Review: BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo

BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo Vaca Photo

We just got some new BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo into the Penrith store. I’m a bit in love with them. Well not just a bit, I mean a lot in love with them. They’re just so pretty, well shaped and sized just for perfect G-Spot orgasm. Tantus, the company which makes them is BS Atelier. BS Atelier motto is “Offers erotic goods for nice sex which is a bit quirky. Their motto tickles my fancy and I agree hardheartedly with them. From what I have seen so far I think they have definitely lived up to their motto). These g-spot dildos come in several different colours/patterns and three different sizes, a smaller one perfect for those who prefer a slimmer sized insert-able toy (e.g. women who have not given birth, customers who are new to anal sex), and a medium size and a larger size for those who prefer something longer and more girth. They also make a double dildo in a lovely dark blue shade called ‘Olga’ and a range of other products including butt plugs and harnesses. We have two of their curved dildos in the store currently so I will take a look at them today.

Firstly, we have a BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo in the small size. This baby was what first caught my eye cause is the striped multi-coloured dildo reminiscent of licorice all sorts or some other delicious candy. I can’t say I have ever seen a prettier dildo, to be honest. It’s super appealing to me, at any rate, with a summery 70’s vibe that just needs some roller derby chicks, giant lollipops and of course giant shades for the perfect retro party scene. One of my favourite happy places for sure. This dildo is approximately 14 cm in length and 13cm in insertable length with a 3cm width. It’s curved to be perfect for G spot (or P spot) stimulation, and has a flared base so it’s suitable for use in a strap on harness and safe for anal play. The tip is slightly blunted which is a popular and effective style for g spot toys.


Coloured Hand Made Sex Toy
Sex Toy: BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo


BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo’s are hand made in BS Atelier’s company’s studio located in Madrid, Spain. Spain is known for the artistic tapestries, culture and talents. I’m really loving that Spain brought there characteristics into a sex toy design. The silicone is 100% hypoallergenic made from body safe material. The texture is silky and lovely to touch. It is firm yet flexible to mould with many different types body shapes. These BS Atelier’s G-Spot Dildo’s are hand made so all of them will be slightly unique with characteristic charm. They giver people the feeling of owning something special. There’s is a coloured dildo for everyone’s personality as you can buy one depending on your personal likes and dislikes.

Secondly we have a BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo which has a Cow Patterned in a medium size. The material, make and proportions is the same as the smaller dildo. The differences are in size, colour and pattern. The Cow Patterned G-Spot Dildo is 16.5cm long with around 16cm of insertable length. At its widest insertable section it’s about 4.5cm in diameter and the slimmest part is around 3cm or just over. Through most of the length of the shaft the diameter is 3.5cm. The colour and pattern on this one is so cute, as the name implies it is reminiscent of a beautiful cow’s coat. The base colour is white and it has brown-black splotches of colouring near and on the base. I personally think it would make a super cute addition to anyone’s collection. There is also a BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo in a large size which is 18.5cm in total length with an 18cm insertable length and is 4cm in average diameter.

BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo have a flared base making it perfect use in a harness for pegging and strap-on play! Flared base also makes safe to be used anally. The curvature is a dream when it comes to gently rubbing against the P-spot when inserted and extra pressure can be applied for a more intense sensation.  A great feature of this dildo is that its curve is less defined than other dildos so for women who find that the more defined curved G-spot stimulators such as the Jopen Comet or  Lelo Ella get caught or rub uncomfortably on their pelvic bone. The head of the BS Atelier is similar to the Lelo Ella head which is amazingly pronounced and just snubbed on the tip enough to lightly massage the G-spot.

These delightful dildos are perfect for lovers of art, colour and are aesthetically fun to look at. I would say they are made for very practical use with a very effective G-Spot design which is known to give consistent orgasms. They will appeal to those of us who want something a little bit special and unique in life. My favourite is the darker striped one with black, red, purple, orange etc but their are so many great options.

BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo are 100% high quality silicone dildo is unique to each owner. The silicone is soft and supple its got a delightful spring in it when pressed, its easily bended in half but doesn’t droop at all. The silicone is firm but pliable enough to not cause any discomfort when being used. These dildos have no texture but its matte finish and irregular surface texture gives it a sort of dragginess when in use  a quality water-based lubricant should be used to aid insertion. The complete smoothness and lack of texture make BS G-Spot excellent for thrusting.

The packaging is as minimalist as they come it is a clear snap lock bag with white branding and a blurb of information on the back. The clear bag is absolute perfection as it beautifully, wonderfully showcases the artisan masterpiece. The thing that blows all the other dongs out of the water at Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah is their candy coloured striped g-spotters! Paris (photographed below) are the brightest and my personal favourite and they also come in animal prints and vacca (cow) is definitely in my top three!  The BS Atelier G-Spot Dildo is a sex blogger cult favourite.  BS Atelier (or BS is nice) and damn its fancy!



Seasonal & Sex Material Allergies

Red Head Girl Blowing Her Nose

Another type of allergy could effect your body could be sensitive to is the material the adult product is made from. Genitals are a sensitive thing and if you put the wrong thing on them they can get very upset. The vagina is particularly sensitive, and as such if people have sensitive skin then there are a range of products I recommend that you should avoid.

  • Jelly Sex Toys: Any soft jelly rubber sex toys use a range of chemicals to keep them soft. You’ll notice that some toys, give off a slight odour. These toys can cause skin irritation and mild to severe burning sensations. Further, some of the jelly toys will give off a slight greasy appearance and when you run your hands on them and smell your hands the smell will transfer on them. Whilst the safety of these toys, which contains phalates, is debatable as it is considered by some academics to be carcinogenic (cancer causing). If it burns, you need to immediately stop using them, have a shower with a skin friendly soap and wipe off what you can. If you just can’t get past the softnessd of these toys, wrap them in a condom before use. As the ‘greasy’ toys are essentially decomposing in a way you must ensure that you keep these toys seperate from others because if they come into contact with others they have a tendency to ‘melt’ over each other.
  • Phthlate Sex Toys
    • Cheap Sex Toys: The cheaper the dildo – the more of a guarantee it is toxic. You may be tempted to buy the $10 bright red see-through dildo (they are kind of cool looking)…but you will get what you pay for. Though those brilliantly colored crystal jelly dildos are cheap – they are toxic! In fact the word “jelly” is pretty much synonymous with toxic in the sex toys world.
    • Smelly Sex Toys:  Toxic sex toys have a strong chemical smell, which never goes away completely even after repeated washes.
    • Elastomers: Some see through dildos are toxic. If it is see-though and flexible and soft, it’s probably toxic. A few see-though dildos are made with a substance called “elastomers”; those are safer in terms of not containing phthalates but are still porous and unsterilizable so should be used with a condom and ideally not anally. See-through hard plastic is safe, too, but a much less desirable texture for a toy.
  • Lubrication: If you find that your lubricant is causing you sensitivity issues, have a look at the ingredients. If it contains methyl Paraben then chances are you have an allergy to it. Make sure you either stick to a silicone lubricant which doesn’t cause any irritation, switch to a natural lubricant, or avoid any lubricants with any kind of parabens with it. Most warming and cooling lubricants contain parabens but there are a few, including the Pjur Med Warming glide which uses natural warming ingredients as opposed to parabens
  • Condoms: If you have a reaction to a condom you could be allergic t either the lubricant or the latex. Switch to a lubricant free condom and add your own safe lubricant, or move to a latex free condom like the Skyns. Once you work out whether you’re allergic to the lubricant or the condom you’ll be able to get back to having some clean dirty fun!

Review: Sqweel XT Oral Sex Stimulator

Sqweel XT Oral Sex Stimulator

I’m always curious about masturbators that push the boundaries from simply inserting your dick, waving it around and thrusting until you ejaculate and then cleaning the product and going home. Sometimes you just want to be lazy, lean back hands behind your head and let your toy do all the hard work. Toys such as the Cobra, the Pulsa and the electronic Piston do decently in this regard, and now Sqweel has brought it’s version to the game. Traditionally electronic masturbators work with a ‘thrusting’ mechanic, think of the A10 piston and how the masturbator goes back and forth as you would when using the hand. The pulse is a little different with a pulsator for the frenulum and the Sqweel XT is different again.

By first impressions it almost looks like a mini Dyson fan, it’s electronic and rechargeable and comes with two wheels. Sqweel call these Turbo Tongue and they’ve patented this name. Not sure if I like the name turbo tongue on my dick, but sure, I’m willing to give it a go. The two wheels are two different styles, one is super soft, squishy and for sensual appeal, the other is firm. So i guess you can mix and match your masturbatory experience with sensations that you like. This kind of tech isn’t new. Tenga comes in both a soft and hard version and the VerSpanken (Apparently that’s a German name – sounds hot!). You can customise your experience by adding a combo of two different edges out of a choice of many.

Oral Stimulator Masturbation

The actual design is super simple, stylish and sleek. Along the edges it has an easy grip texture so that you can easily grip on, and unlike something like the Fleshlight which is a super slick plastic and difficult to hold with lubricant, the Sqweel XT uses a Matte Rubber like finish. Even if you used sticky and slick lube, you still won’t have any trouble holding onto this. It also has a sleek blue edging (the Female Sqweel has a pink edge, go figure) and over all it looks pretty sweet. First up though, the button seem a little small and because you can virtually hold this toy in any direction you’re going to have to get used to the buttons being in different spots if you’re holding the toy ‘upside down’ for example. It will require a bit of co-ordination which is not a complete buzz kill for me, so long as the rest goes really well.

It’s a rechargeable toy which takes about a 2 hour charge and will be with a one hour play and it is waterproof! It also comes with a travel lock as well, which you can turn on and off by holding both of the buttons down for 3 seconds. Little on the short side, but realistically it’s unlikely you’re going to be playing with a single toy for that length of time. After charging, I’m ready to turn it on and I’m pretty happy with the power and noise. My main issue with the original Sqweel for women was the buzzing noise that it made which was a complete distraction from the task. Whilst this buzzes, it’s certainly a lot quieter than something like the A10 piston, and I don’t think that the noise from this is going to detract from the experience.

It has 6 settings on it, 3 speeds and 3 different patterns. The patterns don’t seem especially unique. You have a stop start motion, a crescendo setting, and a slow to fast to slow setting as well. This toy seems decent, it’s unique, it spins, it strokes, the tongues feel great once you lube it up and it’s certainly different to any toy out there. You could hold this toy around the head and have it ‘turbo licking’ the frenulum, just under the ridge, or you could have it licking up and down the shaft with a bit of movement of the toy.

My only concern in regards to this toy is the size of the masturbator. For an average dick thickness of about two fingers you’re not going to have any issues and for that size this toy is perfect for you. It’ll hit the spots without too much pressure, and I can tell you that it’s going to feel amazing for you. However, if you’re bigger than two fingers wide then you’re going to struggle. At that thickness there’s not going to be much difference between the soft and the firm because both of the wheel are going to be pressing snugly against your shaft, perhaps a little too snugly.

If you’re a fan of snug fits then sure by all means give it a go, just keep in mind that if you’re up to 3 fingers wide then the tongues are going to be quite tight and the motor is going to start to struggle against the pressure. Anything wider than 3 fingers and you’re out. Nope, you’re just not going to fit and you’re going to need to try a different toy completely because there’s no way this will work for you. The diameter of this toy on the inner circle from edge to edge is 5.5 cm (2.16″). That gives the circumference at around 15.7cm (6.18″) When you take into account that the average penis circumference is 4.8″, coming in at 12.19 cm’s there’s not a lot of room to move in this toy which I feel is a shame. They’ve limited the use of the toy to the average male, which is fantastic in terms of marketability, but disappointing in terms of inclusivity. Just something to keep in mind when considering this toy.


By Stephen from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Halloween at Oh Zone, Penrith

Oh Zone Penrith

Through out all the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre’s we have Halloween decorations up and ready for the October month of Halloween. Oh Zone is currently hosting a Halloween competition among all of the stores to see who will win for the the best decorated, best make up and best costume. Only one store can win but which store will it be? We invite you to write in the comments section what you think about the Halloween decorations. You can also come into the store to take photos of the exhibits. Whilst your in the store, you can test our best sex toys and adult products as you have a laugh among all the decorations. Our consultants will answer all of your questions and provide you with the best sex toys that suit your needs.

The Halloween decorations at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Penrith store are very creepy and spooky. These look like they are from a Halloween House of Horrors where anyone is welcome to stay without judgement. Starting off with the picture wall are photos of the the old and forgotten faces from the past. The faces stay to watch over people, coming to life during the day or night to haunt them sharing with you their evilness, they want to possess your soul! Depending on how you look at them depends on what you see. Beauty is in the eye the beholder after all.


Oh Zone Penrith


Waiting for you is a professional medical nurse doing her job to keep the Halloween House of Horrors in healthy spirits. She has brunette hair with light blue eyes and rancid teeth sticking out of her field mask. Her red garter stockings provide a little touch of sexiness as they stand out among her bloodied white work attire. She is ready for anyone in need with her red gloves that hide all the blood she has came across.


Oh Zone Penrith

Oh Zone Penrith


Next up we have the bell of the ball, our Halloween Cinderella. Our Oh Zone Cinderella is a hipster, transvestite, zombie, prostitute witch. This lass has so much personality, she runs for queen at the day of the dead festival.  Her beard is one hue of sandy brown with flawless with immaculate presentation, this is the type of beard you’ll see winning competitions. Somehow a pumpkin lies on her beard, it’s a Halloween miracle. The red corset sings out with confidence as she calmly sits down, one arm over her leg, resting with her cock ring bracelet. She is ready to punish anyone who doesn’t fulfill her needs with her red whip. Her stocking looks like a spider has spun it. Here eyes are yellow, the same type of yellow on her teeth and she’s smiling just for you.


Oh Zone Penrith


Here we have our resident Swamp Monster, she is quite comfortable to hold an axe with her delicate looking hands. Her blonde hair glows as bright as the sun with those beautiful red eyes powerfully staring people’s souls. She has a really big overbite which she doesn’t like people mentioning, Her overbite displays her long pointy teeth that she uses to pick things up with, sadly they are hard to chew any type of food with. On the plus side, she is back from serving in the army, an honored swamp monster officer, who can imminently defend Oh Zone.


Oh Zone Penrith


In the house of horrors, we have the resident clown, eyeball side kick and mr spiders. The clown is surprisingly content with a knife surging through his brain innards his facial expression is like “Whaa whhaa what?”. The eye ball side kick is an eye of sauron sibling, his pretty chill though. Then we have a vampire, spiders flood his face as his got no arms to help himself. His been sitting there for eternity in a state of impeding fear. Someone help him at last.


Oh Zone Penrith


This is the Halloween bat who waits around to eat fruits off of trees, you could say, his a high flyer. He has been blessed with hands that are made from the same DNA as humans. He can use his hands to sway among the hanging cellophane as his into that. He wear’s a very cute black sheath of see through cloth, naughty naughty! A very cute Halloween costume indeed.


Oh Zone Penrith

Below we have a video of the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Penrith!

How I Became a Sex Slave

Women in Corset for Slave Relationship

There are many different roles in the kink scene and every person identifies to a particular role. Some people in the BDSM community identify with more roles than one. However, not everyone who is a sub behaves in the same way. In fact, every sub is different, every masochist is different and every slave is different and so on.

A Submissive is a person, male or female, who enjoys submitting to a dominant partner. A Submissive has personal rights and limits that the dominant partner must follow. They are allowed to voice their opinions in a respectful manner, they have safe words and limits as to what they will and will not do. Submissive people can be owned or free according to what they want. If they are owned they still have choices.

A Masochist is a person, male or female, who enjoys receiving pain. A little bit more like a free player, but can also be Submissive. They can also voice opinions, hard limits and rules. They also have safe words. They can be with a permanent play partner or play with different partners whenever they like, but they can also be owned if that’s what they want. Again they also have choices.

A Slave is a person, male or female, who once commits to their Master or Mistress, gives up all rights to that person. They have no say in anything and no safe words unless their owner allows them to use one. Depending on what they have previously discussed, every move requires permission. A slave has no rights and must obey his/her Master/Mistress.

Baci Costume Lingeri

When I started in the kink scene I identified as a Submissive. When I first began, I found being a submissive very challenging. It made me feel different, empowered and excited. I still felt quite restless as a Submissive though. I always looked for something that I felt was missing but I wasn’t sure what it was.  As time went by and I began to push my boundaries, I found that I needed more. When I stepped into this other identity, I realised just how much I enjoyed the world of masochism!  It was a completely different experience. There was a rush, it was dangerous, I was scared and I enjoyed a level of pain. All these emotions linked with masochism were elevated and I grew in many different ways.

I enjoyed my journey, but still, there was something missing. I wanted to hand over everything completely which is a scary thought and not a decision to be taken lightly! I wanted to be completely Submissive, I wanted to be a Slave. Anything goes during this type of play and you have no way to stop it once you are on that path. I thought about it for a while. It takes a lot of strength to essentially trust your Master with your body and life, everything is in their hands but it was all or nothing for me!

After investing a lot of time in searching for the right Master, I found one! This took lots of back and forth conversations between myself and other people. Lots of extensive trials and a lot of devotion. I decided I was ready to do this. I was going to become a Slave. It was a mutual decision between the master and the Slave. One that was not rushed and one that was discussed in great detail beforehand. Everything had to be very clear for both our sakes and for the sakes of our families.

I was very fortunate in finding an amazing Master. A Master that actually cares and spends time assessing every situation. A Master who spends hours thinking of what his slave needs and finding ways to deliver that in a nurturing and respectful manner. I finally felt complete and whole. It’s a very different feeling to being a Submissive or a Masochist. It’s an elevated state of mind which is hard to describe. It’s all about discipline. Accepting what the Master has said without doubting or questioning everything and anything your Master decides for you. It’s about improving oneself with the right guidance. The Master must support and advise you at all times.

Being a Slave is about pleasing him and making him proud. This is what makes me happy. In the Master/Slave lifestyle, the experience has been one of the strongest I have experienced so far. Probably because of the level of intensity and trust required. The levels seem to be much deeper and gratifying. I think that I have finally found my peace at last.