp.


Sex Furniture Ramp
Liberator Sex Furniture
  • Liberator Sex Furniture: Using liberator sex furniture will heighten the sexual encounter by using product’s which will feel luxurious. The wedges will elevate your lover to the level they need to be so that you can both have sex with ease.
  • Odeco Touch Vibrator:This funky vibrator is a rechargeable unit with a large bulbous handle for easy holding. It only has two easy to access buttons and is primarily controlled whilst inside the body. It features two modes, a manual mode and an ‘automatic’ mode. The ‘automatic’ mode when activated and inserted into the body senses pressure along the shaft and vibrates accordingly. Different amounts of pressure on different parts of the shaft of the vibrator will cause it to respond differently, if you’re able to hold the toy in, clenching the vaginal/anal walls will cause the vibrator to react!
  • Evolved Roulettes: The evolved roulettes style sex toy is fantastic if finger mobility is difficult. The little wheel at the base of the toy turns it on, and adjusts the strength of the vibration. This wheel can be rolled against skin, the edge of a table or whatever is near to you. Once it’s on, the length of this toy makes it easy to reach those delicate areas as well as a thick handle making it easier to hang on to. The only problematic part of the evolved would be changing the batteries. If this is of a concern to you, perhaps you should consider the bodywand. The Bodywand is also another great (and extraordinarily powerful) version of this style of vibrator which come in a rechargeable or wall powered variety.
  • Lelo Insignia Range: The lelo insignia range are delightfully in tune with any females body. They’re angled at just the right points for maximum pleasure, it’s little wonder to discover that these vibrators are designed by and for, women. The great part of the insignia range is the handle at the base for easier holding, further the length of these vibrators are designed so you don’t necessarily have to contort your body in order to reach the deeper parts. Lastly, these vibrators are both shower and spa proof as well as rechargeable. This means that if you have greater movement in warm water, then these vibrators will happily and playfully tag along.
  • Hot Octopuss Pulse 2: If you are after an exceptional guybrator that is designed with for mobility and physically impaired people the Hot Octopus Pulse 2 is a Popular Choice as both a male masturbator and couples sex toy.  Almost literally you just have to put the guybrator on you penis and let it do the work for you.  Hot Octopus is a very progressive manufacturer that is thinking outside the square and designing sex aids with the disabled in mind.

These vibrators and sexual aides represent an incredibly small selection of toys that can be used if you suffer from reduced hand movement. There’s a variety of other toys that will happily suit a multitude of varying hand movements. Check in store for further information.


By Stephen Smith a sex toy consultant from Adult Lifestyle Centres Australia


When Your Partner is Depressed

Beyond Blue Mental Health Statistics

According to the statistics by Australia’s Beyond Blue 1 in 6 people (1 in 5 women and 1 in 8 men) will experience depression during their life. Depression can affect people in a myriad of ways, but it can have serious consequences to an individual’s sex drive. Intimacy is an important part of any relationship and a lowered/non-existent libido can place enormous pressure on a relationship. Therein lies the catch, depression affects libido but sex can provide enormous boosts to one’s mood. This cycle is often hard to break but there are a few important tips to take some pressure off the relationship, and work through it as a team.

Beyond Blue Org
Beyond Blue Helping With Depression Australia


  1. Seek treatment for the depression: Seeking treatment for depression breaks the first barrier, admitting that there’s something going on and asking for help. Your doctor can refer you to a specialist, counselor and administer some form of treatment to get the ball rolling. But regaining your sex life isn’t necessarily going to happen unless you start treating the depression first.
  2. Speak to your partner: It’s important that you’re honest with your partner and let them know what’s going on. It’s important that you’re both working with each other and supporting each other throughout. Depression can be extremely rough for the individual battling it and those immediately around. It is essential that this part be about some give and take – depression takes away the motivation of things that they once enjoyed, reintroducing these things in small steps, can be extraordinarily beneficial. Just keep in mind that energy levels may be lower than normal and a brisk walk around the park may be more realistic than the 2k jogging laps they were used to.
  3. Find other forms of intimacy: Even without intercourse, you can still try and keep up the physical and emotional intimacy. Snuggling on the couch, massages, touching and kissing is still enough to keep up the intimacy and to let each other know that you’re still desirable and desired. Visiting your local store for a sensual handheld massager and massage oils is also a great way to induce intimacy by spoiling your loved one – remember that although their sex drive and libido is down that doesn’t mean they won’t become interested with some playful foreplay and intimate acts. Who knows! It might become a sexy stepping stone to something more. These simple acts are enough to provide elevations to mood and can be a supportive measure towards helping your partner beat depression without it driving a lasting ridge within the relationship.
Kama Sutra Collection
Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Collection Strawberry


Depression is a serious illness for everyone involved and effects a large amount of people within the Australian community. Beyond Blue shares the statistics that 1 in 6 people will either have depression or anxiety mental health issues.

It’s important to remember to be there for your partner, communicate with them and don’t blame your partner for having depression. Depression can cause various confusing effects, sometimes people can lash out and push loved ones away. Even though at the times when they have depression, they need people to be there for them the most. Remember to be strong and supportive. You can help each other through the difficult times. Sometimes if you ask the person “Is there anything that I can do for you?” may just be one of the questions they need to hear because them knowing that you are there will help them greatly. There’s no 100% effective way for dealing with depression in a relationship. But the above tips are a sure fire way to get the ball rolling.

It is with optimism that we find people more accepting of sex and sexual preferences and adult stores now evolving to becoming sex-positive outlets that not only sell product but advise clients what may be best suited for them. One of the most progressive of adult shops in Australia are the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres that offer a non-judgmental and safe place for those that may be seeking some relief from depression by the use of sex aids. Come in or call any time and speak with our highly trained and motivated consultants.


By Stephen Smith a sex toy consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre

Review: Nina Hartley Fleshlight Lotus

Male Masturbator

Nina Hartley is a definitive MILF, a gal who was hot back in the 1970s is as yet smoking hot today… also, pretty much oversexed. From that point forward she has gone ahead to highlight in more than 650 adult movies, and has been a standout among the most persisting and unmistakable entertainers in the business. She has won the most AVN honors of any star in history and was one of the few starlets to hybrid to “genuine acting” with a role in Boogie Nights, which sadly, she didn’t win an Oscar for.

Her statistics are –

  • DOB: March 11, 1959
  • Birthplace: Berkley, CA
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 5″6″
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Measurements: 34D-26-39

She said that when she got into the adult business, she was honored with two things: huge, infant blue eyes and that round butt which has turned into her trademark. Her most popular quote i:

“Sex isn’t something men do to you. It isn’t something men escape from you. Sex is something you jump into with fervor and like it just as much as he does.”


Nina Hartley Sex Professional
Nina Hartley Model Photo


It shocks no one then to discover the Fleshlight Girl Nina Hartley  is a flawless sex toy to fulfill your MILF/Cougar dreams with. Her vagina is superbly formed into a Fleshlight that seems to be a really serious affair. It looks yummy and beats any pocket pussy out there in terms of authenticity and MILF sex reproduction! Truth be told it appears to be indistinguishable to her genuine vagina and joined with the delicate and super sensible feeling material these sex toys are made of it will knock the socks off of Nina Hartley fans everywhere throughout the world.


Cougar whether it’s the strong sidewalls stacked with pleasurable and delicate hoisted circles or the lines of endless miniaturized scale knocks that will float you into an extraordinary climax, this is one surface that must be summed up as fabulous. It wasn’t simple outlining a composition as epic as Nina herself however it has been done. The outcome is certain to shock your faculties from all points.


Nina Hartleys Fleshlight Lotus is a smooth composition with a channel that has different lines of diverse widths as the foundation of your sexperience. On the off chance that you take a look of the representation of the vagina, you will see that the breadth varieties were intended to duplicate the shapes inside the vagina. In that sense, the Lotus is the most practical composition from the Fleshlight Products. At the 4 inches mark, you will discover what could be the Lotus’ significant achievement – the cervical hub. This gagging point “pops” when you enter it, recreating the vibe of coming to a lady’s cervix. Behind the cervical hub, you backpedal to a smooth chamber, trailed by a progression of shorter smooth chambers. To achieve these littler chambers, you have to have a penis no less than 6 inches in length, with 7-8 inches to truly appreciate the entire sleeve.


Nina Hartley has starred in over 650 porn movies and still counting. Did you know that Nina is a registered Nurse and is producing Sex Education DVDs and products. Nina is one of the most recognizable faces in the adult industry participating in it for over 30 years. So if you want one of the most travelled and experienced pussies in the business grab your Fleshlight Nina Hartley Lotus now from adultsmart adult shop online at great pricing and shipping internationally via DHL for under $10.

Below are some of Nina’s movies –


Scumbag (filming)

2015 Dude Bro Party Massacre III (post-production)
Dean Pepperstone

2015 Everything Butt (TV Series)

– Training the Gape. Two Models Give Everything Butt, Everything They’ve Got (2015)

2015 Hard Times (TV Series)

2014 Between the Headlines: A Lesbian Porn Parody (Video)
Hillary Clinton

2014 School of MILF 2: The Education of Belle Knox (Video)

2014 Legendary Players (Video)

2014 It’s Not a Date

2014 The Dr. Susan Block Show (TV Series)

– Nina Hartley & the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance on DrSuzy.Tv in Bonoboville (2014)

2014 Owner Gets Clipped (Video)

2014 Austin Powers XXX: A Porn Parody (Video)
Frau Undawaren

2013 Not the Wizard of Oz XXX (Video)
Auntie Em

2013 My Friend’s Hot Mom 35 (Video)

2013 Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists Vol. 5 (Video)

2012 Filthy Family 7: Moms & Daughters (Video)

2012 Mothers & Sons (Video)

2012 Deep Kissing Lesbians (Video)

2012 Lesbian Lawyers (Video)

2012 My Hot Aunt 2 (Video)

2012 Hell’s Kitty (TV Series)
Ms. Rommel

– Heart Breaker (2012) … Ms. Rommel

– Tongue Tied (2012) … Ms. Rommel

– Pussy Whipped (2012) … Ms. Rommel

2012 The Perfect Partner (Video)

2012 My Daughter’s Boyfriend 6 (Video)

2012 Seduced by Mommy 4 (Video)

2012 The Truth About O (Video)

2012 Lesbian Hitchhiker 4 (Video)

2012 Milf’s Guide to Squirting (Video)

2012 MILFs Seeking Boys (Video)

2012 My Friend’s Hot Mom 29 (Video)

2012 Wives Club (Video)

2011 Calvin’s Dream
Nina Hartley

2011 Teach Me 2 (Video)

2011 Mom’s Cuckold 7 (Video)

2011 The Addams Family XXX (Video)

2011 Cougar’s Prey 6 (Video)

2011 Anchorman: A XXX Parody (Video)
Old Woman

2011 Supergirl XXX (Video)
Kara’s Mom

2011 Lesbian Truth or Dare 5 (Video)

2011 Undercover Boss: Nina Hartley (Video short)

2011 The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past (Video)

2011 Evil Cuckold 2 (Video)

2011 Wife Switch 13 (Video)

2010 Lost (Video)

2010 50 and Still Fucking (Video)
Nina Hartley

2010 Legends & Starlets 3 (Video)

2010 MILF Legends 4 (Video)

2010 A MILF’s Tale (Video)

2010 MILF Maids (Video)

2010 Legends & Starlets 2 (Video)

2010 Mom’s Cuckold 3 (Video)

2010 Seasoned Players 12 (Video)

2010 A Beauty and a Geek (Video)

2010 Nina Loves Girls 2 (Video)

2010 It’s Okay! She’s My Mother in Law 5 (Video)

2010 Malibu Massage Parlor (Video)

2010 Masturbation Nation 10 (Video)

2010 Masturbation Nation 9 (Video)

2010 Strap on Sunny (Video)
Dr. Hartley

2009 Private Gold 107: Cheating Hollywood Wives (Video)

2009 Lesbian Daydreams 3 (Video)

2009 Lesbian Adventures: Victorian Love Letters (Video)

2009 Fuck a Fan 2 (Video)

2009 Operation: Tropical Stormy (Video)
The Queen

2009 Girls Kissing Girls 3: Make Up Make Out Sessions (Video)

2009 My Daughter’s Boyfriend 1 (Video)

2009 When Ginger Met Nina 2: Girls’ Night Out (Video)

2009 Moms a Cheater Vol. 5 (Video)

2009 Legends & Starlets 1 (Video)

2009 Lesbian Mentors 1: Older Women, Younger Girls (Video)
Scene One

2009 Guide to Simultaneous Orgasms (Video)

2009 Not Three’s Company XXX (Video)
Mrs. Roper

2009 My Little Minx: A (sort of) Silent Lesbian Farce (Video)
Nina, Innkeeper

2009 Lesbian Daydreams 2: Secret Fantasies (Video)

2009 Debbie Duz Dishes Again (Video)

2009 MILF Legends 1 (Video)

2009 MILF Legends 2 (Video)

2009 Popporn: The Guide to Making Fuck (Video)

2009 When Ginger Met Nina 1 (Video)

2008 Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 1 (Video)

2008 The Surrender of O (Video)

2008 Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? (Video)

2008 Not Bewitched XXX (Video)

2008 The Last Rose (Video)

2008 Burn (Video)
Non Sex

2008 Nina Loves Girls 1 (Video)

2008 Guide to Great Sex During Pregnancy (Video)

2008 Ass Eaters Unanimous 17 (Video)

2008 Desperate Mothers & Wives 9 (Video)

2008 Diary of a MILF 9 (Video)

2008 Dirty Big Butt Teachers 3 (Video)

2008 Go Fuck Myself 6 (Video)

2008 Guide to Bondage Sex (Video)

2008 I Fucked You & Yo Mama 3 (Video)

2008 Kinky Big Butt Cougars (Video)

2008 Little Red Rides the Hood 4 (Video)

2008 Mini Van Moms 12: Cougar Edition (Video)

2008 Mom’s Black Cock Anal Nightmare 1 (Video)

2008 Nina Hartley: MILF Trainer (Video)

2008 Slutty White MILF Neighbors 1 (Video)

2008 Thick Ass White Girlz 3 (Video)

2008 Wasabi MILF Orgy (Video)

2008 When Cougars Attack (Video)

2008 Wife Switch 5 (Video)

2008 You’ve Got a Mother Thing Cumming 2 (Video)

2007 Seasoned Players 2 (Video)

2007 It’s a Mommy Thing! (Video)

2007 Girls in White 2007 2 (Video)
NonSex Performers

2007 For Love, Money or a Green Card (Video)

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2007 Guide to Stripping for Your Partner (Video)

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2007 Organic MILF (Video)

2007 Shorty Iz Fuckin’ Yo Mama (Video)

2007 Soccer Mommies (Video)

2007 White Wife Black Cock 8 (Video)

2006 O the Power of Submission (Video)
Anne Marie

2006 Women Seeking Women 29 (Video)

2006 My Mother Loves the Brothas 2 (Video)
Bonus Scenes (as Nina)

2006 L.A.Vice (Video)

2006/I Guide to Strap-On Sex (Video)

2006 Bondage Babes (Video)

2006 Group Sex 5 (Video)

2006 Guide to Erotic Massage (Video)

2006 Guide to Female Ejaculation (Video)

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2005 House of Taboo (TV Series)

– Nina Hartley and Kitty: HIT the BEDPAN (2005)

2005 180 (Short)

2005 She Sucks! (Video)

2005 Lesbian Seductions: Older/Younger 3 (Video) (as Nina)

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2003 Guide to Younger Women Older Men Sex (Video)

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2003 Naked Hollywood 16: Brains or Beauty (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 17: Lights, Camera, Action (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 18: Real Life (Video)

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2003 Naked Hollywood 20 (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 21: Love and Math (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 22: Goodbye (Video)

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2002 American Dummy (Short)
Sherry Weitz

2002 Dark Paradise 2 (Video)

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2002 Naked Hollywood 15: The Body Beautiful…

2002 Naked Hollywood 14: Playing the Part (Video)

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2001 Hi Infidelity (Video)
Genevieve Brooks (as Nina Hartly)

2001 Naked Hollywood 9: The Odd Couple (Video)

2001 Goosed for 3!: A Bisexual Love Affair (Video)
Non-sexual role

2000 A Midsummer Night’s Cream (Video)

2000 Bad Penny (Video)
Penny Wood

2000 Booby Trap (Video)
Dr. Marsha Goodhead

2000 Consenting Adults (Video)

2000 Las Vegas Revue 2000 (Video)

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Mable Brown

2000 Signature Series 1: Asia Carrera (Video)

2000 (Video)

2000 White Lightning (Video)
Nola Friedman – Therapist

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Jean Morrison

2000 Extremely Yours, Ass Woman (Video)

2000 Hard Bound (Video)

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1999 Cryptic Seduction (Video)

1999 Las Vegas Revue ’99 (Video)

1999 Solveig’s Way (Video)

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1999 White Rabbit (Video)

1998 Asswoman in Wonderland (Video)
Queen of Hearts

1998 One Size Fits All (Video)

1998 Ginger’s Island 2 (Video)
Mrs. Lovie-Poo Powell

1998 L.A. Fashion Girls (Video)
Mrs. Van Stavern

1997 Adventures of the Fart Bitches (Video)

1997 All About Eva (Video)

1997 Corporate Assets II (Video)

1997 Dirty Bob’s Xcellent Adventures 29 (Video)

1997 Dirty Bob’s Xcellent Adventures 37 (Video)

1997 Fountain of Innocence (Video)

1997 Girl Watcher’s Delight 78: Catalina (Video)

1997 Guide to Private Dancing (Video)

1997 Las Vegas Revue ’97

1997 Nina, Shayla and Kylie’s Barcelona Home Video (Video)

1997 Philmore Butts Looking for Lust (Video)

1997 Riding Lessons (Video)

1997 The Bridal Shower (Video)

1997 Twice in a Lifetime (Video)

1997 Boogie Nights
Little Bill’s Wife

1997 Ginger’s Island (Video)

1997 House of Anal Perversions (Video)

1997 Sorority Sex Kittens 3 (Video)

1997 Pussyman 15: Bone Voyage (Video)

1997 The Scope (Video)
Female Swinger

1996 Adam and Eve’s House Party (Video)

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1996 Bubbles Galore
Bubbles Galore

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1995 Betty & Juice Possessed (Video)

1995 Caught in the Act (Video)

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Mary Margaret Rose

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1995 Horny Throat (Video)

1995 Talking Blue (TV Series)

1995 Buttman’s European Vacation 3 (Video)

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1995 Hot Weekend at Ernies (Video)

1995 Infamous Crimes Against Nature (Video)

1995 More Sorority Stewardesses (Video)

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Page Turner

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1994 Pajama Party X 2 (Video)

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1992 Book of Love (Video)
Angela Wells

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Dr. Rina D’Nina

1992 Group Therapy (Video)

1992 Hothouse Rose II (Video)

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1992 Maiden Heaven (Video)

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1992 Play It Again… Samantha! (Video)

1992 Seymore Butts: In the Love Shack

1992 The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers (Video)

1992 Lethal Passion (Video)

1991 All Night Long (Video)

1991 A Taste of Ecstasy (Video)

1991 Beaver Ridge (Video)

1991 Bubbles (Video)

1991 Debbie Does Wall Street (Video)
Debbie May

1991 Dyke Bar (Video)

1991 Finely Back (Video)

1991 Frankie and Joanie (Video)

1991 Girls Like Us

1991 Girls Will Be Boys 3

1991 Girlz n the Hood (Video)

1991 Hothouse Rose (Video)

1991 Hot Line (Video)

1991 Hump Up the Volume (Video) (uncredited)

1991 Introducing Tracey Wynn (Video)

1991 Mummy Dearest 3 (Video)

1991 Naughty Nina (Video)

1991 Offertes à tout 1 (Video)

1991 Scarlet Fantasy

1991 Shadow Dancers I (Video)

1991 Shadow Dancers II (Video)

1991 Suburban Dykes (Video)

1991 The Life of the Party (Video)

1991 Wild Thing (Video)

1991 Sensual Escape

1991 Manbait (Video)

1991 Oh What a Night (Video)

1991 Party Doll

1991 Talk Dirty to Me: Part Six (Video)

1991 The New Barbarians (Video)

1991 The Seduction Formula (Video)

1990 Amazing Tails 4 (Video)
The Young Maid (segment “Cinderella Dreams”)

1990 Anal Annie’s All-Girl Escort Service
Anal Annie

1990 As the Spirit Moves You
The Neighbour

1990 Behind Blue Eyes III (Video)

1990 Body Music: Part II (Video)

1990 Caught from Behind 14 (Video)

1990 Family Affairs (Video)

1990 Girls Don’t Lie

1990 Here… Eat This!

1990 Hungry

1990 Juicy Lucy
Proctor’s Colleague

1990 Mummy Dearest

1990/I Nasty Girls 2

1990 Ravished (Video)
Susan the Sex Therapist (as Nina Hartwell)

1990 Shake Well Before Using

1990 Silver Tongue and Hot Rod (Video)

1990 Slip of the Tongue

1990 Smokescreen (Video)

1990 Stairway to Paradise
Susan Moore

1990 Street Walkers

1990 The Last X-rated Movie (Video)

1990 The Last X-rated Movie 2

1990 The Last X-rated Movie 3

1990 The Last X-rated Movie 4

1990 The Love Nest (Video)

1990 The New Barbarians (Video)

1990 The Smart Ass 2: Rusty’s Revenge

1990 Wild Wild Chest (Video)

1990 Personal Best (Video)

1990 Adultery

1990 Buns N’ Roses (Video)

1990 DeRenzy Tapes (Video)

1990 Portrait of a Nymph

1989 Acts of Love

1989 Blue Movie (Video)
Devan James

1989 California Taboo
Carrie Fields

1989 China Bitch

1989 Coming on Strong (Video)

1989 Debbie Class of ’89

1989 Diamond in the Rough

1989 Dirty Lingerie (Video)

1989 Dreamwalk (Video)

1989 Firestorm 3 (Video)

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1989 Girl World: Part IV (Video)

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Tish Tosh

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1989 Sorority Pink 2: ‘Hell Week Initiation’ (Video)
Upsilon Sigma Coed

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Hortense Harlott

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Pinky McFarlane

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Ms. Hadleman

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1989 Who Shaved Aja?

1989 Who Shaved Lynn LeMay?

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Ginger Snaps

1989 Bring on the Virgins (Video)

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1989 Outrageous Orgies 5 (Video)

1989 The Big Thrill (Video)

1989 The Naked Stranger

1988 ‘Ginger’ Does Em’ All (Video)

1988 Afro Erotica 22 (Video)

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1988 Alice in Whiteland

1988 Amanda by Night 2

1988 A Natural Woman

1988 Back Door Brides Part III: ‘Marital Bliss’ (Video)

1988 Biloxi Babes (Video)

1988 Blue Cabaret (Video)

1988 Candy’s Little Sister Sugar (Video)
Helena Wunderbar

1988 Chicks in Black Leather

1988 Conflict (Video)

1988 Debbie 4 Hire (Video)

1988 Debbie for President (Video)

1988 Debbie Goes to Hawaii (Video)

1988 Divine Decadence (Video)

1988 Dy-nasty

1988 Exposure (Video)

1988 Fantasy Confidential

1988 Fatal Erection

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Vicki Sherwood

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1988 Portrait of an Affair (Video)

1988 Power Blonde (Video)

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1988 Taboo VI: The Obsession (Video)

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Mrs. Tony Underwood

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1988 A Thousand and One Erotic Nights Part II: The Forbidden Tales
Party Animal

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Jean Rush

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1988 HHHHot! TV

1988 Kinky Vision II (Video)
Connie Cable

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Nina Hartley

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1988 The Nicole Stanton Story: ‘The Rise’ (Video)
Sherry Birmingham

1988 To the Top: The Nicole Stanton Story Part Two (Video)
Sherry Birmingham

1987 A Lover for Susan

1987 Barbara the Barbarian

1987 Blazing Bedrooms (Video)
Debbie #2

1987 Born to Be Bad (Video)

1987 Breakin’ All the Rules (Video)

1987 Club Ecstasy (Video)

1987 Debbie Duz Dishes III

1987 Dr. Blacklove (Video)
Mattie Monroe

1987 Dream Lovers

1987 Dynamic Vices
Sonya (uncredited)

1987 Endzone

1987 Falcon Breast
Owner of vineyard

1987 Girl Games

1987 Girls Who Dig Girls 4 (Video)

1987 Girl World: Part I (Video)

1987 Hard Choices (Video)

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Jack Hammer’s client

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1987 Little Bit o’ Honey

1987 Monkey Business

1987 No One to Love

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Dean Wanda Whitter

1987 Phone Sex Girls 2

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1987 Red Hot Fire Girls (Video)

1987 Rites of Passion

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Kidnapped Girl

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1987 Adultery

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1987 Friday the 13th: A Nude Beginning

1987 Hot Numbers

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1987 Naked Stranger (Video)

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1986 4 Adults Only

1986 Amazing Sex Stories

1986 Blazing Mattresses (Video)

1986 Body Games

1986 Breakin In (Video)

1986 Cheating

1986 Dangerous Desire (Video)

1986 Debbie Duz Dishes (Video)

1986 E.X.

1986 Female Aggressors

1986 Hot & Nasty

1986 Hot Nights and Hard Bodies

1986 Hot Rocks

1986 I’ve Never Done This Before! (Video)

1986 In and Out of Africa

1986 Kinky Vision (Video)

1986 Material Girl (Video)

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1986 Moving In!
Surprise Present (uncredited)

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George’s Lover

1986 Scandals: Tracey Adams (Video short)

1986 Sensual Seductions (Video)

1986 Sex Life of a Porn Star

1986 Sexline, You’re on the Air

1986 Sexually Altered States

1986 Sin City
Red Head

1986 Sweat (Video)

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1986 The House of Blue Dreams (Video)

1986 The Kiss

1986 The Legend of King Karl (Video)

1986 The Performers (Video)

1986 The Red Garter (Video)

1986 Visions of Jeannie (Video)

1986 W-PINK II (Video)

1986 WPINK-tv 2 (Video)

1986 Nooner (Video)

1986 Battle of the Titans

1986 Sex with a Stranger
Priscilla Vogue

1986 Beyond Desire (uncredited)

1986 Corporate Affairs (Video)

1986 Girl Toys (Video)

1986 Peeping Tom
Warehouse Girl

1986 Pleasure Maze

1986 Showgirls

1986 Sinful Sisters (Video)

1986 The Ultimate Lover

1985 Anal Annie and the Magic Dildo
Anal Annie

1985 Anal Annie and the Willing Husbands (Video)
Anal Annie

1985 Anal Annie Just Can’t Say No
Anal Annie

1985 Battle of the Stars (Video)

1985 Battle of the Stars, Round 2: East vs. West (Video)

1985 Battle of the Stars 3: Stud Wars

1985 Dreams of Natasha (Video)

1985 Every Woman Has a Fantasy 2 (Video)

1985 Fashion Fantasies

1985 Fashion Passion

1985 For Love and Lust (as Nina Hartman)

1985 Gang Bang (Video)
The Hot Stripper (as Nina Hartely)

1985 Hot Nights at the Blue Note Cafe

1985 Inspector Cliteau in… The Pink Panties (Video)

1985 It’s Incredible
Jane – TV Show Host

1985 Late After Dark

1985 Lucky in Love

1985 Missing Pieces (Video)

1985 Rear Action Girls 2 (Video)

1985 Rock Hard (Video)
Cindi Looper

1985 Shaved Bunnies (Video)
Anal Annie

1985 Swedish Erotica 68

1985 The Ultimate O (Video)

1985 Thought You’d Never Ask
Horny Receptionist

1985 Trick or Treat (Video)

1985 Xstasy

1985 The Grafenberg Spot
Sex Show Performer #2

1985 Getting Personal

1985 Sex-a-vision

1985 Ten Little Maidens

1984 Anal Annie and the Backdoor Housewives (Video)
Anal Annie

1984 Butter Me Up! (Video)

1984 Educating Nina
Graduate Student / Girl in Bed (segments “Breakfast in Bed” “The Dance”)

1984 Hustler 17 (Video)
Hooker (as Nina Hartwell)

1984 Fooling Around

1984 Ball Busters

1984 Looking for Lust in All the Right Places (Video)

Review: Oxball Cock & Ball Sling

Oxballs Sex Toy Brand

It’s difficult to clarify precisely what the Oxball Cock & Ball Sling is on account of it’s like a cock ring but not. I like to consider it like a little bit of protective layer for the penis and testicles, something you may put on your steed before taking it into a cock fight. The Oxball Cock & Ball Sling comes in very basic packaging but that is the only thing mundane about and Oxballs products that are made and designed by men for men. However it would be good, even though the packaging is plain, to have some sort of instructions of how to use them.

Dissimilar to most Oxballs items which are made of silicone, the Cock & Ball Sling is rather made of thermoplastic elastic (TPR), so you need to figure they have a justifiable reason for using it. The reason gets to be obvious when you understand exactly how stretchy this material is, substantially more so than any silicone that I’ve experienced. TPR is a sheltered material, however less profoundly respected than silicone on the grounds that it is somewhat porous, yet considering this isn’t an insertable toy I wouldn’t stress a lot over that. The main drawback to the material is that it has a scent. You’re most likely not going to invest a great deal of energy sniffing it considering where its used – however it is important to note so that you don’t use it and leave it lying around without cleaning it. If you don’t clean it the Cock & Ball Sling will become rank pretty quickly and that smell will probably never go away. Wash up after each use guys.

Oxballs Cock and Ball Sling
Mens Sex Toy: Oxballs Cock and Ball Sling



The development nature of Oxballs Cock & Ball Sling is pretty awesome – two of the openings in the Cock & Ball Sling component have a slight divot, intended to oblige the corpus spongiosum – the third erection chamber of the penis through which the urethra runs. This is expected to diminish weight on the urethra and permit ejaculation whilst the toy is being worn yet still being able to keep your cock hard for those that suffer from erectile dysfunction, or simply want a hard cock.

In the matter of putting on the Cock & Ball Sling it’s imperative to get it right from the start. I can’t let you know what number of photographs I’ve searched on Google to make sure I did. The Cock & Ball Sling has three gaps: a wide calculated gap at the back which is intended to sit flush against the body, a rectangular opening at the front which the penis leaves, and a round gap at the base which the testicles hang through. When you have that sorted you can put it on. It doesn’t make a difference truly that you attempt to do this when you’re erect or limp as here is the place the stretchy material makes anything possible. The material truly does stretch fantastically;

To begin off basically pop your penis through the back opening and out of the front. With that dealt with you now need to get the balls into spot, keeping in mind I experienced no difficulty doing it the first run through. You have to extend the gap at the base and the gap at the back until you have a bit of material that resembles a strap, and afterward you essentially snare this strap over and under the balls to slide them into spot. This is simpler said than done, and one thing you need to make certain of is that you get enough scrotal skin through the base gap to permit the testicles to go through completely, generally when you let go of the material you may discover your testicles getting stuck in the opening and crushed. It’s one of those times when it would be valuable to have an additional hand, so if you have a lover get them to help slip it on.

Wearing the Cock & Ball Sling is agreeable and a truly pleasurable ordeal. The material fits cozily around the penis and testicles and doesn’t feel too tight by any means. It’s similar to a consistent delicate and reaffirming touch around the entire zone. After you’ve put it on at first it can take a little conformity of free skin to get the fit exactly how you need it. The less pubic hair the better, as it can get found when you’re attempting to slide a finger under one of the rings to extend it while you move things around. The intriguing thing about the Cock & Ball Sling is that when you first put it on it tends to draw the foreskin back and afterward hold the skin set up around the base of the pole, keeping the pole skin from being exceptionally portable or ready to slide back over the head once more.
Since the Cock & Ball Sling is basically a cock ring it works in the same way and serves to keep blood in the penis and make a more grounded erection, and in addition delicately pushing on the perineum. The different gap for the testicles holds them somewhat far from the body, as opposed to permitting them to wind up firmly tucked up under the penis as they ordinarily do before climax. This has the impact of making you somewhat more mindful of the balls, and the scrotum just about appears to be touchier to a light touch.

The Cock & Ball Sling is incredible for all types of sex, and during masturbation, however one thing to note is that because of the outline of it does cover the base inch of the pole you will loose that insertable length. Like any cock ring it’s fitting not to wear for more than 30mins at once so as to restore typical blood stream to the privates; The Cock & Ball Sling is anything but difficult to take off, however be mindful so as not to get any hairs caught.

Do not use silicone or oil based lubricants with it as it will perish the material. I really like the Oxball Cock & Ball Sling and would prescribe it to anybody. It’s an awesome creation which truly feels incredible to wear.


Review: Jessica Drake Fleshlight

Male Masturbator

#1 Selling Male Sex Toy Fleshlight Jessica Drake. Showcasing a precise copy of Wicked star Jessica Drakes intimates, this attractive toy is a fabulous expansion to a line of porn starlets from Fleshlight. Texas local Jessica Drake was a dance artist in an El Paso strip club that regularly included porn stars, and she would watch them and imagine that she could improve in what they do. She talked with companions who were in the porno business and in the long run chose to try it out herself. She made her first film in 2000, and that year was named Best New Starlet at the AVN Awards. Notwithstanding her work in bad-to-the-bone, she has additionally showed up in various “softcore” movies made for digital TV and some TV sit-coms. In 2003, Jessica signed an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures.

Noticing an interest for present day sex education, Jessica Drake and Wicked Pictures produced Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex, an educational arrangement of suggestive instructional movies. The principal DVD in the line, Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio, was awarded the 2012 award for Best Educational Release by AVN Media. The arrangement has been profiled on ladies’ way of life shows and in 2014 Drake added another feature to the arrangement for larger sizes. Teaming up with BBW entertainer Kelly Shibari, Wicked and Jessica Drake released Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size.


Not limiting herself to Film and Television, Jessica also found her way to Radio. “Manual for Wicked Sex” was additionally a week after week segment on Jessica’s prominent Playboy Radio show, “IN BED with Jessica Drake.” Jessica also shows sex instruction classes and workshops around the globe, including tending to a class of authorized advisors at UCLA on May 3, 2012 and talking on a board at CatalystCon West sexuality conference. In February 2014, Drake spoke along side kindred performer Tasha Reign amid the University of Chicago’s Sex Week where they were included on a board entitled Jessica Drake: From Porn to Sex Ed.

Again in February 2014, Drake and Tasha Reign talked on a board titled Porn, Prostitution, and Censorship: The Politics of Empowerment at Moore Hall at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). The yearly board is supported by the Social Awareness Network for Activism through Art (SANAA) out of appreciation for Eve Ensler’s V-Day Organization. Ensler’s The Vagina Monologs is a yearly presentation on ladies’ issues. Also on the board were Ph.D. applicant in Cinema and Media Studies at UCLA and speaker at Otis College of Art and Design Jennifer Moorman and UCLA Distinguished Lecturer Dr. Christopher Mott who drives a class titled “Erotica and the Politics of Sexual Representation.” Panel organizer Alec Moore said, “We are greatly excited to have Tasha Reign and Jessica Drake on board for our board.” “As a sex industry insider, and a Bruin, Tasha can give us a remarkable viewpoint from her own particular epistemological angle, loaning us her significant understanding into the legislative issues of sexual representation.” Reign is an alumna of UCLA.

So it comes as no surprise that Jessica Drake should, in conjunction with Fleshlight the men’s sex toy company put our an ultra-exact replicas of her most intimate body parts in both look and feel, The Jessica Lotus, Forbidden and Swallow were made to fastidiously nitty gritty determinations, with a final result that is completely dream commendable, and constantly prepared and ready for you when you are.

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A progressive, ultra-safe Fleshight-licensed Superskin material making up the removable inside sleeve brings about a staggeringly delicate and practical feel, you’ll cherish how it warms to the touch, warming normally to body temperature when using. You can play with temperature considerably all the more by warming up the sleeve in warm water first or using the new Fleshlight Warmer and toss your lube in while you’re grinding away for a greater extent genuine feel.

You’ll adore how Superskin keeps its shape like genuine tissue, its delicate and versatile, and holds you tenderly. It’ll keep going quite a while if watched over appropriately, and once you’ve encountered the vibe of the Fleshlight, you’ll most likely need to draw out. To clean, wash altogether with warm water, abstain from utilizing cleansers – just light soap and warm water. It’s vital to let it dry totally before putting away it away. When you have had it for a while, the sleeve may get somewhat sticky, if this happens, simply sprinkle it generously with Fleshlight’s Renewing powder to restore the delicate quality.


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