How to Use the Bathmate Hydropump

Bathmate Hydropump Penis Enlargement

Bathmate Hydropumps are a revolutionary device designed for total penile health. Bathmate is an acknowledged world leader in penis enlargement devices. Regular use of the Bathmate Hydropump keeps the penis in prime comdition, with harder and longer lasting erections and increased sexual pleasure.  The Bathmate can be used with air to pump, however the best results for gaining maximum enlargement and penile health is when it is used with water.

The Bathmate Hydropump was designed by a group of engineer’s who fully understand the mechanics of vacuum when applied to the penis. What makes Bathmate different to its competitors is its use of water to create a partial vacuum around the penis. This differs to an air pump as in an air pump the air can be spongy and compressible, which means, when you create a vacuum inside a tube with air, the air that remains simply spreads thinner inside the tube and can cause the penis to expand unevenly and in addition to this it may even cause bending or bulging to the penis. Water on the other hand is in compressible, so when water is pumped from a sealed tube around the penis the water can not spread to fill the gap which means the penis must expand to fill the volume of water removed. And as water is in compressible it forms a solid cushion around the penis allowing for uniform expansion without bending or bulging.

When choosing the size of the pump needed to gain maximum benefit use the chart below to ensure you have chosen the correct size.   Always go for the pump closest to your size. If you choose a pump that is too big it makes it more complicated to create a good vacuum seal.   Some customers believe that going straight to the Goliath model will make them bigger faster, but this in not the case. You will not gain size faster in the Goliath as the model needed is dependent on the size of your penis. Using the size chart below is extremely important to get the quickest and most effective results. When using the Bathmate Hydropump you will gain girth first followed by length.

Bathmate Hydropump Penis Enlargement
Sex Toy: Bathmate Hydropump

How to use the Bathmate Hydropump in the bath:

  1. First relax in the bath for around 5 minutes.
  2. Fill your Bathmate Hydropump with water and slide your flaccid penis in, chamber facing down.
  3. Form a tight seal between the pump and the body.
  4. Pump the device to create a vacuum and expel water whilst drawing the penis into the tube.
  5. Re-pump to maintain vacuum.

How to remove the Bathmate Hydropump:

  1. Depress the valve at the top of the tube to release the vacuum and slowly lift the tube off the penis and out of the water.

How to use the Bathmate Hydropump in the shower:

  1. Relax in the shower for around 5 minutes.
  2. Push and hold the black pip in the closed position with your finger and fill the Bathmate Hydropump under the shower until the tube is full.
  3. Place the Bathmate Hydropump over your flaccid penis, tight up to your pelvic seat, with the black pip in the closed position.
  4. Ensure that the position is comfortable and your testicles are well clear.
  5. With the Bathmate Hydropump angled upwards, open the valve by releasing the black pip and commence pumping.
  6. Pump slowly and evenly until the bellows remain depressed, this indicates that optimal vacuum has been achieved.

How to remove the Bathmate Hydropump:

  1. Depress the valve cap inwards to release the vacuum and slide the pump off your penis.

Important recommendations to remember when using the Bathmate Hydropump include:

  • Keep pubic hair well trimmed. This will help create a tight vacuum against the pelvic seat.
  • A relaxation period of around 5 minutes is highly recommended when you first enter the bath or shower. This will give your testicles time to soften which then allows them to remain free from the sealing area and avoid and discomfort.
  • To benefit the most in erection hardness and optimal blood flow, it is best to remove the pump every few minutes and allow the penis to retract. Massage the penis in the flaccid state then reapply the pump and repeat the process.
  • You should do this a maximum of 3 times in 15 minutes.
  • You should only use the pump for a maximum of 15 minutes in a 24 hour period.

Review: Andro Penis Extender Kit

Andro Penis Extender Kit

I have yet to meet a man that does not want a bigger penis. Research shows us 9 out of 10 men think they are less than average in the size department. Whilst most women are happy with the size of their partners penis he is not and this can lead to lack of self esteem and therefore lack of sex drive. This can put stress on the relationship but it can easily be fixed. However the Andro Penis is  more than a  means to bigger penis. It is a medical device.  You can correct a curved penis (Peyronie’s disease). By using the Andro Penis Extender Kit to correct curvature has the added benefit to naturally put  the strength back into your penis. Regular use has been proven to correct a bent or curved penis by encouraging new and straight growth. This is achieved safely due to the natural principal of traction.

The Andro Penis Extender Kit claims to be the only device that is certified in Australia. They offer a 6 month money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on the device. Based on proven medical principles of traction the Andro Penis works by encouraging the penile tissues to start growing again by stretching and rebuilding the suspensory ligament which decides the mans genital length. This is the same ligament that is cut in penis enlargement surgery. Andro Penis gives growth in both length and girth in both erect and flaccid states. If a bigger or straighter penis is not enough, research has shown that in some men impotence has been reversed after a few weeks. Users have reported there erection quality is much better as they have not only bigger erections but they are also harder thus resulting in longer lasting sex. This is an important feature to those men who suffer with premature ejaculation problems , and those who find it hard to get fully erect. The standard gold kit extends from 2″ to 10″. It can be used under loose clothing and whilst doing light activities

Penis Extender Kit
Sex Toy: Andro Penis Extender Kit


Penis size increase’s can start to be be noticed at around the 7 day mark in the flaccid state, whilst increases in length and thickness of the erect penis can start to be noticed at around 14 to 21 days.  However for the best results it depends on how much the individual customers want to put into it. For fast penile growth and or curvature it is recommended using the device 1-4 hrs per day up to 5 days a week until you have achieved your desired gain. However there is nothing to stop you wearing it every day for long periods of time. However you must loosen the device every 2 hrs in order to let the blood flow back into the penis

Why not buy a pump, pills, lotions, potions or weights they are cheaper?

There is no pill potion or lotion that will permanently increase the length and width of the penis. Yes you can temporarily think you are John Holmes however it will not stay that way. Pills are a quick short term effect and have there place. Pumps work. However it is like going to a gym work hard and get results stop going to the gym results go away. There is no muscle in the penis so there is really nothing to build there, Penis pumps were originally used for  men who could not get a full erection and or have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction or impotence.  Something I learnt from this is the following and thought would share as it is interesting and I have males tell me they stretch there penis with weights.

Jelqing Exercises

An unsafe and unproven technique is something called Jelqing exercises. Many people wrongly think the penis is made up of muscles which you can simply exercise. This is not true as there no muscles in the penile shaft. It is mainly made up of ligaments and spongy tissue. The basics of doing these penis exercises is to use your hands to “milk” the shaft to force blood into the penis chambers. There is a serious issue with using the forceful hand motions that Jelqing uses, the same can be said about similar techniques like hanging weights. These methods have been reported to cause scar tissue within the shaft and can become the cause of penis curvature due to a buildup of hard plaque or fibrocystic tissue. This is due to the penile tissues getting damaged because there is no way to measure or use a safe amount of force. There is simply no evidence to suggest that men can safely or effectively enlarge their penis using these crude Jelq exercise routines. There is not one medical or scientific study to prove penis length or width can be increased using this so called penis enlargement method.

Review: Lelo Lily 2

Lelo Lily 2 Personal Massager

When I got married recently, I felt adventurous and wanted to explore all angles of my sexuality. I wanted sex to not only be a way of expressing love to my husband but also a fulfillment of my own. Enhancing intimacy is a very important part of any relationship. While there are many ways to spice up my bedroom life, I decided to try sex toys. As a beginner it was very difficult to actually pick one from the many variations in the market. My partner was very open and supportive of the idea. The shyness that comes with the first time is normal to all of us. I decided to do a little snooping online and it was worth every bit. This is how I came across Lelo Lily 2. My bedroom hero. It has been a miracle worker in my sex life and I couldn’t be anymore happier with this product.

Lelo Lily 2 is a tickler vibrator that is 100% waterproof, rechargeable and with a breath taking eight stimulation patterns. Being a newbie in this, I was not really sure if Lelo Lily 2 was the thing for me and my partner. Yes, I wanted to go crazy and super sexy down there but was this really it? Experience is the best teacher and I decided to put my downtown area in some trial game. The first striking thing about Lelo Lily 2 that impressed me was it’s easy to use. Within a short time of just experimenting the different wavelengths of pleasure brought about by the eight modes, the pleasure was enormous. Honestly, I have never felt anything like that. It was so comfortable and really cute, I mean any girl’s dream is to have a cute little pink pleasure doodle. It comes in plum and lavender too so you know. I love how it is penetrative just as it is pleasurable. My partner and I were very impressed with how it made it so easy for us to fully enjoy sex.


Lelo Lily 2 Personal Massager
Sex Toy: Lelo Lily 2


My bedroom hero exerts just enough pressure and harmonizes with my squeezing quite perfectly repeating it over and over again taking me to several orgasms. I promise you anyone can use it. It’s ease is one striking feature that I cannot get over. Having fully gone through the eight levels of stimulation, I found a special favorite that in a really unique way contracts and relaxes my downtown muscles giving me an effortless orgasm. Trust me every time I get to use it my only regret is that I did not discover it earlier. For some people there is a varied approach to sex, Lelo Lily 2 covers them all. We all love nice scents and Lelo Lily 2 offers more than just a scent. The fragrance is stimulating in a really cool way. I am a very keen person when it comes to smells and such. Sneezing in the middle of sex would not be fun at all. One might be skeptical about this but Lelo Lily 2 is the flawless tickler vibrator. It really is the perfect gift to the female generation.

The signature fragrance it has delicately intensifies love making and satisfies all senses. Love making gets a whole new definition with Lelo Lily 2. Another awesome fact about Lelo Lily 2 is that it is 100% waterproof. This means it is not limited to bedroom use only but I can use it in the shower and any other wet places my naughty desires get me. I mean places like the shower are erotic gateways that cannot miss out on this amazing sex toy. It is also an extremely important aspect of the Lelo Lily 2 as it makes it easy to clean. I do not even need to go into the depths of just how disgusting a dirty vibrator can be but thanks to my bedroom hero love making is an awesome indulgence. It is important to clean it regularly and I am proud that Lelo Lily 2 got this covered. Do not forget that Lelo Lily 2 is rechargeable! How perfect! This basically means it does not need batteries to work. It creates a better and safer environment while at the very same time it is cheap to maintain. I get excited every time with Lelo Lily 2 as it only gets better and better. I love how it maintains charge for a relatively long time giving me enough pleasure through my love making. I do not advise engaging it while charging. It is also important to remember to charge it before using it. Just like any rechargeable electronic device it is vital to fully charge it before use for best results. The fact that I do not have to agonize about expensive batteries or the harmful effects they have on the environment crowns Lelo Lily 2 for me.

I love using this specific tickler vibrator because it is couple friendly. As it works for me so does it for my husband. It has in a great way improved his erections making them firm and that means great and enjoyable sex for both of us. It has significantly improved our sex drive and the feeling to want more is just stunning. I am not a huge fan of masturbation but hey if you love doing stuff to yourself Lelo Lily 2 will definitely give you an experience that will linger with you for a long time. As a couple my husband and I were overwhelmed by our choice as it has greatly boosted our intimacy from normal bedroom affairs to a wild romance experience.

I fully advocate for the use of Lelo Lily 2 to any couple as it is definitely the turning point of any relationship, for the better of course. Keep in mind the delivery is plain and discreet packing enhancing privacy. Thanks to the internet you can order from wherever you are and it will be delivered to you safely and keep you from the embarrassment of having to go through sex toy shops to get it. Place your order today and experience more than just pleasure with Lelo sex toys.



I Met The Best Singapore Escort

Woman Black Coat Lingerie

I used to think that online escorts is a big joke thus why I didn’t bother myself much in finding an escort online though I am a real die hard fan of sex especially from an escort for they sure know how to handle me in bed and today as we talk I have became a very dedicated fan of online escorts all thanks to the Singapore directory.It all started when one of my friends introduce me to online Singapore Adult Directory site which deals with purely sexy and energetic young escorts who understand the world of sex and thorough body massage and I must admit that from the first time I started going out with them,I have never look back nor regret because they are the perfect companions that any man can have at anytime of the day.

I am a man who likes traveling a lot especially during holidays and always for me it is either I am with an escort or simply the trip gets boring,without an escort I don’t consider it a successful trip.It was on a certain Friday and we were having a little chat with my friend about the best places to visit in the world and of course the best place for me is where I can find an escort.  My friend told me that looking for an escort nowadays has been made more easy and affordable and as a matter of fact you can find one here in the office,”is this a joke?   Or you want me to fuck our secretary?”   I replied.  That was the day i was introduce to Singapore adult directory and immediately I went online and start looking for my dream escort, I am always very selective but to tell you the right facts all escorts in this site are super awesome and hot like an active volcano mountain.


Asian Woman on Lounge
Asian Escort Woman


As I was scrolling through there was this fantastic escort known as Angela, she really got my attention because she had all the features I was looking for, her brief description of herself made my blood boil and my monster cock start oozing around my pants,if there was a way I could have online sex then I would have done it right there but now I had to contact her and locate her the soonest for this is what i have been looking for.What is amazing about this directory is how they detail almost everything and at the bottom of self description they normally leave their phone numbers and everything you need to get started.

That same day we started chatting with Angela on how and where we can meet to explore ourselves behind closed doors and she did gave many many options,she was indeed ready to visit me or I visit her.I choose the second option and decided to visit her in Singapore for I wanted her to take me around Singapore, the best hotels,parks and other amazing places in Singapore as we screw each other.For sex is all about experience and places,I love doing it with different escorts in different places which is actually the best option now that Singapore escorts are online thus making it easy for me to get one.

Angela was actually the real description of what she had posted online,her figure was amazing and her boobs and hips didn’t lie at all,she was the woman that any man would want to get between her legs.She welcome me warmly like she have been waiting for me for the last ten years yet it was only two days ago that we started chatting.From the airport we went directly to an hotel where we started talking,I tell you she knows how to talk in the right tone that made me erect even before supposed time,after we finish our drinks she took me to a room and surprisingly she had everything organized and under control.

The happy ending session was here with me and Angela,we caress each other,kissed and do all sorts of sexy things and when we finally start bumping each other all I could here was mourning and some sexy voices which I didn’t even understand but I like it,she knows all styles and positions thus why penetrating her was such a pleasure and satisfying. My stay in Singapore with Angela was an amazing experience all thanks to Singapore adult directory which is the best in directing men like me to the hot and awesome Singapore escorts.

Review: All-In-One Clean Stream Cleansing System

Clean Stream All In One Cleansing System Anal Sex

According to customers the general review is that the All-In-One Clean Stream Cleansing System all-encompassing system exceeds their expectations in terms of quality, versatility, and flexibility, the stainless steel simplistic design and user-friendliness at a reasonable price. The body safe, superior cleaning system with its precision in water dispersion and quick assembly provides ultimate comfort and efficiency. The Clean Stream product is designed to perfectly take care of all your personal cleanliness needs and provide you with an enjoyable and nurturing washroom experience. The item is impressive not only in terms of price but also performance. I believe that once you buy this item, you really wouldn’t need another cleaning system. It really has everything you would ever need to maintain your sexual health.

Why do people use anal and colon cleansing systems:

  • The number one reason why is so that you can give yourself an enema. Once you have cleaned your rectum, it will be more hygienic for anal sex.
  • A  deep cleanse of the colon stimulates stool excretion that encourages small intestine to move its contents. It helps the body get rid of accumulated toxins.
  • When the colon is cleaned unnecessary waste is expelled through your system. Colon cleansing helps your body to detox, clearing the way for easy nutrient ingestion through the blood stream. This can help boost your energy levels as your body will become healthier. With the restoration of health you will also get a better nights sleep.
  • There are numerous traditional enema methods that have been used for thousands of years but they do not guarantee complete internal cleanliness after flushing of wastes.
  • Helps to relieve problems with constipation.
  • Helps with weight loss by removing any excess food that has resided in your body that had been difficult to break down.

Features and specifications:

  • The stainless steel hose of approximately 80 inches (203 cm) in length can be simply attached to your shower head or sink for and the shower knob can be easily used to regulate force or pressure to provide a continuous water stream flow through the nozzles provided. The rubber enema travel bulb having a capacity to hold 10 ounces (295 milliliters) of liquid is a versatile cleansing tool that can be used with the interchangeable nozzles anywhere, vaginally or anally. You can apply various pressure to the bulb to control the water flow.
  • Two deep cleansing nozzles one with a large enema tip of approximately 10 inches (25.4 cm) long and the other with a small enema tip of approximately 5.5 inches (14 cm) to get an in-depth cleaning experience.   There is also a tip adapter to facilitate compatible usage.  You can easily interchange the tips when you are cleaning. You can also get to the harder to reach areas with the larger tip. If you would like a much stronger clean, you can attach to stainless steel pipe to a shower to provide a more thorough clean.
Clean Stream All In One Cleansing System Anal Sex
Sex Product: Clean Stream All In One Cleansing System


The compact, all-inclusive enema cleansing system can provide an ideal internal bath for your colon which will wash out anything that has remained in your body for a long time including any built up of unnecessary toxins. The hose is made to fit perfectly in all shower systems providing a constant and steady stream of water. Even if you do not have a shower head or a sink within your reach, you can fill the travel bulb with liquid and enjoy. The Clean Stream Cleansing System is simple, quick and easy to use and install. The high-end enema accessories of the Clean Stream brand are very thoughtfully designed for convenient usage and are also renowned and affordable.

The All-in-one enema cleansing system is a comprehensive package that is easy to use by first-time consumers and provides comfortable tips for an incredible external as well as a deep internal cleansing mechanism for your system. It is hard not to recommend a total compact shower setup with a multitude of benefits for a healthy and hygienic douche. With this cleansing system you can routinely enjoy custom colon cleansing and nurturing at your own command to gently flush out toxins and benefit your health. Feel cleaner, healthier and lighter almost immediately with the perfect all-inclusive Enema Cleansing System.


Perving at the Ion Sky Singapore

Women Kissing Ladies Neck

Above Orchard road stands a new experience stretching 218 meters into clouds at ION Sky Singapore. The iconic building offers a nice view of the entire Singapore while sitting and resting in a balcony at the most classy hotel in Singapore. ION has state of the art telescopes that best explains the reason why many people enjoy visiting the building. With these very powerful telescopes, one gets a very rare opportunity to get a clear panoramic view of Singapore with its special features and landmarks that are very attractive and appealing to the eye. With the help of these telescopes you are able to have a nice and clear view of the surrounding areas regardless of the weather conditions. As I arrive at Singapore for my holiday after a long and tiring plane journey, I only had one place in mind that I had yearned for years to set my foot on. ION Sky was only ringing in my mind as I had heard a lot of history about these most publicized building cum- monument.

As I walked the streets of Singapore, I realized that the place is full of life and most of the ladies on the streets were just amazing with their miniskirts and very exposed chests. Some were even wearing only bikinis which made me wonder the kind of life Singapore women enjoys. There were young, slender and very beautiful ladies dressed with only one intention of bringing a man to salivate. In all the streets, Women waved sexily as if they knew I was a visitor in the most lively and most pleasurable city I’ve ever visited. I was ushered into a taxi by a young lady who was smartly dressed and I could not hesitate to jump fast into the car as I figure out how I would enjoy my ride with the beautiful lady behind the wheel. It was like my journey had been cut short suddenly as the taxi stopped in front of a very beautiful lawn facing a classy building.

It was hard for me to believe we were at ION Sky Singapore as I watched the beauty of the icon building. I came back to my senses when the taxi lady informed me that my bags were safe in my room. I turned my head to view for the last time the beautiful creation and how she was endowed with extra beauty. Before driving off, she whispered to me “I know your room” and hurriedly drove off. While on top of ION Sky it was real fun watching the stunning city landscape through fresh eyes with the state of the art telescope. It brought a very nice view of Singapore as I wonder about the beauty of the place. As I was twisting the telescope looking for new features, my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw two naked women kissing and caressing each other in the open. I quickly rubbed my eyes with the back of my palms to make sure that I was not dreaming. It was now so clear when I saw that they were men and women enjoying themselves in the open while naked. The sight of these naked women sends a chilling spine through my entire system and found all my entire body trembling badly. I twisted my telescope to have a clear view and there they were, having it all in the open.’


Bikini Poolside Woman
Women in Bikini Poolside


This man was having three ladies by himself. I got a clear view of a fat lady with very big bottoms kneeling down as this masculine man penetrated her with all his strength as the other ladies cheer them while pampering their genitals. The fat lady was screaming with pleasure as the man puts all his efforts in pumping the juicy fat woman. Unable to contain my feelings, I rushed down to where the scene was without knowing clearly what was going on in my mind. As I aimlessly stroll the corridors trying to find my way to the outdoor, when I heard some voices and decided to trace them. I came into the poolside where there was a lot of activity going on. Men and women were swimming together and I just stare as I saw a man holding a lady while immersed in water, and from the look on the ladies face it was evident the man was inside her. Unable to contain myself, I went near a lady next to me and just found myself touching her.

She did not resist and that gave me the confidence to go further. I softly touched her thighs gently as I move upwards. She responded positively as I kissed her and removed her bikini. She had the most tempting structure and we never talked until I had completely removed her bikini. I started touching her private parts where she responded with a very soft and sexy groan which was arousing to me. I stroke her clitoris gently with my fingers and she lay completely flat on the poolside as she groaned with pleasure. When she came over she quickly unzipped my trouser and removed it, which I aimlessly allowed. She grabbed my dick and squeezed me until I was in a reverie. I penetrated her right at the poolside making her moan and groan with pleasure as she reached orgasm after orgasm. It was a lot of pleasure laying her on the poolside. I came into my senses when I ejaculated on her and found men and women surrounding and cheering us. As if I was from a bad dream, I grabbed my clothes and head to my room as more women stopped me appealingly in order to have a taste of my dick.

I went into my room at ION Sky Singapore to have a warm shower after the pleasure with the woman at the pool. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. Halfway, I felt very soft hands caress my back. I turned and saw the beautiful taxi driver naked with her tits pointed at me. She touched my chest and her hot body came in contact with mine, I was completely aroused and found myself kissing her vigorously. She was an expert in it as if she had been doing it all her life. Like a hungry teenager, I made her bent right in the bathroom as I penetrated her from behind. Her bottom was so exposed that it made me enjoy the sight of her nakedness. She twisted her bottoms skillfully and was just left as an observer in the game. She made me feel so sweet all over with her stylish change of positions and twisting of her bottoms, leaving me wondering how an expert she was. When I reached my orgasm, she gave her last shot and lay flat on the floor as she praised me on how I had made her groaned with pleasure after a long time, and how I had given her real pleasure.

As I signed out of ION Sky Singapore, I was left with a lot of sweet memories which would always remind me of good times in Singapore. Given another chance, I will go back to ION Sky Singapore without a second thought.


Review: Wartenberg Wheel

Wartenberg PinWheels Surgical Steel

The Wartenberg Wheel is one of my favourite sex toys. This small little steel device doesn’t do much by itself, but when bought with other sex products this little obscure thing becomes a sensual toy of wonder!  There are a lot of people that prefer sex in the dark and they don’t necessarily understand the reason why. Now, it’s not because they don’t like the look of their playmate. When our eye sight is taken away, our bodies are trying to to make sense of our surroundings. As such, their sense of touch, hearing, smell, and taste is increased. Specifically here, we are focusing on the sense of touch. When the Wartenberg Wheel is applied during sensory deprivation it becomes an awesome tool to use during foreplay. As such it works exceptionally well, when combined with restraints, blindfolds, gags and massage oils.


Wartenberg PinWheels BDSM
Sex Toy: Wartenberg PinWheels


A lot of people are intimidated by the spikes on the wheel, and one of my favourite things to do is to pull it out and run it down my own arm first to show them that it doesn’t hurt. They then give me their own arm as people are surprisingly trusting around here. I run it gently from their wrist to their elbow. Most people are surprised by the sensation, it feels as if nails are being gently dragged across the skin which for a lot of people is a major turn on. To start off with the sensation kind of stimulates the body very lightly, almost as if it were a gentle massage. Pressure can be applied to induce a small amount of pain, as much as the skin will bear without breaking it, and a lot of people like this as well. Some people experience pleasure from pain as our bodies natural send through endorphin’s and produce a natural form of pain killers to cope with the sensations.

It’s important to remember that during a heightened state of sexual arousal, the pain receptors diminish and people can tolerate a lot more pain. It’s kind of like a primal defense mechanism against the ‘roughness’ of sex. For some people, it’s necessary to activate the pain receptors in order to achieve the ultimate orgasm, and from there it becomes a game. Finding, and then ultimately pushing, the bodies pain boundaries in the quest for bigger and better sexual pleasure. This is all for to gain the ultimate intense orgasmic relief. The Wartenberg Wheel is fantastic used all over the body, but incredible when used on the body’s erogenous zones. This includes nipples, neck, around the joints including the elbows, wrists and very gently behind the knees. You can use it anywhere where the skin is soft, delicate and thin. If you use it in places that people don’t normally touch or use, your skin is very sensitive there. You can try the inner thighs, buttocks, the spinal groove and anywhere else you’d like. I do not recommend putting the Wartenberg Wheel around the balls, clitoris, or labia because the skin here is far too thin and a wriggle in the wrong direction can be disastrous especially when first venturing out.

Because of the evenly spaced spikes, it is actually very difficult to break the skin with the Wartenberg Wheel, unless you slam it down on the skin. This practice is not recommended unless you are experienced and have the consent of your sexual partner. Blood sports is a very different kind of sexual play and requires its own research and understanding of the risks involved before engaging in this form of play. Every different type of sexual play should be researched thoroughly before participating in.

Some playful tips which explore not only the mentality behind some BDSM play, but also explores the use and benefits of steel, leather etc. Steel products are cold when they aren’t being held. So, for a moment imagine an individual restrained on a table or bed with a blindfold, and steel products gently placed on their chest before use. The cold sensation can sometimes excite them as their mind plays and imagines what is about to happen – a form of playful ‘torture’ if you will. The wartenberg wheel can patiently sit there until it’s ready to be used.


Romance At Henderson Waves Singapore

Bride in Singapore

I was angry and felt lost. Yet, with equal measure I was at peace and content. It had been five years of marriage and two children to show for it. We could no longer stand the site of each other leave alone living together. The decent conversations we used to have now turned to shouting and yelling at each other. It was neither healthy for our children nor ourselves anymore. We had finally signed the divorce papers.  I needed to clear my head so a walk through Henderson Waves in Singapore was a good idea.

It was an early evening so there were few people. The soft breeze gave me a relaxing feeling as I enjoyed the view and the clean air. Couples would pass me chuckling and running together. That is when reality sunk in deep. I am a single mother of two beautiful children who needed love and care. What about me? Who gets to love and appreciate me as a woman and a wife? I have a good job, a comfortable house, I was sure my children would never go hungry or sleep in the streets because of the insurance covers I had for them. But what about me?

The emotions overwhelmed me and I decided to sit on a pedestal and compose myself before finishing the stretch. With my face in my hands I cried my heart out and let all the tears I had held back during this painful process just flow. Five years of my life had gone down the drain. How do I tell my daughter when she grows up that it is okay to love and be loved. What words do I use to elaborate to her that sometimes you need to love yourself more. How do I tell her that she should not stay in a marriage where treating one sexually transmitted infection after another is the order of the day? As these thoughts crossed my mind, I cried even more.

My heart hurt so much and my eyes could not open. I could see slightly that evening lights were now on and I had to get home to my babies. I quickly reached out for a hankie from my purse and wiped my face. Standing across from me was a tall man sipping coffee and staring at me. I am not sure how long he had been standing there, but I suddenly felt strange. I picked myself up and stood up to leave. He walked towards me and offered his coffee.

What happened to well mannered men? To start with, you are a stranger? Secondly, I do not wish to share a mug with a stranger. In addition, I am in a very bad mood to accommodate male company.


Man Sipping Coffee
Man Drinking Coffee


Of course I did not share all that with him. I quickly declined the offer and walked on. He walked briskly towards me and said,” I think we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Arthur.” He sipped his coffee effortlessly as we walked and went on. “I have never seen a woman cry as hard as you just did and in a span of 30 minutes or more. It hurts to see a beautiful woman cry so much and this is why I could not just leave you there.”

All this time I was stealing glances at him. He had the basketball height, broad shoulders, a nice curved out chest, a good dental formula, strong able hands and he sure had an expensive perfume on. To top it all up, he was well groomed and his suit fit him perfectly. It was when he held my hand that I realized he was still talking to me. “It will be alright,” he said. At this point I let down all my guards and hugged him. He reciprocated by hugging me back and holding me in his arms. It felt like home; peaceful and warm.

We walked on and enjoyed small talk as we got to know each other better. We took a stop at the second wave and agreed that we should plan on meeting up sometime when our schedules allow for a free day. In the mean time, we opted for calls since he travels often. He took me into his arms and leaned to kiss me, I arched my neck to kiss him back because that is what I felt at that time. Furthermore, when was the last time I enjoyed a passionate kiss from a man as handsome as Arthur was? Was I being vulnerable to a stranger? I did not want these thoughts to clog my mind from enjoying the moment.

The kiss was deep yet slow. He knew exactly what he was doing with his tongue. He held me closer and I gave in. I could feel his cock pressing hard again his trouser and to my groin. His breathing was fast and so was mine. We did not want to stop. I started to caress his chest as I unbuttoned his shirt. He stopped and looked into my eyes asking, “Do you want to do this?” I moaned a soft “Yes” and pulled him back to me kissing him and never wanting to stop.

My nipples pushed hard against my dress longing to be released. He held my breasts and pushed the dress aside as he sucked them. I could not help mourning with delight. He looked at me with sleepy eyes and removed his coat. Knelt down before me and pulled me closer to him as he held my ass. He took the dress up and found his way to my wet pussy. I could not stand comfortably knowing and feeling what he was doing. He sucked my clit and even went further to get his tongue inside. It feels so good that I wanted to scream. His arms dug into my ass as he pleasured me. I could feel my orgasm approaching. “I am going to come”, I moan. “Oh yes baby, come” he responded. Those words made me relax and enjoy the best sensation a woman could ever have. My legs got too weak to support me anymore. I gave in just in time to land on his arms.

He kissed me on my forehead and allowed me to relax. “You will get the full package the next time we are together.” He said smiling as we walked from Henderson Waves in Singapore.


Review: The ElectraStim Range

The Electrastim is a UK product with various attachments that deliver electronic pulses to the body. Due to the sheer size of attachments, I have limited the review to two attachments geared towards different genders to highlight the benefit of electrical stimulation to both. Electrical stimulation is a process which sees low level electrical pulses delivered to the body, generally this forces the contraction of the muscles in a similar ‘convulsion’ to orgasm. Firstly, this can be used as a muscle relaxant, the electrical pads (which comes with any flick control unit and can be obtained separately as replacements) can be placed at various points on the body and deliver pulses to the body. This muscle relaxant can be a great technique to begin foreplay, or it can be used in conjunction with restraint systems or even with massage oils, candles and therapeutic sexual play. The other end of the spectrum would see electrical pulses sent directly to the genitals to either simulate orgasm muscle contractions, or promote blood flow. Electrical pulses can increase blood flow which can help with erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia (the inability to orgasm) or increase sensitivity. I.E, increased blood flow activates the nerve endings.

Electrastim Control Unit: The ElectraStim comes in two version, the flick and the flick duo – both of which are USB rechargeable. The flick control unit has a single output which powers a single attachment. Whilst the Flick Duo has two output ports, which can either be used to power two separate attachments for partnered use, or two separate attachments to complete a circuit. It is important to note that the electrastim attachments are either Uni-polar, or Bi-polar. Uni polar attachments such as Urethral probes and the single pinwheel MUST be used with a second product to complete an electrical positive and negative circuit.  Urethral can be used with cock rings, scrotal rings etc. Uni polar means that there is only one type of current going through the toy and by itself will not provide any electrical stimulation. Bi Polar attachments (everything else) Can be used with the flick single as they will have two metal plates delivering a positive and negative current. Further, two bi-polar products can be used to deliver electrical stimulation between partners, or a single person. Unlike the Neon Wand the electrastim unit provides electrical pulses to below the surface of the skin, it is therefore important that the person on the receiving end be fit and healthy and using a pacemaker.

Scrotal Band and Cock Ring: The Electrastim Scrotal Band and Cock Rings, work by improving blood flow to the penis. This is great for post operative patients that have just had prostate surgery or prostate cancer, or even those with poor blood circulation that struggle with erections. It can even help guys ‘shoot’ further as the muscle contractions mimic the same contractions that occur during orgasm!However, the electrastim, with its range of settings and strength, can also be used to induce pain to the penis and is particularly useful during BDSM sessions, BDSM training, Master/Mistress and slave etc. For example a strong electrical pulse can be used during ‘ training’ to indicate that the submissive has done something wrong – very similar to a dogs barking collar, or fence collar. Electrical pulse stimulation combined with an extremely strong vibrator such as the Body Wand, NU double action bullet rings can be used in conjunction with each other to deliver a wide variety of different sensations and feelings.

Scrotal Band
Scrotal Band

Electrastim Radial Contact Dildo: The electrastim radial is a BI polar attachment (note the two wires) which is primarily geared for vaginal play. The Electrastim Dildo delivers electrical pulses directly to the vaginal muscles and can not only be used as kegal excercises, but also for improving blood flow, stimulation and to mimic the contractions of orgasms. Whilst uncommon, it is possible to induce orgasm through the contraction of the muscles alone. Combined with restraints in a ‘forced orgasm scenario’ this could open up some new and interesting play within the BDSM play scene. Used in conjunction with a body wand strapped to the thigh, or a powerful clitoral bullet on the clitoris, this can deliver powerful forced orgasms with double the amount of contractions!

ElectraStim Radial Contact Dildo Electro Sex
Sex Toy: ElectraStim Radial Contact Dildo

Conductive Gel: It is important that conductive gel be sold with any electrical stimulation product. The gel helps in making an electrical connection and acting as a conductor between the toy and your skin as well as dissipating the electrical charge to a wider area to prevent burns and minor skin damage.


Regardless of whether your into the BDSM scene, or just after an electrical stimulation toy to bring something new into the bedroom the electrastim product covers all your bases. From therapeutical benefits, to deliverance of pain as well as all the pleasurable sensations in between, the electrastim product and range of attachments have you covered. Whilst some electrical units can cost thousands for the power unit alone, this provides a far cheaper and portable alternative. I highly recommend the Electrastim range for beginner play as well as advanced play as it is both versatile, fun and can be used in a variety of scenarios.

Review: Lelo Nea 2

Lelo Nea 2 Pleasure Objects

It is only a woman who can tell the real meaning of erotic sensations. As I discover new opportunities I have realized my senses and  have always responded to more adventures. I take pleasure in them shrewdly and with care. If there has ever been a plaything that I found to be friendly to me is the Leo Nea 2. I basically idolize its silicone, pulsations and the sense- stroke skill. It is one of the best Lelo’s manipulators. It is constantly gorgeous to look at, manage and grasp. Its unnoticeable and stylish appearance renders it to be perfect for carrying it the hand back. The outline is beautified with flower patterns making it look so fashionable. When I put it on my palms its surface is lovely to touch as it is made of porcelain and it is very smooth. It has many methods of stimulus giving out various options to select from. It can be used with a single person or with a companion for mutual masturbation.

Lelo Nea 2 significant features include the discreet vibrations and yet very strong meticulous erotic stimulus. It is well fitting in my natural curvature due its ergonomic outline making me experience maximum connection and excitement. The multiple vibrating methods with intensified power give me a powerful customized awakening. It has a USB that is rechargeable for a dependable all –inclusive power for a period of two hours .Also inclusive is a cable charge for the USB. It is characterized by a waterproof material which gives me freedom to play anywhere I wish. It is skillfully decorated with flora designs. It comprises of a storage purse and comes with a warranty. It can be inserted to an extent of two inches. It has a rigid flexibility and contains neither latex nor phthalates. To regulate the power and speed I make use of the built-in push knobs. The materials are ABC which is completely safe for the human body. Its overall body mass is forty two grams. It has a dimension of seventy five by thirty six by twenty five millimeters. The battery can last for seven hours and stay on a standby mode for a maximum of ninety days.

On my first encounter with the Lelo Nea 2, I could hardly wait to give my feedback. First I was really impressed by how it was packed. It is a good gift to send to your significant other. It was packed in a dark smooth mesh case. It was perfectly presented in the dark box with transparent windows which portrayed it without a glitch. When I opened the case, I found a dark satin storage purse, a USB charging wire, a black check tag and a test of lube that was water-based. I must say that I have loved the look of the gadget and it perfectly fits in my palms. It is a tempting to touch item. I perceive it as one of my treasured ornaments because it resembles one. I had incorrectly judged it by how small it was. I kept wondering how such a tiny gadget could perform its function. However, I was actually surprised by how powerful it was and additionally, it produced a discreet sound.


Lelo Nea 2 Personal Massager
Sex Toy: Lelo Nea 2


The charging process is so easy to me. I usually use my computer by connecting the USB cable. I also found out that you can actually use an adapter if you prefer the wall socket. When the two control lights stop blinking then I know my gadget is fully charged. It takes approximately two hours to recharge. To regulate the power I usually use the two knobs that are located underneath the object. To initialize, I simply push the right-hand knob and it comes back to life. The sensations are deep and grumbled which make me feel them deep inside of me. The different ranges of vibration speed give me a chance to select what I want. It can be from a slow pace to a very fast pace. In the speed settings, I simply press the right knob to add up the pace or press the left knob to reduce the pace. In the initial speeds, the stimulus sounds are unheard but as I proceed to the higher levels the sounds intensify. However, the sounds can only be heard by a person in my room but not outside the room.

The knobs required practical force to make them tick. But I soon got used to them very quickly. To make the pattern mode active, I simply press the right knob for two seconds. The amazing thing I also likes with this gadget is that apart from its small size shape, it is entirely curved to cup my normal curvature. This is why I am able to use it on my own or located amidst me and my significant other when having intercourse. Out of my experience with using the adult toy, my spouse and I have discovered various poses that are very fantastic. When the woman comes over the man particularly in a bending forward pose and when the woman is located on top of a sitting man. It was very droning to my spouse. When we use together I prefer applying a little lube only at the apex of the gadget because if I apply all over, it usually slides from time to time .I like how it is waterproof because I normally go with it to the shower and the bathroom during game time. I find it easy to clean and mange. I usually use hot water with detergent to wash it afterwards I rinse. I then dry it focusing on the opening where the charger is fixed.

When you purchase Leo Nea 2 be assured that the sex toy it is worth the price. I am satisfied that the money that I spent to buy it. It is worth the function and I can add more on top of that. You have to bear in mind that you have to be eighteen years and older to purchase it. Refrain from using massaging oil or body emulsion as a lubricant. Also avoid cleaning with alcohol-based detergents.