Brent Corrigan’s Early Adult Movies – Free Event and Giveaways

Brent Corrigan Ultra Fan Image

Brent Corrigan is a gay adult movie star who will be arriving at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney on the 3rd of March 2017 to promote a NakedSword Series which he directed named “Ultra Fan”. He will be here alongside famous icons from the gay adult movie industry including JJ Knight, Chi Chi LaRue and Sister Roma. They will be there to meet with their fans and sign autographs. There will also be free giveaways from Swiss Navy who will be there to give a gift to everybody in attendance. The gifts don’t stop there! Fleshjack Australia will have some freebies available for people to. Mr Peeps will also say hi to everyone!

During Brent Corrigan’s early career he worked with Cobra Videos and stared in some of the most popular gay amateur adult movies of his time. Now, Brent is one of the most highly skilled and celebrity ranked adult movie stars of our generation.

In 2004, Brent Corrigan starred in “Every Poolboy’s Dream” by Cobra Video. Brent Corrigan is walking along the beach and he appears to be homeless. He comes across an advertisement for someone would like to be employed as a pool boy to work for Jake Landaus and Brenden Michael at his lovely home. Landaus makes the rules in their relationship and he appears to really enjoy having Brent around. Corrigan is getting used of his job. Ferrara and Corey Savage are an openly swinging couple who have anal with two other hot twinks. This is the first sex scene is sexually charged and rampant.

Savage goes down on Angel Ramone until he is so hard, he blows a great warm load into his open mouth. When he finishes, Savage gets ready to insert his dick into the barely legal-looking fair haired Donny Price. Ferrara also wants a piece of the action, and has a good long play. Price gets to hot and cums into Ramone’s ravenous mouth. Ferrara is still rock hard and ready to finish screwing Savage and cums directly into his ass. Things do not stop there!

Starring: Brent Corrigan, Brenden Michael, Jake Landaus, Shaun Ferrara, Corey Savage, Donny Price, Angel Ramone and Scott Hanson


Brent Corrigan Ultra Fan Image
Photo: Brent Corrigan in Ultra Fan


In 2004, he starred in “Schoolboys Crush” by Cobra Video. Brent Corrigan appears to be hot and handsome, who is looking to get laid. Brent Corrigan wants to have some fun with Brent Everett and yearns for his body. Brent understands precisely how to use his big cock to make people yearn for more and he participates in cum shot contests.

The very first scene is of Benny Argento a friend of Brent’s who is playing around with Shaun Ferrara. Ferrera is known to be one skills gay adult movie performer with skills that people can only dream about. He is a very horny brunette and is one heck of a man. Argento submits to Ferrera wants and needs. Ferrara kisses Argento all the way to his pastel Unico Mundo underwear. Ferrara is ready for something more and licks Arento’s ass to deflower his prized man. The best part of Schoolboy’s Crush is when Argento is on the bed on his back with his hunky legs spread out wide with everything for the taking. Ferrara pumps hard with his thick erection. Amid this, Argento goes from delicate to hard, and he squirts. Ferrara twists down to lick it up, making Argento ask him how it tastes.

Starring: Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, Chase McKenzie, Shaun Ferrara, Lance Evans, Ryann Wakins, Jeremy Spencer and Benny Argento

In 2005, Brent Corrigan starred in “Cream BBoys” by Cobra Video, an unquestionable gay adult movie. In this full throttled video, sailors are wet and ready to pummel into five bareback scenes which are all worth seeing. Come aboard and have a look at the twinks sucking up loads of cum, these sexy sailors show their skills and cum neediness. A large number of the models really look like genuine couples who have chosen to report their lovemaking everlastingly on-screen.The star fascination of the film is today’s prevailing adult movie star Brent Corrigan (who is also known as Fox Ryder of the Velvet Mafia). Brent honestly commands the screen. Brent’s scene shows up toward the end; clearly the makers spared the best for last.

The film starts with the motion picture’s bolting co-star, Connor Ashton, a good looking hunk with a gathering measured rooster. He kisses in bed with a cutie named Kenny. They uncover that both young men employ great huge dicks. Kenny blows a velvety load into Ashton’s mouth and all over, trailed by awesome oral work on Ashton. Ashton’s dick ejects, drenching Kenny’s face, which Ashton licks off. For their second course, Ashton eats out Kenny’s smooth gap and gives him a good serving of anal sex.

Starring: Connor Ashton, D.J., Lance Evans, Nate Grant, Kenny, Cameron Lane, Brent Corrigan, Trevor Peterson, Corey Savage and Tyler

In 2005, he starred in “Naughty Boy’s Toys” by Cobra Video where Brent Corrigan and Cameron make a beeline for his loft in the wake of seeing a film together. Their bashfulness offers route to their shared fascination and the young men kiss. They begin pulling all their garments off. Cameron blows Brent and after that Brent gets on top of Cameron, who deep throats his erection. All horned up, each advises the other that they need to get laid, yet amazed to discover they are both bottoms. Brent has a thought about a sex toy they could use. He hauls out a 2 1/2 foot double headed dildo and recommends that they try it out. Cameron tries to take the enormous dildo in, yet you can see he is struggling at first saying he hasn’t been fucked in quite a while. Cameron proposes its Brent Corrigan‘s turn. Brent lays on his back. We already know that Brent adores his tremendous dildos when he starred in Poolboy’s Dream and Cream BBoys. Cameron drives it home. Cameron pumps the long dildo all through Brent’s gap and Brent is so turned on pre-cum spills out. Brent recommends utilizing the two heads on the dildo and the young men get on the lounge chair together. They embed the dildo from both sides. They stroke and spin their bodies. The dildo gets moved forward and backward.

Starring: Connor Ashton, Brent Everett, Nate Grant, Tyler Hall, Cameron Lane, Brent Corrigan, Cody Lockheart, Chase McKenzie, Reagan Miller and Aaron Phelps


In 2006, he starred in “Fuck Me Raw” by Cobra Video in Scene 5 where Brent Corrigan is cleaning up with Skylar. Brent washes Skylar’s trunk then as the foamy suds gush down over their erections, they rub up together then have a ton of fun playing “sword battle”. The young men get dry and go to the family room where Brent gets on his knees to suck and after the profound deep throating, Skylar’s erection becomes thicker. Skylar then lays Brent on a seat and sucks his cockerel, then lifts up his leg to provide him with a rim job. He sticks his tongue inside Brent. Brent  drops himself down onto Skylar’s exposed shaft, working moderately, then riding increasingly hard. Skylar lifts Brent up and twists him over the seat, and drives his hard erection somewhere inside, beating him quicker and harder. Brent groans and asks for more. Skylar gets to be to energized and discharges his heap inside Brent. It trickles out of Brent’s slackened gap yet Brent isn’t done and requests to be fucked more. Skylar pummels in back inside and pumps hard again until Brent jacks his cream onto the seat. Skylar hauls out and exhausts another heap on Brent’s opening, then stuffs it back inside, the fluid stream dribbling down over Brent’s sack. An extremely hot scene to end the first of our Brent Corrigan Series.

In 2006, he starred in “Take It Like a Bitch Boy” by Cobra Video in the scene called “Room Service”. Brent Corrigan is on the telephone in his motel room, attempting to get help from one of his companions. While his companion looks into the problem for him, Brent’s hand rubs over his pants to the now swollen erection underneath. He hangs up from the call, takes out his cock, and starts rubbing. He strokes increasingly harder. He hears a knock so he goes to the entryway attempting to conceal the lump in his pants and room benefit gets his supper. Brent’s PDA rings, and the server, Carson, tails him to the next room. Brent completes his call and signs the check. Carson inquires as to whether the needs any help. Brent looks at him and says, “Perhaps there is…” and begins to unfasten Carson’s shirt.

Be sure to stop by for Brent Corrigan at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney on the 3rd of March 2017! It may be the only chance you will get to see him in person with so many famous adult movie icons!





The Female Masking Fetish

Men Dressed as Dolls Image

Not long ago, I wrote an article about sex dolls. I love peeking into the unusual lives of the men who in some cases, have emotional relations with their dolls. I also wrote another article on Forced Feminisation which is an extremely popular yet rarely talked about fetish that involves the fantasy of men being forced to become women against their will but end up embracing their new identities. Unsurprisingly, my curiosity piqued again last night when I came across the documentary “The Secret Lives of Living Dolls” which explores the weird and wonderful world of Female Masking.

Female Masking is practiced by a relatively small but rapidly expanding subculture of men who like to don elaborate latex full body suits and masks in order to morph their male body into that of a female. They call themselves ‘Maskers‘ or ‘Dollers‘. They are ordinary people just like you or me (Who are most exclusively male) that like nothing better than transforming their entire persona into that of a plastic female. More often than not they meticulously design their whole costume to become a glamorous woman that they are not. This is not always the case though, they don’t always want to be a hot doll. Some like to become characters or even old hags. It isn’t always sexual either. For some the reason they do it might be sexual, other people may do it to escape their lives, others may do it for self-discovery or simply disguise. This is no phase or hobby, this is a lifestyle.

The suits and masks can cost upwards of thousands dollars. Then there are the wigs, nails, outfits and jewellery that complete the looks. The suits are custom designed with breasts and vaginas. They have to be rolled on to the naked body like a stretchy wetsuit and the wearers body has to be covered in bucket loads of baby powder to make this possible. This is not something you just try as a one off. As you can imagine, the suits are very uncomfortable and get very hot. All the sweat and powder mix together forming a white sludge that drips out of the suit openings.

You might be wondering what is so appealing?.I often find the best way to understand the mindset of a fetish that you don’t really understand is to read the fiction that appeals to that group of people. So I thought I would include an extract from a short story I found on a Female Masking website.

“In his pleasant, but spartan room at the Boreal Lodge he tried on all four of the latex female masks for the first time. The sense of being enclosed in the latex was incredible. He had never before felt such a sense of security before in his life. He had no idea that the smell of the rubber would give such a rush. The pulling of the zipper down the back of his head and neck felt like he was opening the door to a whole new world. The “Emerald” mask by Kerry fit the best. While it was snug, it was still comfortable. Before checking the “Emeralds” image in the bathroom mirror, Ted added a full red wig, amber tinted glasses and a crew cap.

The wonderful feeling of the mask, however, was nothing compared to his shock and stimulation by the witnessing of his transformation in the lodge’s bathroom mirror. He knew, of course that he was inside the masks and that the beautiful images staring back at him from the mirror were latex rubber creations, but he also felt like he was in the room with a very intimate mistress. “She” was understanding and aware of his every need and desire. “She” shared all of his fantasies. “She” never put “her” desires ahead of his. All of a sudden he knew “her” name was Veronica. “Hi there, Ted. My name is Veronica Moreno and I want you more than you will ever know,” said the sexy dark ruby red lipped, saucy eyed image in the mirror in a sultry feminine voice that issued forth from Ted’s vocal cords.

He put his hands up to the face of the image that was seducing him. Yes, he was still in there, but where had that voice come from. “She” was the most exotic and desirable snow bunny he had the joy of being close to. He could tell that “she” wanted him and had to sleep with him for the rest of the evening. “Her” beauty exceeded that of Valerie’s. He had to get Valerie to wear this look for him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of “her”. “She” was his dream date. “


Men Dressed as Dolls Image
Photo: The Secret Lives of Living Dolls


So there you have it an insight into the mind of a female masker.

Unlike transgender people, these guys don’t feel they are born into the wrong body. They simply like being inside the costume. The costume is the fetish object. There are now large online communities like the one this story came from, where maskers can chat to each other and share photos. Exhibiting their creations is a part of the thrill and many of the bravest men take their characters out and about onto the streets. The subculture has undoubtedly become more widespread thanks to the internet but it has been going on for decades. Cross dressing and masks were commonplace in ancient Greek culture.

Many of the men are empowered by their doll costumes. I think most of us understand this to a certain degree. As children, we thought if we covered our own eyes nobody else could see us. Masks can make a person feel uninhibited. For many, Masking is an extreme form of escapism. Many Maskers particularly love the attention the suits bring and love to see the world react to their character selves.

In the documentary, one 70 year old guy created ‘Sherry’ a 20 something blonde. He gets sexual thrills himself from the costume and assumes the rest of the world does too. Having had a painful divorce and not much luck with women he explains

“The women I meet are in their 50s and 60s and nothing like this. It’s very difficult to date them when I have this to come home to. When I look in the mirror I just can’t believe there is a 70 year old guy in there.”

Amazingly, according to him, he gets almost all positive feedback. The maskers seem to get a particular thrill when they are out and about and other men think they are real. When you see them in action, you can’t believe anyone would mistake these living dolls for real girls but it happens. Another big black guy got a real kick out of experiencing the world from the inside of a young white female. I find that side of it really interesting.

When you look at these guys, especially when they are moving around it is mesmerising. The constricting nature of the thick silicone suit makes the wearer move like a robot and exaggerates what is already a giant caricature. Some people will find the whole thing horrific. There is certainly something grotesque about the way they look. The Dollers would look quite at home in a Steven King movie for sure. I also can’t get the Wild Bill character from Silence of the Lambs out of my head. He of course made his suits from real human skin.

There is something really cool and futuristic about it though and I am not the only one to find a certain fascinating beauty about it. Famous Fashion photographer Steven Miesel uses living dolls in shoots and photographic artists Elenor Dorfman and Daniel Handal have both used maskers extensively in their artistic works.

Whether for sexual thrills, disguise or self-discovery. This fetish is going nowhere. I hope it eventually becomes more mainstream. I am sure the community would welcome technology creating more lightweight breathable materials for them to play with. If you are interested in finding out more, the websites “” and “dollspride” are excellent resources and the documentary I mentioned above is on Netflix at the moment.


About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres






Sister Roma and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – Free Event and Giveaways

Sisters at San Francisco Women's March Image

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (SPI) are also known as the Order of Perpetual Indulgence (OPI). The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a charity, protest and street performance organization that uses drag and religious imagery to call attention to sexual intolerance by satirizing issues of gender and morality. At their inception in 1979, a small group of gay men in San Francisco began wearing the attire of nuns in visible situations to draw attention to social conflicts and problems in the Castro District.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have grown throughout the United States of America and are currently organized as an international network of orders. They are mostly a non-profit charity organization that raises money for AIDS, LGBT-related causes and mainstream community service organizations who do a lot of work in San Francisco. They promote safe sex, educate others about the harmful effects of drug use and other risky behaviours. Between 1979 and 2007 the Sisters were credited when they raised over $1 million for various causes. They continue to raise an average of almost $40,000 per year.

Early members of the group, when they are not hiding their masculine features or facial hair, are characterized by San Francisco gay community historian Susan Stryker. Susan Stryker is the embodiment of a gender bender. Their appearance has changed over the years; the nun motif remains the same but it has now been joined with exaggerated make-up that accentuates the rebellion against gender roles and religion. The Sisters have attracted controversy both within and outside the LGBT communities but have received the harshest criticism for obvious parodies of Catholic icons and policies.

One of the most outspoken and highest profile members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is Sister Roma who is hosting a meet and greet in Sydney on the 3rd of March 2017 from 6pm at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney. So come along and meet this iconic drag queen who is an activist for the LGBTQI communities.


Womens March San Francisco Image
Photo: Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the Womens March San Francisco


Community Involvement

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have been involved in various causes including the promotion of safe sex, raising money for HIV/AIDS and breast cancer research. They host important community service activities like the Gay Games, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics and raising the “first legal $1000” for a city proposition to legalize medical marijuana. Sister Roma “There’s No Place like Rome!” organized the “Stop the Violence” campaign in the Castro where the Sisters distributed placards in homes and businesses to signify which were safe places to go and whistles to be used to alert those nearby in case of attack. They have sponsored dances for LGBT youth and given to or worked for a variety of similar objectives.

Over the years the Sisters have been named as saints who are supported by hundreds of people who have helped on various projects behind the scenes. They actively organize projects, coordinate actions, performing at events as an artist or emcee and serve the greater LGBT community in other ways. Sometimes they canonize community heroes who have recently died. It is customary for the Sisters to award sainthood with the addition of an elaborate “saint name”. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence notable saints include:

  • Assassinated San Francisco Supervisor: Harvey Milk
  • California State Senator: Carole Migden
  • Mayor of San Francisco: Gavin Newsom
  • Mayor of New Paltz, New York: Jason West
  • San Francisco Supervisors: Tom Ammiano and Bevan Dufty
  • General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission: Susan Leal
  • Founder of the Radical Faeries: Harry Hay
  • Authors: Armistead Maupin and Tonne Serah
  • Actresses: Margaret Cho, Ethel Merman and Rosie O’Donnell
  • Professor of Christian Theology at King Alfred’s College, Winchester : Dr Elizabeth Stuart,
  • Medical marijuana activists: Brownie Mary and Ed Rosenthal
  • Film maker and artist, Derek Jarman
  • French photographer: Jean-Baptiste Carhaix
  • Former City Assessor-Recorder of San Francisco: Mabel Teng

Community Activists and Organizers

  • Michael Brandon
  • Molly McKay and Davina Kotulski
  • Mr. Leather Washington 2002: Tony Buff
  • Jackie Forster
  • Peter Tatchell
  • San Francisco photographer who documented the early Sisters: Greg Day
  • The first Chair of the Terrence Higgins Trust, the largest AIDS charity in Europe: Tony Whitehead
  • Ian Campbell Dunn
  • Lisa Power

Community Drag Icons and Activists

  • Juanita More
  • Trauma Flintstone
  • Connie Champagne
  • Donna Sachet
  • Heklina
  • Peaches Christ





Penis Pump Buyers Guide

LA Penis Pumps Cylinders Image

You’ve definitely heard about them, you have probably even googled them and maybe, just maybe you have even considered buying them. But what exactly are Penis Pumps? And how do they work? Well, we are here to answer all your questions and maybe even a few question you hadn’t thought of yet.

What Is a Penis Pump?

At its most basic a penis pump is a sex toy that has a constricting band on it which is designed to help men with erectile dysfunction maintain their erection for longer. Although in practice users stray far beyond men who are struggling with impotency. Penis Pumps are also often used by couples looking to experiment and by men who believe using them will help increase their penis size. Take a look at the myths section for why this last point is a little more fictional than the other two.

Penis Pumps are often called vacuum constriction devices (VCD’s). The main part of a Penis Pump is the chamber, which is the cylindrical part of the pump where the penis actually goes. As there are a variety of penis sizes available, there are a variety of chamber sizes too. So it is probably a good idea to have some idea of what girth and length you are before you go shopping for your chamber of choice. You might also consider buying pumps with see-through chambers initially, at least, so you know exactly what’s going on inside the cylinder, particularly if you are a little bit unsure about the whole thing.

There are a few different kinds of chambers available as well. There is the “single stage” cylinder, which is a straight tube open on one end and with a cap at the other. The tube will be fitted with an opening for the pump. Secondly, you have the “two-stage” tube, which is pretty similar but has the additional benefit of encompassing the testicles as well as the penis, so you get the joy of pumping both together. The third type of chamber available is something more closely resembling a clam-shell. They are not strictly cylindrical in shape and have a lengthwise seam that needs a seal.

The pump is where all the action happens. It is used to remove air from the chamber itself and ultimately to increase blood flow to the man’s member. Pro tip: There are two types of pumps available, one is the more traditional hand-powered pump and the other the more convenient battery powered ones. As you might imagine, the hand powered pump is a little bit cheaper.

Finally, you have the band itself. This fits around the base of your penis once it is erect, and its purpose is to help increase overall blood flow. So, there you have it, the three components that make up the penis pump, but how exactly does it work?


Hydromax Penis Pump Photo
Sex Toy: Hydromax Penis Pump


How Do Penis Pumps Work

Penis Pumps are pretty simple to use but before you start putting your penis in anything you should probably know a little bit more about what is likely to happen when you do. The first step is to place the chamber over your little Lazarus. Then it is time to start pumping. Unless you have decided to spend a little bit extra and shell out for the battery powered pump, then it’s more a case of flicking a switch and watching the action unfold. The Penis Pump should encourage blood to start flowing in the desired direction. Now, here’s the crucial bit, once you are sufficiently hard, it is time to slip the rubber constriction ring around the base of your penis. Finally, remove the VCD and enjoy your newly stiffened salami. One thing to remember though, the ring does have an expiry date and you shouldn’t leave it on for longer than 30 minutes.

Penis Pump Types

You might be surprised to know that Penis Pump market is a, eh, big one. There are a wide variety of VCD’s around and they come, as you might expect, in a range of shapes and sizes. For instance, you have a high-end option like the Penomet. It, sort of, sounds like a creature from a James Cameron film but in actual fact is a more expensive Penis Pump whose size can be adjusted and can be used in the shower and bath as well. You also have the option of the Hydromax X-Series, which is a mid-range model that promises a 40 percent increase in power compared to their standard pump.

The Bathmate, on the other hand, could really be described as being the gold standard of Penis Pumps and promises long lasting results and uses water power to help build suction and enhance growth.The ever popular LA Pumps are made with quality.  They have been around for decades now and guarantee results if you follow all their instructions.  USA made and the materials are sourced from the finest merchants. Once you have settled on your pump of choice, the next question to ask is how should you use it?

Penis Pump Techniques

It might seem simple. You just, sort of, stick it in, and pump, and sure there is nothing stopping you taking this crude approach. In fact, we positively encourage you to experiment. However, if you are a newbie, you’re entering a place where lots of other penises have been before (hopefully not literally), so you might as well take some advice from fellow travellers on what kind of techniques will work best.

  • Pulse pumping: So, technique number one is something called pulse pumping. This handy approach involves changing the pressure levels throughout the session. This should help stimulate internal tissues and will help the penis to expand quicker. A good way to go about it is to vary the pressure levels every minute, gradually decreasing it over 30 seconds or so and then go back to your original pace. It should help with blood circulation, as well as stimulating the tissues.
  • Milking: If you are ever stuck in a Penis Pumping chat down the pub, you simply have to know what milking is as it is pretty much the most common technique going. Basically it is masturbation, but with a pump instead of your hand. It’s pretty basic and crude but does the job. Just don’t overdo it. Going too hard at it won’t give you hairy palms but might give you a bruised belly stick and, really, when it comes down to it, which one would you rather have? Milking helps maintain proper blood circulation and should give you additional girth.
  • Shakes: For this one, you will need to be erect from the start. As its name suggests, shakes is all about shaking. You grab the cylinder and twist it back and forth over your penis or by rocking your hips. Again, be kind to your kinsman, and don’t do this too aggressively.
  • Wrapping: This one is a little more exotic and does need you to get an additional tool involved. You will need a heating pad which should be wrapped around the pump’s chamber for the duration of the pumping. This helps warm up the shaft of the penis and really encourages that blood to get flowing. Once again though, be careful you don’t leave it on too long and give yourself some pretty painful blisters. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, of course.

Penis Pump Myths

You are probably aware of a lot of sexy myths out there. Masturbation gives you hairy palms is a classic. You get pregnant if you have sex standing up is perennial tale told to unfortunate teenagers who assume unwisely that being vertical is contraception enough. Like anything associated with the old in-out there are a few myths associated with the penis pump. So let’s debunk them one-by-one.

Extended use of VCD’s will give you a bigger penis is the classic. Are you a little insecure about your size? Are you unsure whether you have been gifted with the right about of girth? Well, a penis pump can’t help. For years, men have been told that if you want to grow your gherkin you should use this gadget. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Yes, the Penis Pump will help your penis grow, but the results are only temporary.

Another common penis pumping legend is that the VCD is only for the older gentleman. While erectile dysfunction is certainly more common in older men, that does not mean it is limited entirely to this group. Studies have shown that around 25 percent of men in their 20s and 30s have suffered from some form of impotency and could benefit from an occasional vacuum. Once we hit middle age, erectile dysfunction is said to hit around 50 percent of people. So, really, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to reach for that cylinder when your cigar isn’t doing as it’s told.

Perhaps a little less common, but a persistent myth nonetheless, is the idea that penis pumps are expensive. In fact, they are really quite cheap, particularly given the pernicious problem they could be solving. They are generally much less expensive than the other products on the market that can be used to treat problems with erectile dysfunction. There are more expensive options if you do want to splash out of course, but that doesn’t mean the traditional hand-powered pump won’t do the job quite nicely.

Finally, there are a few myths around the damage that pumps can cause (which is handled in the “risks” section below and, spoiler it won’t cause any, if used correctly) and also whether the pumps should be avoided by people with diabetes. The answer is no. If you are diabetic or suffering from low blood circulation you don’t need to avoid the pumps at all. They are a few, very rare, instances where their use should be avoided, which we’ll look at now.


Penis Size Facts Image
Image: Penis Facts


Penis Pump Risks

Like any other pursuit that, eventually, leads to a good time there are a few risks involved. So you should be aware of the potential downsides before you get your pump on. That does not mean that using VCD’s is unsafe, just that you should use the necessary caution you would expect anyone to before messing with their member. If you are susceptible to blood clots then you should probably have a chat with your doctor before using the pump. Any men currently taking blood-thinning medication are at increased risk of bleeding if using the VCD.

There are also a few issues associated with people simply misusing the equipment. These include some light penis bruising and red dots caused by under-the-skin bleeding. However, these can be easily avoided if you simply remember one simple rule, don’t over pump. It might be hard not to get carried away when the sensations being produced are so sensational, however that is not an excuse to go wild. The thing is during the pumping itself you probably won’t feel any pain. Later though, it can be very uncomfortable. Don’t over pump and don’t leave the band on for too long, particularly when you’re still a novice.

We know it might be hard to stay patient in this kind of situation, but, really, it’s for the better. There is nothing less attractive (or more painful) than a bruised banana. The best results are generally achieved with low pressure and patience, remember that.

A helpful tip is to simply take occasional breaks. This can actually help stimulate blood flow as well. For instance, when pumping at higher levels it is advisable to stop for a couple of minutes every quarter of an hour or so. When pumping at lower levels, stop after 30 minutes. Beginners should really halt after half an hour though and not go for more than twice a day. Once you’ve been pumping for a while and can call yourself more of an experienced pumper then you can probably up the session number and go for a little longer with the aforementioned breaks in between. Still though, don’t overdo it.

Should I Use a Penis Pump?

If you have gotten this far you should have realized by now that there is no real reason why you should not start pumping to your heart’s content right this very second (penis pump availability pending, of course). If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then they are an inexpensive way of beating this problem. Alternatively, if you are just interested in trying out something a little different, then why not give it a go? It is not intrusive and there are no risks involved, so barring a particularly insidious medical condition there is nothing stopping you from getting pumping today.







Adult Movie Celebrity JJ Knight – Free Event and Giveaways

JJ Knight Gay Adult Movie Photo

JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan are coming to Australia to promote their new gay adult movie a NakedSword Series named “Ultra Fan”. They will also be conducting a model search and the winner will not only win a heap of prizes but will also be given the opportunity to have a photo shoot with DNA Magazine. They will also be given the opportunity to star in a Falcon Studio or NakedSword adult movie. JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan will be in the company of Sister Roma. These celebrities will be conducting a free fan night meet and greet from 6pm on the 3rd of March 2017 at Park Street Books, 2/44 Park Street, Sydney. Swiss Navy representatives will also be there giving a free gift to every person in attendance. Mr. Peeps and Chi Chi LaRue will be popping in too as well as Fleshjack Australia will also be giving some freebies away!

What a night with an all-star cast! It is a night to mark in your calendar as it is reasonable to suggest that there will never be another time when such adult entertainment royalty will all be at the same place at the same time in Australia.

JJ Knight is a Falcon Exclusive model that is famous both for his chiselled body but also his huge penis that is a whopping 9.5″ in length. Talk about a big one. The adult movie JJ Knight and Brent Corrigan are promoting on this visit is Ultra Fan. Ultra Fan is about Brent Corrigan who has been stuck in a webcam rut for years. The adult mega-star has promised something completely different to his fans, who are named his beloved “LoverBees.”. Little does he know that a twisted Ultra Fan has incriminating evidence and will use it to hijack his live show. A series of orchestrated events go from mild to wild to downright dangerous, all in an attempt to force Brent back into the business. Who is behind this master plan and how far will they go? The real question is how far will Brent go to save someone he loves? Find out in Ultra Fan!

Some of JJ Knights movies include –

Deep Release – After relaxing in the hot tub, Brendan Phillips arrives to give JJ Knight a rejuvenating salt scrub. When he turns over, JJ’s massive cock throbs. As Brendan runs his hands along JJ’s body, he gets closer and closer to JJ’s meat. When Brendan works out a particular’s tight area on JJ’s thigh, JJ’s cock swells and jumps with excitement. When JJ Knight stands up to rinse off in the shower, he unexpectedly pulls Brendan in with him, pressing his lips against Brendan’s with passionate kissing. Stripping off Brendan’s wet clothes, JJ presses his enormous cock into Brendan’s hand. Dropping to his knees, Brendan gets a taste of JJ’s cock stretching his mouth as wide as it can go to accommodate JJ’s girth. Out of the shower, Brendan straddles the massage table and opens up his ass for JJ’s tongue. When Brendan’s hole is lubed and ready, JJ grabs some lubricant and slides his gigantic cock into Brendan’s ass. The intense penetration has Brendan gasping in awe as JJ rams his meat deep down into Brendan’s anus. When JJ Knight reclines on his back, Brendan climbs up and lowers himself down on JJ’s cock, raising and lowering himself to go on a wild ride. Flipping on his back, Brendan jerks his cock while taking JJ’s meat in missionary position. The power of JJ’s pounding causes Brendan to shoot a gushing load that spills across his washboard abs. Pulling out, JJ strokes his cock until he blows his load in a series of enormous spurts that shoot across Brendan’s torso.


JJ Knight Adult Movie Photo
Photo: JJ Knight


Tahoe Snowbound – It’s cold outside, but inside the sexual fire burns hotter than ever. What better way to escape the chill than warming up with intense, connected sex. Eleven stunning, beautiful men are ‘Tahoe — Snowbound’, and award-winning director Tony Dimarco turns up the heat. With a gorgeous house nestled in the snowy mountains all to themselves, they turn to each other for fiery, passionate exchanges! Hunky, uncut top Jimmy Durano turns up the heat on blond bottom Scott Riley, fucking in three positions and climaxing in a frenzied facial. All-American hunk Ryan Rose gets and gives oral pleasure with blond cocksucker Kevin Blake. Jason Styles strips down after hitting the slopes and has an intense flip fuck with Dylan Knight. Sean Zevran and Jordan boss share a spontaneous encounter in the hallway, trading blowjobs and blowing huge loads. JJ Knight helps Andrea Suarez relieve his morning wood right in the kitchen with a flip fuck that gets both these big-cocked studs shooting blasts of cum. Pumped from his workout, Jordan Boss gives Jacob Peterson one hell of a ride, resulting in an explosive finish. The stunning studs of ‘Tahoe – Snowbound’ have the goods to keep you hard and hot all winter long.

Wild Weekend 1 and 2 – Ready for a sexual adventure? Get on board with this international group of horny, hunky Falcon guys who meet up in the Bay Area for a ‘Wild Weekend’ enjoying San Francisco gay pride, summer weather, and uninhibited sex! They’ve arrived in California ready to let loose, celebrate their sexuality and share it with each other. Get your front row seat and an up-close-and-personal view in the two-part, steamy Falcon event, ‘Wild Weekend.’

In ‘Wild Weekend, Part 1,’ world-famous underwear model and all-American jock Ryan Rose has some impromptu San Francisco head with Jason Maddox on the Embarcadero before meeting up with his buddies and heading north to the river. At the vacation house, Euro studs Ken Rodeo and Brute ignite controversy when they say that American guys aren’t as sexually liberated as Europeans. When Ken challenges American Wesley Woods to hook up on the first night, Wesley is taken aback at first, but then goes about proving him wrong by giving Ken a heavy pounding and a creamy facial. See what happens when desire and competition fuel a ‘Wild Weekend’ of hot hook-ups and uninhibited action!

Ready for a sexual adventure? Get on board with this international group of horny, hunky Falcon guys who meet up in the Bay Area for a ‘Wild Weekend’ enjoying San Francisco gay pride, summer weather, and uninhibited sex! They’ve arrived in California ready to let loose, celebrate their sexuality and share it with each other. Get your front row seat and an up-close-and-personal view in the two-part, steamy Falcon event, ‘Wild Weekend.’ In ‘Wild Weekend, Part 2,’ the action heats up even more when the guys return to San Francisco from their Russian River retreat. Pride is in full swing, and everybody is horny! JJ Knight starts his day by shoving his cock down Ken Rodeo’s throat and plowing Ken’s ass. Finishing his morning run, world-famous underwear model Ryan Rose comes back to shower and finds JJ toweling off. JJ and Ryan reminisce about ‘the old days’ when they were college roommates, but they’re interrupted by JJ’s roommate, Wesley Woods.

Out at the Pride Parade, all the guys take off in different directions. Paul Canon hits it off with sexy Colton Grey on the street, and they beat it back to the hotel room to go all the way. JJ goes to Beaux in the Castro and instantly gets lucky with fellow club-goer Kyle Ash: they take over a bathroom stall and JJ pumps his cock in and out of Kyle’s ass in rhythm with the pumping beats coming from the dance floor. Wesley sneaks a peek over the stall wall and gets a glimpse of JJ having a good time. Heading back out onto the streets of the Castro, Wesley spontaneously meets up with Ryan Rose.

Wesley has been crushing on Ryan all weekend, but Ryan seemed more interested in JJ’s European cousin. This time, something clicks, and Ryan and Wesley head back to the house for explosive sex! Afterwards, they go up to the roof and make out high above the Castro. Looking up from the street below, JJ Knight sees his two best friends and cheers them on: ‘Yes! I knew it!’ They all laugh as Wesley exclaims, ‘Oh my god, I love Pride!’ It’s the perfect ending to their ‘Wild Weekend’ of hot hook-ups and uninhibited action!

Deep Release – Slip into an exclusive, full-service spa, where the gorgeous, muscled clients and masseurs will do whatever it takes to deliver ‘Deep Release.’ Tony Dimarco directs nine of the hottest Falcon men as they indulge in sensual oils, soothing baths, and deep tissue massages that quickly lead to intense oral, vigorous rimming, and passionate fucking. After a luxurious soak, muscled Brent Corrigan’s bodywork session leads to a searing flip-flop with gorgeous masseur Jason Maddox. Hanging out by the hot tub, Colt Rivers eagerly trades head with JJ Knight, leading both studs to blow huge loads in each other’s mouths. Alexander Volkov arrives for his massage from expert body worker Ryan Rose, who initiates an intense flip-fuck that ends with two massive cum shots. Brandon Rivers lavishes his client, Sean Zevran, with a full-service session, utilizing his hands, mouth, and ass to give Sean everything he wants. Brendan Phillips arrives to give JJ Knight a rejuvenating salt scrub, but is thrilled when JJ makes a move on him, pulling him close for a kiss that leads to full-release oral, ass-eating, and fucking. For the ultimate spa experience, join these gorgeous men for a ‘Deep Release’ that will leave your muscles soothed, your ass stretched, and your balls drained!

So clear your calendar for the evening of the 3rd of March 2017 and come along to this once in a life time fan event to meet some of the best gay adult movie celebrities of the world held at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney.








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